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  1. kernriver

    Military Discussion Thread

    Idea is very nice indeed, also it works really well because shape of Croatia is very odd. It wouldn't work so good if it was a shape of, for example, Wyoming, which is a rectangle. :)
  2. kernriver

    Military Discussion Thread

    Yeah, they're even better looking when you see them for yourself, not on pictures. ;) But it's not like I own one, I saw them on soldiers here in Croatia.
  3. kernriver

    Any good old games?

    Lords of the realm 2 Commandos series
  4. kernriver

    Do you like the ArmA2 OA box art?

    Neutral. If someone will make up their mind about buying the game based on the cover art, so be it. I won't. :) But it's been said a couple of times, cover art isn't aimed at us, we all know we will buy it regardless. :D
  5. My brother and I were just commenting on OA FAQ, it's simply brilliant. Keep it up, BIS. :) Can't wait to preorder it.
  6. kernriver

    Best Tactical Shooters for PC

    Hey, great! You wouldn't happen to know what the mod is called, or even have a link to it? :o
  7. kernriver

    Best Tactical Shooters for PC

    Does anyone know if there's something like "ironsights mod" for Swat4? I found it for Raven shield, but it seems no one made it for Swat4.
  8. kernriver

    Best Tactical Shooters for PC

    I did vote, but it's not fair to other games that I didn't vote for, so here's my list: 1. OFP/ArmA/ArmA2 (not tactical shooters obviously) 2. Swat 3/4 3. Hidden & dangerous 1/2 (+ Sabre squadron) 4. Raven shield (+ expansions) 5. Ghost recon (+ expansions) Not necessarily in that order though, except #1 :D
  9. kernriver

    John Rambo Vs Alan "Dutch" Schaeffer (Predator)

    Dutch all the way. Although I think Blain is even tougher. :D
  10. kernriver

    Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer.

    Sad, but true...:( I share your disgust, mate, but don't bother, it's useless. :mad: Thank God for Operation Arrowhead. Put a smile on our faces BIS. Indeed. Always have them ready on my HDD. :)
  11. Same thing happened to me once, so I plugged HDD into different SATA controller on the motherboard. It worked for me, no harm in trying yourself. Odd thing is, after a while I plugged HDD back into the same controller, and it works to this day ... strange.
  12. kernriver

    Any other musicians in the community?

    I thought I did... ;) IMHO, best country singer ever.
  13. kernriver

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

    Played a little BF2, liked the concept, but it was frustrating when you had to empty half a clip just to kill one enemy...atleast that was my experience. Maybe I'll try BF:BC2, depends on user feedback, especially on this forum. There's the third option though. You can play both. :p Seriosuly, why not? When I want some mindless fun, I usualy play Serious Sam, as mindless as it can get. ;)
  14. kernriver

    Any other musicians in the community?

    Hey, country music fans (all three of us :p), the gig on friday was great, we played in nice little beer joint, and actually people were screaming for more when we stopped playing, so we had to do another song. :) I looove country music All the usual suspects being George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, Buck Owens, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Faron Young, Dave Dudley, Tom T. Hall, Jerry Reed and such? :)
  15. kernriver

    Dragon Rising has been released

    IMHO, that's the key. Along with lack of dedication, of course. OFFTOPIC @Tonci87 Is that King Tomislav in your profile picture?
  16. kernriver

    Game of the year 2009 - Game Page

    In Croatian kokot means rooster (cock). What does it mean in Czech? :D
  17. kernriver

    Game of the year 2009 - Game Page

    Voted :)
  18. kernriver

    Any other musicians in the community?

    Yeah, Czechs AFAIK are crazy about country/bluegrass music. One example: Though I prefer bluegrass to country, Hag is my favourite singer, as you can see from my sig and nickname :) Country rocks, but bluegrass rules. :D
  19. kernriver

    Any other musicians in the community?

    Of course it is. But good technique is also very important, no matter what kind of music you play. Hammer-ons, pull-offs, crosspicking...it's just a base on which you make music. :) Sorry to drop in like this, I just like to say that any good music is - good music. Well, personal preferences aside. I play acoustic guitar for over 20 years now (yes, I'm old :p), and a touch of mandolin. I'm a member of a band that plays country music (mainly honky-tonk), we used to play bluegrass too. Band layout (BTW we're called Country boys): Acoustic guitar Electric guitar Pedal steel guitar Bass guitar Drums We're not professionals, we all work, but we have fun playing in beer joints in our spare time (as a matter of fact, we have a gig this friday). Keep it country! :D
  20. kernriver

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

    Sretan Bozic! Merry Christmas! And for all that still think that Santa is real, here is a nice country song :p Buck Owens - Santa looked a lot like daddy
  21. kernriver

    1.05 released

    Ouch! I was kinda looking forward to play as a gunner while my brother pilots the Apache...oh, well, I guess I'll have to brush up on my flying skills. :)
  22. kernriver

    1.05 released

    I've just downloaded the patch, will try it when I get home from work. One question: is EW campaign playable in co-op? Oh, I almost forgot, thanks for the patch BIS, and Merry Christmas to all.
  23. kernriver

    Im Reconsidering to Buy ArmA 2

    Me, my brother, and a friend of ours play Arma2 over virtual LAN (Leaf networks). Each of us has a retail copy of the game. End of story. Mattaust, buy another copy, it's not like it's gonna cost you a fortune, is it? :D ;)