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    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Without JIP in coop, I guess this game will be "friends only" coop game (over Hamachi or such, or locked server on the net), because on public servers it would be a hassle....
  2. kernriver

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Well, I don't mind if the demo comes out after release, but if there would be none...hm, then I would rather spend my money on Operation Arrowhead, which I will anyway.
  3. kernriver

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I will still decide if I'll buy DR based on the demo, but this is really bad news. Not being able to walk in PC version without a controller? LOL Although, I have to admitt I had my doubts as soon as I learned that DR would be released on 3 platforms simultaneously. Honestly, which game do you know that was good on PC whit that kind of release? I can't think of one at the moment. :( F***ing console ports...Note that I don't have nothing against console players.
  4. kernriver

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    38 in October.
  5. kernriver

    Thank you, B.I.S.; Sign if you agree.

    Signed. :bounce3:
  6. kernriver

    Floating zone poll

    I have it maxed out for now, I'm still fiddling with it, though.
  7. Hi guys, I want to buy GFX card from newegg.com. Did any of you buy hardware there, what's your experience with them, are they reliable? Thanks
  8. kernriver

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I think we should approach this with clear heads. I'll try the demo, and if I like it, I can't see no reason why I shouldn't buy DR.
  9. Thank You for fast reply, ch_123. I'll see if my wallet can handle that. :)
  10. Hi guys, I need some help here. My system: CPU: AMD X2 6000+ @3,1 GHz RAM: 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz GFX: nVidia 7900GS 256 MB OS: WinXP pro 32 bit, SP2 Obviously, GFX card is the bottleneck. (I think :o) So, my questions are: 1. Which GFX card would you recommend that would make a nice balance with this CPU. I don't want to buy something like GTX295, because I guess then the CPU would be the bottleneck, right? 2. RAM: should I buy 1066 MHz RAM, or would the one I have suffice? Note 1: I don't want to play on uber settings, just want ArmA2 to be playable and smooth at acceptable settings. Note 2: I am not going to overclock. Note 3: doesn't matter if it's nVidia or ATI card (don't start a war over this :p ;)) Thank you.
  11. kernriver

    Demo performance versus Retail/Final?

    Same here, full game seems to run a little better than the demo. But, that could be purely subjective thing, since I have full game now, instead only the demo. ;) :p
  12. kernriver

    The best video games.

    LOL One of my favorites, and I don't think anyone mentioned it, is Archimedean dynasty.
  13. kernriver

    Who's going to resist buying on the 19th?

    Yeah, I kind of doubt that I'll get it tomorrow, it's for UK customers I guess. It'll arrive, I have patience. ;)
  14. kernriver

    Who's going to resist buying on the 19th?

    I've just received this from shopto.net: SHOPTO DELIVERY NOTICE Your Order has been dispatched! We are pleased to inform you that your order has been dispatched today by 1st Class Recorded Signed For Delivery. You should receive your order in the mail tomorrow... etc. Game + delivery - £28.49, not bad. No, I couldn't resist.
  15. kernriver

    I'm Now 100% Onboard With ArmA 2

    Exactly what I was going to say. That, and Hidden and dangerous (2).
  16. kernriver

    Think ive triggered FADE

    I'm waiting for my preordered 505 version, hope it comes next friday. Pozdrav. :) EDIT: Point of my story wasn't that you trigger FADE with english language patch, but rather that FADE makes you buy the original game. ;)
  17. kernriver

    Think ive triggered FADE

    Didn't know where to put this post, and since i didn't want to create a new unnecesarry thread, i'll post it here, sorry if i'm hijacking the thread... A couple of days ago i was watching a football match with a friend, and since he knows i'm crazy about OFP/ArmA1/ArmA2, he told me that one of his work colleagues is downloading (pirating) ArmA2. I LOLd and told him: Well, good luck with FADE protection. ;) He asked me what it was, so i explained it to him. A few days later my friend informed me that the guy bought german download version and is playing with english language patch.... I'm not saying FADE is either good or bad, just telling a true story, that's all :D
  18. kernriver

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

    Hey, didn't realise You were from Serbia mate, thank You again! :) Hvala! I hope Nothke, Sniperwolf, IceBreakr, VictorTroska are reading this...;)
  19. kernriver

    ArmA II release date discussion thread

    Horuss, thanks for the link, I've preordered it, and they ship to Croatia.
  20. Pictures of Chernarus are simply breathtaking. Nothing more to add to that really :inlove:
  21. kernriver

    Does anybody know

    What do you need demo for anyway? ;) :D
  22. kernriver

    Americas Army 3

    Will AA3 have coop?
  23. I think You should ask that question in PC discussion thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=47904&page=270 There are some guys there that know all kinds of stuff about computers...;) Welcome to the forums.
  24. kernriver

    BI Forums downtime

    Since I'm active on another forum powered by vBulletin, I'm pretty used to it. Good move, BIS. :) Now, if I could only find out how to edit my signature...:confused:
  25. kernriver

    How to get Arma2 in Serbia?

    I wanted to reply to Placebo in croatian, good thing i didn't! Â Â