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  1. armedzone-avatar-w.pngwQDPS.jpgSQTN.jpgET5x6.jpg

    Hello, 2012 is here and a lot of changing going on lately with ArmedZone.

    First off I want to say we are now opening up to other games and not only ARMA series.

    This doesn't mean we won't cover ARMA news, videos, and pictures anymore, on the contrary.

    We are now going to write more articles, post more videos and upload and share more pictures

    from any game that is related to military shooter and shooter in general. We hope you enjoy the

    new changes. The big change is we have re-designed our websites theme, we went from black

    to white, hope this helps our readers and doesn't strain the eye anymore :)

    We also moved to a new forum engine, the previous one whas phpbb3 and now we have switched

    to Simple Machines Forum, this is a much lighter and user friendly forum. We hope you like it.

    With the new changes we are now actively looking for news editors and article writers, anyone

    who has had any experience in the past or even if you are new but want to write about shooter

    games, please drop us a line at armedzone@gmail.com or apply in this page: apply page

    See you all on ArmedZone, hope you enjoy the new theme, news, videos and pictures, also

    be sure to drop by at our forum and sign up to discuss anything you want ;)

    ArmedZone staff

  2. Hello,

    I've ran into a little problem.

    Here is the situation

    A town held by blufor is being attacked by opfor, once blufor detects opfor the alarm goes off in the town and once the opfor have been defeated by blufor the alarm turns off and everyone goes back to their positions.


    I have a trigger that is set to activate on opfor, detected by blufor, this will turn on the alarm.

    When the attackers (that blufor knows about) are defeated the alarm turns off.

    Now when the 2nd opfor wave comes the alarm is not turned on because the trigger hasn't been reset, it goes off only once and that's it.

    Solution ?

    How to make the trigger reset when the attackers have been defeated ?

    The enemy count will be random, also there is a enemy recon team near by the town.

    Please help.


  3. 8uj3q.png

    Operation Market Break v1.1

    by Kenwort

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?hsl45zo4rk885d4


    A local ally has reported that a corrupt Takistani Officer has been spoted in Karachinar

    selling Takistani Army weapons to the local militia.


    Corrupt Takistani Army ARMS Dealers

    Local Takistani Militia


    Beware! Civilins in town!



    Alpha and Bravo Team will be inserted by Littlebirds.

    Alpha will move in from Alpha LZto Karachinar and secure it by eliminating any threats.

    Bravo will move in from Bravo LZ and ambush the ARMS Dealers at ambush

    pointif they try to escape and from there assist Alpha by securing Karachinar.


    You will have AH-6 CAS with you. Use it to eliminate any escaping vehicles.


    If you find any weapons or ammo caches then destroy them.


    Operation Market Break v1.1

    Created by Kenwort

    Awarness Script v1.00 afp

    taskHint Script by mikey

    Made with F2 (http://www.ferstaberinde.com/f2/en/)

  4. Hi everyone, this is my first montage, I tried to focus on the overwhelming sounds and desperation of being pinned down and then the danger close artillery support. Hope you guys enjoy! @LitosHQ your videos where one of the main inspirations for me to start making machinimas. I hope you see this video too.

    Pinned down... doesn't feel like that. You need to add bullet fly by sounds and ricochet sounds to make it feel like you're pinned down.

    You forgot to add camera shake and blur when the artillery started dropping, without these two effects it just looks plain boring. Also the artillery would need better bass sound. Check some videos on youtube for reference.

    Good effort for your first video though, keep them coming. Build your experience ;)

  5. Good to have torrent links for such big size mod, but if i remember correctly, rutracker.org requires registration, to download. And for people who don't understand russian language, registration is tricky (unless they are not lazy enough to use translators and reach the end of the road without giving up) ... :)

    Either way, i blame CWR team, which forgot THIS TIME to provide torrent link ;)

    Just joking, best xmas present, specially to play that "after montinaq" campaign's mission for hundred time... I like to take the control of that hind and demolish everyone not friendly. (I hope none of the vehicles in that mission gonna get locked because of me...)

    Was away for the holidays and no one told me about the release! :eek:

    Here is the Torrent link: http://cwr.armedzone.com/files/cwr2_demo3.rar.torrent

    Links on Cold War Rearmed² Homepage updated