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  1. Hey dudes.. im not home right now so dont wait any response from me!

    Bufferin i guess we could use some somali insurgent addon or maybe there are already some addons like that made.

    Hey Gedis maybe we could use some infro about the missions that actually happend durring the Somali war.

    Imutep thanks for the kind words. smile_o.gif

  2. bhdlogo.jpg

    I want to infrom you that a new mod has born, yes there have been many addons, mods.. etc about BHD but they dont have the quality. So now me (Kenwort) and Linker Split have started the mod about BHD and we will finish it! i promise you that!

    So about the mod:

    Operation Flashpoint - Black Hawk Down (OFP:BHD) lets you experience missions similar to those encountered on DF:BHD game and the movie BHD.

    * Mogadishu map already under construction

    * Fight through various compelling missions, each with multiple objectives

    * Engage in urban Close Quarter Battles and long-range sniper fire

    * Fire heavy weapons mounted in Black Hawk helicopters and on Military Vehicles

    * Exclusive combat tactics and scenarios.

    * Varios SP missions and some MP missions.

    * New units, vehicles, objects, weapons and lot more

    * New textures, plenty of new houses.

    * New GUI menu

    * Lots of new scripts and varios effects

    * New music pack

    We need modelers, who could help Linker Split create house models.

    * <span style='color:red'><span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Modeler</span></span>

    The team:

    * Kenwort - Team leader, sounds, music.

    * Linker Split - 2nd leader, Island creator, scripts, models.

    * Thunderbird84 - Main confing, GUI, scripts, effects

    * Rellikki - Textures, configs, scripts

    * Zinchux - Artist, website designer, GUI design.

    * Bufferin - Delta/Ranger creator

    * Sekuristi - Mission Maker

    * BoweryBaker - Mission Maker

    * Streuner - Mission Maker

    * SOS Srey - Missionmaker, Soundmaker, Modellmaker

    * Zerg63 - Truck creator

    * Stryker - Weapon creator, Mission Maker

    * Reddragon - Animation maker

    * SeanTate - Beta tester/Audio

    * Synapse - Beta tester

    * Mav - Configs

    <span style='font-size:10pt;line-height:100%'>Contact:



    MSN: Kenwort - kenwort@inbox.lv

    Linker Split - luka_17@hotmail.it</span>

  3. ArmA -MM- presents

    Hello! and happy new year to those who are still home at computer! I have finished the movie that was ment to be released on christmas but i had some problems so could not release at time. But whateva.. the movie is not as i was planing to make it but the result well.. its.. ahh.. well just look for your self! wink_o.gif Hope you like it becouse this is my last movie on this year! wink_o.gif


    Santa Claus is delivering presents for the people but sudenly he is shot down by russions and is attacked bu them, he trys to escape them immediatly come US soldiers to rescue him.







    <span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:red'>CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD [138mb] </span></span>

  4. Just downloaded ffur 2007 and tested it a bit on desert island, i dont know if these are bugs or errors.. or whatever but i have noticed this:

    1. No iron sight for west sides Anti air gunner stinger launcher

    2. No croshair using some vechanicles and aircraft

    3. Cant turn in all directions when in shillka as gunner

    4. Small amount of tracers when firing from tanks with mg

    5. The sound of shillka when firing doesnt last long.

    6. the sound of choppers are quit quiet.. confused_o.gif

    The sound of russion weapons firing is quiet.

    Some pictures with bugz:



  5. Good one m8.. the idea is good.. i hope you will make rally movie2

    And i suggest to you:

    1) Use more angles

    2) Less show time ( shown 2 - 5 sec)

    3) Use more sounds

    4) Dont over load it with effects

    GL wink_o.gif

  6. wgl.JPG

    DOWNLOAD - WGL5.1 Movie

    Visit ofpmm for more info

    After a long night without a beer.. i proudly present to you WGL 5.1 - Movie. This my biggest and best movie in my history. And i hope that LilE - The final chapter will be even better. I want to thank to all those who respect and enjoy my movies, Zinchux for the great wallpapers, Q for info and performing in the video, AtR for performing and Simon for inspiration biggrin_o.gifRead more





  7. hey Pierre!!!!! good to have you back in the movie making buissnes tounge2.gif Your new movie looks good as all your movies.. i hope you have noticed that ofpmm is back as well.. and we need some good admins there welcome.gif

  8. sdafgag.jpg.xs.jpg


    We have a new DOMAIN ofpmm.info

    Quote[/b] ]

    Welcome back!

    After a long time we are finally back, we have a new host, a new domain and a lot of new features in our website. It’s finally ready for the public!!! More updates will come over this and the next few weeks, but for now we are very satisfied! What about our homepage layout? Thanks to Zinchux we have a very nice banner!

    Now we are here to stay, but we need your help to keep ofpmm alive, we need new admins, reviewers, tutorial writers.. and of course we need your skill and movies!

    All movies will be uploud in the next hours..

  9. I watched yur video till mid.. and it started to bore me... mate make more camera views not just one position.. that keeps on holding for 15 sek... thats boring! People get really boarded when there is only 1 action scene in 15 sek..

    nener.gif gl in ze future.. welcome.gif

  10. thanks.. sorry i forgot to post it here.. crazy_o.gif

    This is actually a quiet old promo.. i made it in june.. and i didnt have any great particle illusion and after effect skills..

    First when i made the movie i was really happy about it.. but now i just ceep on discovering new mistakes in the movies.. oh well.. but thats just me..

    FFUR 2006 Promo Movie [93 MB]






  11. Hello!

    I'm working on a new project.. a movie about Latvian clan -=Ronin=- and i need some latvian units to make this vid but there is no addon like that.. So could some1 help me out? some1 who is good at modeling and texturing? I need 3 type of units..

    If you are interested in making a latvian unit then please contact me so we could talk this over and i will send you all the pictures and badges..

    msn - kenwort@inbox.lv

    email - kenwort@inbix.lv

    skype - ken_laz

    If you will make me all 3 units i will send you a DVD with all ofp movies.. smile_o.gif thats all i can offer..

  12. I like the randomizing aspect of this project, but I don't understand the need for a replay ability? Why would you want to watch a bunch of AI you've just witnessed first hand kill eachother again? Unless you're using OFP to train for some kinda real life equivalent, (which is why VBS1 has this replay ability, so analysis can be made of the performance of the trainee being tested) I don't see the point?

    Man.... this new feature will make movie making more easyer in OFP... woohoo.... and i almost bought vbs1 to get that feature lol... Ahhhhh... this will be a mighty advantage to movie making.. Thank you Gaia wink_o.gif

  13. Helo gents!

    Two days ago i received a letter from Q. He told me that he is going to OFP Workshop II and need a promo video for Wargames mod that he will present. At first i wanted reject this offer because i didn't have enough space i was already working on other movie. But when i did some clean up i had enough space to make such a movie.

    So first of all was the recording this time it was 18 hours of recording. But the result was astounding when i started to edit the whole thing. Five hours editing. This movie was my longest and hardest one i ever made. So i hope you all can enjoy watching it.

    Oh btw.. you will need some backup like beer or popcorn smile_o.gif)

    Download it here [90mb, 17mins]