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    climatic changes, what do you think about that?

    @Red kite: you are right on everything. Only a couple of things are not exactly true. It already started in the seventies. For people not believing him(or me) I suggest you have a look at this documentary: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4499562022478442170 This pretty much sums up everything.
  2. Kode

    1.07.5157 Computer hangs

    Do you have a firewall installed or something? If yes you should try to disable it, or to authorize ArMa. If no, you might want to wait a while before resetting to see if he doesn't give a time-out or something. Can you still move the mouse, hear sound/music playing?
  3. I'm affraid you can't play ArMa on a GMA 950(if that's what you have). GMA 950 can't even play doom 3 at 800x600, so I'm affraid it's even a lost cause for ArmedAssault which is heavier. The games you mention are all older games. The minimum specs for Arma is an ATI 9500. The GMA doesn't even come close to that. It's designed to run office things and the aero interface, and not for recent games. It's a bit comparable to the ATI Xpress 200. Here is a list of graphics card in order of performance, note that yours isn't even in as it's not meant for gaming. But you could search for the Xpress 200 which is about the same as the GMA 840 . It is way below the minimum: radeon 9500 That's the problem with integrated graphics, it's cheap, it works, but don't expect to play recent games with it.
  4. Kode

    New ATI 7.5 Drivers out

    It is all dependent of ATI's releasing plan. You all know that ATI releases monthly drivers. But it takes more then a month to release a driver. So actually, they work 1 or 2 releases ahead. The fact that Armed assault is in the changelog is a good thing, because that means they are probably currently working on it(if not already done). But writing a driver is not that easy, and could take some time. My guess is the persons with the handle-leak will be helped in 1 or 2 more releases.
  5. Kode

    Missing Weapons

    really helpfull... It has to do with addons. You should try to delete them. If that doesn't work try re-installing the game, patch it, and only then add addons. It has to do with problems in the addons itself.As vilas told, this has been discussed before, so if you don't want to delete them all, you can just search for a list of addons that cause it.
  6. Kode

    Patching AA

    the UK version is already version 1.04, you can download the UK patch at http://www.armedassault.com
  7. Kode

    Graphics Trouble and Vid Cards

    there is indeed a patch coming with performance improvements, but it shouldn't make much difference. If I'm correct you have some sort of hp slimline desktop computer then, with laptop parts into a desktop. The only thing I can tell is that it should be working on your PC, but I'm affraid you cannot put it on high/medium detail.
  8. Kode

    Graphics Trouble and Vid Cards

    Arma kills every GPU/CPU when max'ed out... It simply is too heavy for current PC's. I don't see why it would be a problem to play it with moderate graphics. Also there aren't many particular problems with the 7600GT, it runs just like most other cards... *edit* I think your 7500LE(notebook graphics card if I'm right) can't be compared with a 7600GT though... It should be able to run it, but on low settings.
  9. The CPU and ram should work without a problem, also good choice to go for XP, less driver problems
  10. you mean you keep looking around without moving your weapon? If that's the case press *
  11. Kode

    Hard drive performance questions

    @Vassange: First off RAID 1 does improve performance, same as with RAID 0. The writing in RAID 1 is slower then the RAID 0 because he needs to write the same data on both disks, on the RAID 0 it is split in half. But the read speed is the same, as he uses the 2 drives to read data.(so he can split the reading over the 2 drives) This is the same for raid0. As the game does only needs to read, there isn't any performance difference. @Victor76 you are completely wrong. There is no performance gain between SATA 150 and 300 hard drives. This simply because a hard disk cannot read at such speeds yet. The 150/300 is for the maximal speed that could go through a sata cable. A standard 7200rpm hard disk reads at a speed of around 60Mb/s, which is quite far from the 1.5Gb/s a 150 SATA cable can handle. They made the cable that fast so that it doesn't need replacement in the next years.
  12. Kode

    blue screen... memory dump...ugh

    is there anything written on the blue screen? Like perhaps a file that caused the error, or some memory address. It seems weird because it's at the end. Could you also tell what driver version you have for your GPU?
  13. Kode

