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  1. Well my english is not so good either, but that doesnt stop me from writing some tutorials for people that dont know how and want to understand the basics...

    You could even make tutorials in french and then translate them using this site http://babelfish.altavista.com/

    Like i translated my text...

    Jaillissent mes anglais ne sont pas aussi bons non plus, mais ce doesnt m'arrętent d'écrire quelques cours d'instruction pour les personnes qui ne savent pas et ne veulent pas comprendre les fondations...

    See... its easy... wink_o.gif

    This message refers to all you movie makers out there..

    come and join..

    Together we can improve more...

    So dont be so lame.. come and help ofp movie makers comunity to build up.. we need a lot of tutorials from real experts like you notworthy.gif

    Im writing some.. but i dont have the time to just write them all..

    And you all are a good movie critics.. thumbs-up.gif

    now.. banana dance yay.gifyay.gifyay.gifrofl.gif

  2. Heyyyyy Pierrre!!!!!!

    Good to have you back..

    Damn... has been a long time since you disapeard... new new new movies have been made.. Oh and a new movie database has opened.. check it out http://ofpmoviem.onlinewarfare.net

    Hope you will join our crew.. we really need some experts on movie making.. and you have a big expierience on that..

    All your movies can be found there smile_o.gif

    Good to have you back notworthy.gif

  3. Operation Flashpoin Movie Makers

    Finaly a website dedicated to ofp movie making is realeased.. After a long hard work here is the new website of movie makers.. Thanks to Zinchux! He made the page! So about the page.. now u will have a place where u can learn more about movie making - effects, editing, etc.. We are curently looking for new admins, forum moderators, news posters etc


    Here is our site link baner:


  4. hey dont blame me! its not my videomission... i just recorded a videomission with FFUR pack so some here could watch it and enjoy and.. who are u any way? some kindof movie critic or something? confused_o.gif

  5. Quote[/b] ]I need some1 who makes movie better then THE RED SNOW, AKULA2 or THE ACCIDENT.

    smer4 u forgot about this whistle.gif

    Quote[/b] ] ok this is the new link for dl my video


    u will have another screen and u have to click on link


    it temporary i check for resolve it better


  6. Hello!

    I made a.. erm... fun video... about snowobrding in flashpoint! :blink:

    I love to snowboard in real life... so i made this video :blues:

    File Size: 90mb

    Duration: 3.48

    Type: wmv

    Movie: fun vid

    Here are some pics: