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  1. kernriver

    ArmA 2 Player Occupation

    Civil engineer.
  2. kernriver

    Arma 2 Player Age

    Thanks for the tips, Beagle and Concurssi. But what about my knees? They're awful creaky...:p Anyway, I don't want to sound like an old woman complaining. I mean, what would be next, exchaging recipes? :D
  3. kernriver

    Arma 2 Player Age

    39, and fit as a fiddle. :p My back hurt a little though...:D
  4. Exactly, although I bought both DLCs from Sprocket, I will buy this just to have it on original DVD. :)
  5. kernriver

    Your top 5 non-BIS games of all time

    In alphabetical order: 1. Archimedean dynasty 2. Duke Nukem 3D 3. Half life 4. Lords of the realm 2 5. Warcraft 2
  6. kernriver

    So Some guy in My town got arrested

    To get back on-topic... That's a really nice collection that guy had, I wouldn't mind owning some of those, especially M1 Carbine. There's an AK-47 there too, but I'm kinda fed up with it. :p
  7. Hmmm, it says on Arma2 site that PMC DLC will have 2-player cooperative campaign... Count me in!
  8. kernriver

    New Medal of Honor game trailer

    Is there a demo?
  9. kernriver

    Any other musicians in the community?

    @ ])rStrangelove Being a country music fan (and player), I still think Telecaster beats them all. ;)
  10. kernriver

    Special day for Placebo

    Happy birthday Paul. :)
  11. OFP:GOTY, ArmA, QG, ArmA2, OA, BAF
  12. kernriver

    Military Humor

    Nothing you learn in boot camp will prepare you to cope with battelfield conditions, IMHO. Training your skills is good, of course, but when first bullet passes over your head in real combat, it's another thing. Nothing can prepare you for that. Not military humor, so it's offtopic i guess, sorry...
  13. kernriver

    Military Humor

    @Pauld We have better dancing videos in Arma. :D ;) Thanks, Tonci87. Pozdrav iz Hrvatske. :)
  14. kernriver

    Military Humor

    May not be on topic, but here is a true story: Operation Storm, Croatia, 1995. I was on guard duty, 1 AM. I found a good place where no-one could see me, but I could see everything in my perimeter. After a while, I heard a noise in front of me, very close. It was almost full moon, but I couldn't see anybody or anything, and the noise was just a few meters away and getting closer. I was ready to fire (some guys fired on cows or pigs), when I saw something moving in the grass. It was a hedgehog. It passed me, and when I thought it would move along, suddenly that little bugger sank it's teeth in the army jacket I was wearing, and started to pull with all it's strenght. What could I do? I put my hand under it's belly and gently turned it on it's back. Then it finally went on it's way. That little hedgehog gave me a few gray hairs. :)
  15. kernriver

    Anyone willing to trade me their ArmA 2 ?

    Tzvetoslav, it's not unexplainable. It's Placebo. Take my word for it. :)
  16. kernriver

    The official football World Cup 2010 in SA thread

    Hats off, Deutchland, hats off. I was cheering so loudly that I don't think my neighbours have too high opinion about me right now. :D
  17. kernriver

    BIS Forums Getting Slow?

    After a few days of agony, it's back to normal. :) Thanks.
  18. kernriver

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    BlahDVD changed release date to 02.07. Oh well... I reckon it'll take another week or two for my order to arrive anyway. Can't wait for the demo....:D
  19. kernriver

    A2 after Arrowhead..

  20. kernriver

    New beta build 71548 up

    I know default benchmark mission is not the best way to tell how Arma2 performs, but these are my findings: Benchamark #1 1.05 patch - average fps: 26 beta 71548 - average fps: 31 I don't know what those BIS guys are doing, but they're doin' it right. :)
  21. kernriver

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    I've just preordered 3 copies from BlahDVD. :bounce3:
  22. kernriver

    The official football World Cup 2010 in SA thread

    I can't believe that England is playing so bad, it's sad really... France is the biggest dissapointment so far though. South Korea - good Germany - good Serbia - stupid penalties, but I hope they go to the next round Slovenia - very good Argentina - now that's how football is played Mexico - like them alot, great team USA & NZ - great fighting spirit
  23. kernriver

    Any good old games?

    My friend and I play Motocross madness 2 quite often. :) Great fun. Also Flatout 2.
  24. kernriver

    Military Discussion Thread

    Yes, it is, atleast for us Croats. ;) Oh, I know, I was semi-serious, but little patriotism never hurt anybody. :o Of course, I never meant to offend Wyoming. :D