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  1. Great Movie smer4, liked the part.... amzz.... baby boom, sounds were funny rofl.gif

    My movies arent really great becouse i make them at night, about 24.00 AM i start to make them and i finish at moring


    Thats becouse i got other things to do every day, and at evenings ive got CW(clan wars) not only in OFP, but in CS...

    And maybe there not so good becouse i like OFP too much i like to see the terrain the walking and other stuff...

    But i know that thats not right sad_o.gif

    All my movies are laggy thats beouse i got shiti pc

    and only 10gb free space on HDD


    In this month am buying better pc...

    And am geting DSL biggrin_o.gif

    And then am going to really start making movies wink_o.gif

    This is just some crap [lol]

    But my biggest project is our Clan movie wich i have to make in a month or so, and it would be really great if u could help wink_o.gif

    P.S we got some off our party pictures from Ronin party 2005

    Links are here:









    maybe u could make a little movie from our party...

    I tried to make it my self, but i got crash all the time [im using Vegas Video] ( its probably becouse of my pc, its a crap]


    ohhh and

    P.S.S LAI DZIIVO LATVIJA notworthy.gifrofl.gif

  2. paldies smer4...

    The movie was boring becouse i had no 1 to wach demos:P

    Now im thinking about making clan movie but i need more free space on my pc confused_o.gif i got only 40gb free space on my hdd sad_o.gif

    well, now i know why u didn't accept my offer to make movie for your clan smile_o.gif)) u've decided to make it by your self smile_o.gif))

    Noo.. thats not the reasson... I don't now actually whats the reasson confused_o.gif But we prolably would be glad to make some movie with ur help... smile_o.gifsmile_o.gif

    btw ur Flashpoint rullz music really RULLLEZ man biggrin_o.gifbiggrin_o.gif

    just what i needed for the movie smile_o.gifsmile_o.gif