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  1. Yeah I had to name the truck and at the beggining of the script I deleted it. So on the next spawn a new truck is made.
  2. Ok here is a very simple spawn script I am using that is called from a trigger [this, gamelogic, group1] exec "vehspawnscript.sqf" It is on a repeating trigger that will spawn the squad everytime it is killed off. Everything spawns, but the guys are not going into the truck. I dont want to name the truck cos the squad may be killed and the script called again spawning a second truck, but before the first truck is deleted or destroyed. Is it possible to do this with out naming the truck? or will i have to delete the first one early in the script before I create the second?
  3. Kendo J

    Group Link 3

    I counldnt find in the GL3 readme a more advanced explanation of some of the features in GL3. (BTW I am using GL3 in Warmod) What i want to know is what is the break down of the spawn trigger... this one spawns when there are less than 3 groups left What is the syntax involved. and does it have to be used in a trigger?
  4. I too recomend WARMOD. No need to have any other addon for enhancing gameplay... there are alot of more advanced features in war mod and many different things to look at. but stright off the bat Warmod Rocks even if you dont want to fool around with all the GL3 Eventhandlers etc.... Also go check out the community over at http://www.ofpec.com/forum/
  5. Thanks AGAIN! I promise I used to be good at this, but starting again I feel like I am learning from Scratch... How many more nube questions before you get annoyed at me? ;) Regards Ken
  6. I wrote a script years ago for OFP. it gave casualty reports from the mission, usually an open ended/dynamic stlye mission. i had eventhandlers and a delete script in there and even had it so that all spawned troops got counted on their deaths so the death counts could be massive. This is what i wrote over at OFPEC in 2008. HOWEVER, the download link doesnt work... any one have this or know how to recreate it using my description? the script also includes armour, vehicle and air casualty counters i.e. you kill a bmp with 3 crew the casualty report will be Russian Casualties: 3 Russian Armour: 1 Enjoy Kendo * CASU_REPORTS.intro.zip (4.78 KB - downloaded 201 times.)
  7. Kendo J

    Damn ofpec!!!

    I keep trying to register to OFPEC, i get an email telling me a moderator will look at my application, and then... nothing!!! i used to be a member there years ago before i was even a member here... 2003 or something... just my old email with old password is long gone. WHERE ARE YOU OFPEC PEOPLE!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
  8. Ok...next one, Why doesnt this work... it is a script i use to track freindly AI teams on the map. with a marker. Eventually they will have a respwan script and in that script thier 'empty' marker will be returned to an identifyer like the USMC infantry marker #loop ~1 if (count units TEAM2 > 0) then {{T2m} setmarkerpos getpos leader TEAM2;} else {{T2m} setmarkertype {empty}} goto "loop"
  9. Thanks! I knew it was something simple I was doing already... more noobish questions to come!!!
  10. Ok so I played OFP alot back in the day. I have Arma and sometimes mess about with it. But it has been a few years since i scripted, so i am having issues converting the syntax. if anyone answers me I will have MANY MANY questions. But the first is Why does this script line not work in Arma1? "_x setdammage 0" foreach units Team1 KENDO
  11. Kendo J

    Still playing Armed Assault?

    This is a good thread to read. I am looking for someone to help me with a (realistic as possible) mission I am working on for Arma 1... if anyone is interested... just messge me
  12. Hi, back when I played OFP I always tried to make CTI missions where territory needed to be gained and players could have free reign over an island. I succeeded some what but was always limited in little ways. the warfare system seems pretty good to me, although I wonder if it is worth even starting up a new Mission if no one is going to play it! And before you suggest I get Arma 2 that is just not an option. Anyway I think Arma is sufficient for me at the moment. So would anyone play an Arma mission? would anyone help and is it possible to remove the mercinary/buying structure in Warfare and impliment a more realistic Military reinenforcement system? Ken
  13. Kendo J

    Placing Script

    the command is this moveinturret Unit2 that will put your 2nd gunner in the second blackhawk position. you need the COMREF... it has everything every scripting command and every unit name... http://www.ofpec.com/COMREF/ then you can use things like Groupone=group this; {_x moveincargo helo1} foreach units Groupone That will put a whole group into cargo in your helo without having to type in each units Init box. After that you can begin using the group name to write scripts or init files to give them specific group names and asign radio call signs to give you more realism/imersion... Have fun and good luck mission making. kendo
  14. Sorry dude. I have no idea where they might be. unless someone can resurrect the OFPEC links, but as far as I know they dont work. But OFPEC has not been playing ball with me lately.
  15. Kendo J

    Campania de Malvinas MOD

    your english is good enough to convey the messege I wanted to hear! Thank you, downloading now! Kind Regrads Kendo P.s. Anyone else still interested in this mod and missions attaining to this mod?