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  1. I wish we could get a option to bind a key(s) that would remove the in-game HUD. Very useful for photography and videography when gaming in multiplayer or singleplayer.

    I bet many of us have had the perfect moment when we wanted to capture a nice screenshot but the HUD was in the way or made it hard to edit afterwards... :/

    See what I mean? :(


  2. logo.png

    Welcome, welcome!

    After a long time of work under the hud I am finally proud to announce that ArmedZone.com website is now open!

    What is ArmedZone.com ?

    ArmedZone.com is a community website which will cover all the related media to Bohemia Interactive’s latest ARMA Series – ARMA 2, ARMA 3 and perhaps other of BI’s titles.

    What Media types?

    At the moment we have news/blog, screenshot upload, gallery and forum section and in future we hope to have video, question & answers and file & downloads section.

    Our Goals?

    Our main goal is to provide a simple media coverage to the BI titles – news, images, videos etc.. All in one places. We hope to bring this community site to a new level soon icon_smile.gif


    At the moment there isn’t any active staff, that’s why we are looking for people who would like to write news, blogs, articles in their free time. If you are interested you can contact us.