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    Hello Community,

    We have changed the image hosting script to a better and easier one.


    In the old script you could only upload 10 screenshots and had to select each image

    separately, well now you won't have to do that anymore.

    The new script has a easy built in feature that allows you to select multiply

    screenshots at the same time and upload them easily, also the new script will

    generate different type of links to the uploaded screenshots

    Go ahead and test it out: img.armedzone.com

    Hope you enjoy this service,

    ArmedZone staff

  2. Has anyone completed Sniper Team with all 3 squad members intact and together at the extraction point? That is very hard to do, at least on Veteran. No GPS makes the scenario quite hard, also. You've got to be a good map reader and orienteer.

    I killed all 3 Speznaz guys, but my two squadmates moved too slow and got wounded. I couldn't stick around to help them as tanks and men were fast approaching. Racing on that cycle at top speed through the trees to avoid canon fire getting the extaction point was lots of fun, but quite hair raising.

    Awesome scenario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Separates the men from the boys.

    Why the hell do you even need the dumb AI's following you? They will more likely give away your position than help you. Just set them to stop in the beginning and finish the mission on your own. :p