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    Latest screenshots available

    lol, of course a computer can handle it, only it's designed for a console... You shouldn't get too impressed with the terraflops or power of the xbox 360. A computer will still stay more powerfull then the xbox, of course a bit more expensive, but then again, you can do so much more with it.
  2. Kode

    Latest screenshots available

    I agree! Now that's been resolved we can all get back on topic true, but OFP is an incredible game anyway back on-topic: I really wonder about the water, waves are nice and in OFPE it just looks good enough for me, I hope we will know a bit more about lakes and rivers soon. As there are waves, there is a possibilty they have lakes and/or rivers, this to make a difference, and the water not going up/down in the lakes like currently in OFP.
  3. Kode

    Latest screenshots available

    Well, BIS is obviously hiding a lot of things for us, which I would also do if I was BIS(and they did it with OFP:E aswell). People talking about multiple gunnerpositions etc...it's still possible, there is just simply almost no material(screens, movies) of Arma. It's a bit useless to discuss about it, because the only persons that can answer on those question are working on Arma. BIS mentions features which haven't been seen yet. To give an overview: -Reworked lifelike animations. -Environments are richly detailed and varied. -Dynamic weather and daytime simulation (including tides and star constellations) -Ambient wildlife -Large selection of weapons and vehicles. -Unique and proven combatant's AI. -New island containing large cities with many different, fully accessible buildings. -Updated controls and command interface. These things change alot. Multiple gunnerpositions is really not that important compared to those points. But if you can show me a screenshot which shows something of these, let me know...(except for enviroments, which you can see a bit) I prefer not speculating about things that cannot be determined yet, just by seeing screenshots. In my opinion it's the overall that is important, not 3 details.
  4. Kode

    Character Ragdoll and more

    note that this person is trown out add an incredible speed, it makes a huge difference with static objects or moving persons who get shot. I'm good with just normal animations, frees more CPU to other things.
  5. Kode

    ArmA available for linux ?

    well, but you are forgetting their are alot of free alternatives for adobe programs such as photoshop and other adobeproducts which are definately not bad. I won't blame BIS for not doing so either, they won't be able to do so with Arma in anyway, however I'd like to see them to do it for future games, such as game2. Also don't forget the server market has a very high linux-usage , mainly because of the good security and the cost of linux, which is 0...
  6. Kode

    ArmA available for linux ?

    Well, where did you get that 10% from, from microsoft's site? It's impossible to tell how many linux-users there are, as it's free, and downloadable from many places, there are no records. Microsoft knows how many licenses it sold... According to http://counter.li.org/estimates.php there are 29 million linux users. Let's say 10% of them use it constantly including for gaming. that would be 2.9 million potential linux-Arma players. yep indeed million instead of billion, typo
  7. Kode

    detailed CQB sized maps - a discussion

    In the original OFP you won't be able to make a CQB that is more detailed then a part of the big map. This is because of the limit of showable objects, and the start of lag when to many objects have to be drawn(in the original OFP anyway). Of course, it's possible that Arma has improved a lot in there, giving the possibilty to indeed show lots of details, like more furniture, and other more detailed things. in short: A small map can be more detailed then a big one(but it has to be reallyreally tiny. Best thing is to make a tiny island(preferably round). let's say you have visibilty on 1000, that would give you a size of 3.1415kmË› that is drawn. I don't know how many objects can be drawn there without lag. So the detail depends on the mapsize, the more objects you put, the smaller the circle will be(which would be your map). I think that if you would like to make a map from like DoD:S in detail, I think your map wouldn't be bigger then 250mË›. Â Of course this all depends of how Arma handles this. But these kind of maps don't interest me in OFP. If I want to play such maps, I play other games...
  8. Kode

    detailed CQB sized maps - a discussion

    There is no problem, it's just useless as you can use the big map for it, and just put a limit on it, so you create a small cqb map only on the big island. The map stays the same as a CQB map, as it's only a small part. Why would you make a new CQB map, when you already have 1000 possible CQB maps?
  9. Kode

    Latest screenshots available

    I'm impressed with the screenshots, but I prefered to see some infantry. Of course screenshots don't show things like they are. Seeing a movie tells a bit more about animations, (which would be new! and a bit of features, and a demo really shows it. But it will take a while before a demo comes out I think, but I'm quite sure they will release one, as they had demos for the original OFP and resistance.
  10. Kode

    Map Drawn?

