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    Dual core, Quad Core and SLI...

    The game doesn't support dualcore as like 95% of all other games... Dual core is still quite new, and as this is actually an upgrade from OFP and uses an older engine, it hasn't got dual core support in it. Making such changes is quite hard and especially when they started working on it, there weren't that many people with a dual core CPU. For SLI I thought it worked but had some troubles in vista because of a driver-related problem(this might already been fixed though)
  2. Kode

    Computer Reboots it self..

    Does the PC reboot, and do you get a blue screen? or is it just shutting down. If it just shutdowns because the CPU is too hot, you normally can change the value of the temperature to shut down in the BIOS(normally it's 65°C or something, but it's better if your CPU doesn't reach higher then 70°C) If he just reboots(and you may or may need see a blue screen), perhaps you can try to disable the reboot automatically. Normally you can do that by doing: right click on my computer ==> properties then to "advanced" and then "startup and recovery" there should be automatically restart checked. Uncheck it and it won't automatically reboot anymore . If you get a blue screen then, it should stay on the screen untill you manually reboot. Normally you can then see more information concerning the crash.
  3. Kode

    crash every 2 minutes on vista

    system information? CPU,sound card, graphics card, driver version etc...
  4. I have 2 screens, and also an ati card(x700) But I don't have any problems at all running it with my second screen on. Of course, I'm also still using XP. Ever thought that it probably is because of the ati driver for vista and not the game?
  5. Kode

    Multiplayer could use some improvement

    You need to pick fast servers and not servers that are hosted at people's home. Som cable/DSL connection only have 10-20 Kb/s upload, which when there are 2-3 people on it is full, so then you indeed get slow download of maps. The same goes with the receiving mission file, where there is still data to be transmitted. Joining fast servers should resolve this. It has nothing to do with the game. It's like blaming your ISP for not being able to download a file from a friend at your max speed of 4Mbps because the friend only has 500Kbps upload...
  6. Kode

    And the return of the Desktop

    that has nothing to do with the game but with your video card drivers/directx. you should install the latest version of them.
  7. Kode

    Player List not really readable

    that's indeed true, I have the exact same problem. I already tried changing brightness/contrast but it stays hard to read.
  8. Kode


    what CPU do you have? And ehm, what does it have to do with ArmA?
  9. Why would you even want to? Everyone knows Bohemia interactive cant make good 1st person shooters. Well, it's not because you cannot play without it doesn't mean other people should. I for once sometimes like it, as it's much harder and gives you a different experience mostly when driving/flying vehicles. Are you sure the file is being loaded? I thought you had to put the config file in the link when starting the server.
  10. well this was a nice event, unfortunaly that I lost connection and couldn't reconnect, in the middle of zombies nevertheless, a great game-night! Â thanks to SBP team
  11. Kode

    AA Crashed My OS (Twice)

    it probably indeed will be a driver-related problem. But on the box it says: min requirements software: Windows 2000 or XP recommended requirements software: windows XP and directx9 windows is not something like a CPU where you could compare XP(2 Ghz) with vista(3Ghz). It's an operating system and as such, it should be either written their or else not supported. Vista isn't a next version of XP, it was build from nothing. it is not like windows XP being an upgrade of windows 2000.
  12. Kode

    MHZ Clock problem - 1.05

    Well, there is no other game like ArmA. It is programmed in a total different way. If you really are working at a games development company then you should definately know that each game uses different components more than others. So if you stress an overclocked component to much, it can crash... Also you schould know that overclocking at such a high level is quite risky for stability. So if you don't overclock, it works without a problem? Overclocking just accelerates everything, the code doesn't change, it's just executed faster, it won't be a bug that causes that, otherwise it would also happen when not overclocked. When not overclocked and it still crashes, then there might be a problem, else it's just one piece of hardware that is overused/cannot follow, which leads to a system crash.
  13. Kode

    MHZ Clock problem - 1.05

    Well, back in the days, you just had a TURBO button, pressing it would OC your CPU, mine overclocked from 66 to 99 mhz! Just by pressing the button. I don't think it's that easy nowadays
  14. Kode

    Nvidia 6800 black screen

    This could mean the computer crashed completely, can you still alt+tab? if that's the case, perhaps your screen doesn't support a resolution or refreshrate that arma is in. Try changing the resolution/refreshrate of your screen in arma, you can do that by editing ArmA.cfg in(default location) C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\ArmA if all that didn't help, re-install graphics driver?
  15. Kode

    Weapon bug While Swimming

    can you swim with a backpack and holding weapons in both hands?(I won't be able to do that )
  16. Kode

    The cheapest alternative to TrackIR!

    ever thought about just using 2 mouses? that way you could have one on the ground, and one in your hand, thus being able to switch faster between the 2. It's possible to have 2 mouses running at the same time.
  17. Kode

    Graphic dying over time

    I had the same problem I put textures lower and that fixed it for me.
  18. Kode

    Activation limit?

    you have a certain number of activations. Now if you would run out, you just have to contact them, and normally they reset the amount of activations.
  19. Kode

    Trubleshooting In Lan and Internet.

    that is correct, in multiplayer, you will take over the servers configuration for grass. This should be put in the servers config file.
  20. Kode

    Public Ban List

    @walker: As owner of a server, you can deny access to players. Otherwise their wouldn't be passwords on servers . Now if it would be BIS that organized all this and block you on all servers that would be different. A ban list as this one, won't be on each server, and isn't controlled by a company, so legally they cannot do anything.
  21. Kode

    MP missions not saving.

    once you downloaded, keep in the game and alt+tab out, then go the the folder again in mydocuments, now the mission should be visible. I have no idea why it gets deleted when you shutdown the game
  22. Kode

    Cant typechat

    Do you have an azerty keyboard or a qwerty? in azerty it's = in qwerty /
  23. Kode

    official complaint to BIS

    I think BIS is giving really nice support. You can see developers posting things in the forum, giving possible solutions and such. They made a wiki to maintain a good overview that even the commmunity can see/edit. This is about features/bugs and so on. I personnaly have no problems running. The only thing I encountered is a crash when I alt-tab too often, which happens in other games aswell so no big deal. Also I don't see that many problems. If you take this forum as a reference, there aren't that many complaints about bugs if you think about how many games have been sold. I don't know how much they have sold, but I think it's quite a lot. Considering the price of the game(37€), I think you get some pretty good game for it. There are other games that cost 60€ and are barely playable at release, and have much less support.
  24. Kode

    Will there ever be a 64 bit version of ArmA?

    I don't think there will ever be a 64bit version. reprograming it is too much work, and certainly nothing BIS should consider. Games in 64bit are rather small in numbers. Don't forget all people haven't got a 64bit processor/OS, and a lot of programs still don't work in 64bit.
  25. Kode

    Buy game TWICE just to play LAN??

    yes since patch 1.05 you can choose between all languages available