    2nd Beta 1.07.5157 feedback thread

    Well in general there is indeed not much difference between the 2 versions. Some problems I encountered: in the latest 1.07 version: I have some shadows that are in squares now, didn't have it before the update of the 1.07 patch. AI has trouble crossing bridges, choosing the water again, or just standing at the end of the bridge. Or they just refuse to follow me. The bridge where it happened was in Dolores, the east bridge. Normally I didn't have any problems with it till this update. Enemy AI shooting at me with AT quiet often now. Also my AT AI shoots back with AT aswell in some cases.(I never encountered this before in 1.05) bug in all versions: I don't know if it's really a bug, but if you sprint, after a while you start to run slower of course, but if you press a button to run to the left or right, so a sprint sideways, you suddenly start running at full speed again. Once you run straight again, you just run slow again. (This is all while sprinting) Some things that are definately good: I can alt+tab without a problem now, usually I had a 75% chance it crashed on it, thanks BIS, this is some nice birthday presenet .
  14. Kode

    Something Cracked  :(

    you have to threat you ArMa CD like a woman, be gentle with it
  15. Kode

    Does anyone else have this bug?

    your harddrive needs to load a lot of textures at once when you change it to 4000. This could cause it. Normally when it's finished loading into memory, it should be ok. I think it's most likely your HD that just cannot follow. Any size/buffer/brand of your HD?
  16. Kode

    Evolution by Killjoy

    it's really this simple: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=60633 First post, bottom... It would be nicer if you used the search function which you can find here: search
  17. Kode

    Worst Performance EVER!

    Why would you spread false information man? Do some research before you state ridiculous things like that or go read one of the hundreds of articles on the internet that cover this misconception and you might learn a thing or two. true, the human eye can catch a lot, but your brain needs to be ab le to process it , look at the example of subliminal messages. You can see it, but the brain filters it out, so that only subconscious can see it. Anyway, as long as the image is fluid, what would it matter to have some couple of frames more, the screen is the limit, and is normally 30 to 60 fps, not more. So 260fps is indeed ridicilous as you can't see them on a screen
  18. Kode

    Artifacts in ArmA

    These are caused either by overheating or by overclocking. You can normally check the temperature with ati-tool, and with ati-tools, you can also check for artifacts. This is not game-related.
  19. Kode

    Worst Performance EVER!

    Why is it a problem that you can only play it at 30-40 fps? Let's try to help you, as this is the troubleshooting forum. What settings are you playing with? and what framerates do you get? It's possible they can increase performance, that depends on how the game is coded. But I don't really see a problem. I can play it with 20-40 frames/second, and that's more then enough for me. The game is not behind in my opinion, but ahead, thinking of the future. Perhaps in 2 years there might be hardware where you can run ArMa with everything on max. a bit like OFP, which I still can't play with everything on max  . So if you buy a new PC in 2 years, you still have the "wow-feeling", and that is nice to have(I like it anyway:)) Buying the latest hardware doesn't mean you can turn everything on maximum. And then again. What is the difference for you if it runs at 30-40 fps or at 100-120 fps? I see no difference in it...
  20. Kode

    m107 recoil crazy unrealistic in game

    about those recoils, every person has a different amount of recoil. For some it will be greater, for others less. Just depends on the way you handle the gun and have muscles, the way you are standing. Every person is different, and so also the recoil. It's a simulation, not reality, so if they choose to let your aim go up 2cm higher or less it's their decision. Now if the developper shot that gun for the first time, he doesn't know how the recoil behaves, and such it would be bigger.
  21. Kode

    Worst Performance EVER!

    True, but he isn't posting for help, he is complaining about it. which doesn't belong in the troubleshooting in my opinion. Now if he would have asked if there was a possible solution, then yes. But he's really even bashing on BIS: I mean such things don't belong in here...
  22. that's not in china. Microsoft is offering poor countries those win XP's licences, and only for students/teachers for 3$/each. China has nothing to do with it as it's not classified poor country.
  23. Kode

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    the ammo thing is indeed an arma bug. concerning the UH-60 MG. It doesn't respawn. it's made like that, only the RH6 respawn (and even only if you select it).
  24. If I think of the age of the drivers for win98, and no support on new graphics cards for windows 98, I don't think it even can run.
  25. If I think of the age of the drivers for win98, and no support on new graphics cards for windows 98, I don't think it even can run.