    Perhaps you mean the visibilty, the range at which you can see? That would be around the same as in OFP I think,anyway, that's customable, so you can change it in comparison with the power of your computer.
  11. Kode

    detailed CQB sized maps - a discussion

    It's quite simple: Most of the CTF's, DM,TDM in the original OFP are using a limited area. If you reach the border or get out, you get killed or warned.It's completely useless to get out. For example you have 2 flags in a CTF, I don't imagine people going far of them, that would be completely stupid. People stay with the objectives, and don't get in the next city to get a drink...(as far as I know of) Now with the streaming technology, you don't have to load the entire island, which allows more objects(almost as much as you can please on a normal map like BF or DoD). Now why would you make an extra small map, while you can just use a small part of the map. You can create the borders where you want, it can be in a city(for a CQB), or the entire vicinity of a city, 2 city's, 2 villages, and much more...
  12. Kode

    64 bit

    ehm you are already late, you can already download a beta of windows vista for a while now... 64 bit : it will work on 64 processors if that's what you want to know, but it won't use 64 bit.
  13. Kode

    New Landmass and Campaign

    Well I don't think they are actually reconstructing an island , but more invent a new one. Reconstructing takes much more time, and I don't see why they would do it, as the action is again an unhappened story. So my guess, a BIS creation. As it will be big, it probably will have different climates, and will, that's nothing unrealistic, many places have a local climate, and it adds to mission variety and gameplay.
  14. Kode

    Body Armor

    keep in mind there are different types of body armor, the heavier, the more it can handle, but I don't think they are using heavy body armor, it's too heavy to cary in battle... I think what Malick said is more realistic.
  15. Kode

    Info for a Noob

    it definately is no BF clone, it will be like the original OFP, killing people in tanks is for now impossible, unless you destroy the tank . Also it's a huge map, so no BF like thing, a small maps, get the objectives tanks respawn there... Everything depends on the missions though, there are missions with no respawns, but there are also missions with respawns, there is a wide variety of missiontypes, most will need teamwork to succeed. In the original you could take control of all vehicles, if not locked. This all depends on the mission again. As far as I know, there are no medals or badges, and I don't see why they should include it. I suggest you download the OFP demo, it would be a bit like it, but of course many things will change.
  16. Kode

    Publish it yourself and sell direct!

    We don't know what will happen, only BIS can tell that, and I think this thread is useless... Wait for BIS to tell us news, they decide.
  17. Kode

    Body Armor

    What would GR mean? 1 shot 1 kill only happens when you shoot the head When you hit something else, for example the foot, you can hit a person 4-5 times without killing him. So average, you'd need 2-3 bullets to kill somebody( that is my experience). Body armor could be a nice addition, but I don't see it hold against 6 bullets from a heavy machine gun
  18. I always found the OFP community much more mature, people can play serious and cooperative, of course they are always some people that are annoying... So I *hope* this won't be too much of a problem.
  19. I always wonder when people say, those sounds aren't realistic , the are stupid, but then again, I wonder, how many people have heard the real sounds of all those guns firing. Every type of rifle/pistol/gun has a different sound, and I certainly haven't heard all of them, but some guns really pop like a toy. And I have to tell, OFP's sounds is really good, except for the voices, I didn't like them that much, but it didn't bother me either. If they keep the current sounds, I'm already pleased. Sounds in other games are not always accurate, but it has no real purpose having all sound-effects on small maps. Comparing the huge size of OFP and other games aren't usefull in my opinion as it's totally different. I never saw another game where sound 1 km further was important, OFP is. No offense to other games like HL2, their sound is good, but applied in a different way, as it's not important for big distances.
  20. Kode

    hope a guy with a gun will look at me again

    He means the cover of the box of OFP and OFP:R. On the cover there is a guy pointing a gun at you if you are looking at it. It's indeed nice, perhaps they'll do something in the same way.
  21. Kode

    Armed Assault trailer

    I especially like the chopper going down, this really is done nicely. Unfortunaly, there is still no water close by, I hope they soon release something of that.
  22. You always have to go through a learn-proces. Some games are easy, some are hard, some give different styles of playing, all up to the gamer to decide and select the best. So finding decent pilots at the beginning will be hard, but adding trainings of how to fly, could indeed be nice. Then we would also be very close to a real war-sim. But it stays a game...
  23. Kode

    release over steam

    The best thing to do to set a stop that people to do so, the best thing is probebly to add a user must enter Full name, adress, social sequrity numbers etc. So the company know who the users are, so they can verifie the users.. OR? I agree with you that if you like it, you have to buy it(I buy all the games I play) I just say you can easely do so, another negatif point for not using steam and having a social security number, lol, what should that be , besides they would find things to use that of others, but they cannot use it against the person, because that would not be right according to the right of privacy...
  24. Kode

    release over steam

    Well, it's easy to create another account, you just need an emailadress...that's it, that is the problem. Using your own account would be stupid.(of course there are always dumb people, and I'm not talking about cheating, but about downloading games. Which is completely different in my opinion... cheating is for losers. I just mean that it is an easy way of downloading a game directly from steam... but this is going off-topic :s, sorry for that
  25. Kode

    release over steam

    The more people that get steam, the more people that will try to crack/hack it. So it's a good thing, I'm looking forward to download free games like it is already possible;)