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    Game2 -> OFP2 maybe?

    starforce is actually not to good, yes, it plays with things. It's not even that good. It checks your IDE,disabling your CD-roms(like plugging the power out or the IDEcable(you can also do this with software)) and you can just do everything, as starforce hasn't got another option then to believe the virtual CD-rom drive is the drive as you have no other CD-roms So it's just stupid to use it. Also nothing more annoying then to have to put the CD in the drive all the time, waiting for it to get accesed... then to start the game, the 1.96 patch came as heaven I'm I breaking forum rules here? in that case sorry, and  I'll edit this mssg
  2. Kode

    Islands complexity

    well if you put your OFP on very high detail, you get a very hilly terrain, it looks much better, but it also is horrible to drive anything on it, except when you are on a road of course , of course, you need a quite good system to do so to let it run smoothly
  3. Kode


    Well I thought ArMa would be a mid-budget game, so a selling price of 29€ or something. Also remember 2001 when flashpoint came out, how many people had a that powerfull computer to run it? I had an expensive P2 400 mhz at that time...
  4. Kode


    True, I'm Belgian, I searched for an ISP without a limitation, which doesn't exist :s. a normal connection, speed 3.3 Mb download 512kb upload with 15Gb transferlimit is about the standard, at an average prive of +-35€, you can buy extra packages of 5 Gb, but they cost 5€... so, expensif
  5. Kode


    well that's silly, because some countries have something like downloadlimits and more, like 10Gb/month which is reduced quiet fast, imagine you download HL2 you are already at half of that...
  6. Kode


    I saw the xbox version at a friend of mine, and it definately looks good, and also like on the box. @Marshal, you are the only person negative on everything. There are people saying some things aren't that good, true, but you are saying everything is bad, then why did you bought it? what were your expectations? You are even negative on armed assault which you haven't even seen yet... Do you have something personal against BIS?
  7. Kode

    How shall we celebrate Arma release?

    Imagine we all send a thank-card, the day it goes gold , that way they really now how the community thinks about it , with a full mailbox, and then they can start rewriting
  8. Kode


    Sure, there were tons of teams, but moest players aren't interested in competition, but in fun. There were tons of fun-clans, and people that played only SP etc... Perhaps they look dated, but no other game on the xbox has a that large visibility and islands, it's the formula that is important, not the graphics. Obviously, because the players that voted for all were used to CTF... What can you see about AI, collision detection, etc? nothing... Those things you named cannot corrected by a patch, it's also due to enginelimitations. Besides, we don't expect to fix everything. Armed assault is there, with improvements to let people play the game while waiting for game2. And finally, yes, people refer to CTI, because it's very usefull for it. But here are things that are not-CTI related:Big islands gives you a feeling of freedom, and you can do helicopter drop offs, fly to a target, if you had small islands, you can't take off, just to kill a target at 1 km... that would be silly, you should at least fly some distance, otherwise you could just use artillery or send some infantry . walking is a nice aspect, and the fact you can retreat, move on from different places is realistic, if suddenly there is a load time it would just ruin the gameplay...
  9. Kode


    But there you are wrong, true they are loaded, but they are only taking resources if it's in your visibility range, or when something is near it, otherwise there is no need for it, and then it isn't taken into consideration. The big maps are lovely for CTI, give me one game who offers such type of game. And yes, for some missions, you don't need the entire area, why should fogs be added, it's silly to create borders, people can get lost, and that gives a more realistic aspect, which is another nice feature of OFP. This thread is about the release of Armed Assault not things like that, stick to the subject perhaps. Talking about the release, I think they still can make it on time. They didn't announce anything, but tat can change any day. They don't have a publisher you say? who says that, a publisher isn't important to be known before the game has gone gold, and I'm pretty sure they have found one
  10. Kode

    Super AI

    Not much is known about the AI yet as stated in a previous thread. Apparently, AI has improved in the xbox version(from what I heard and read). especially in communication. However, I don't know anything about theri behaviour when under fire, etc...
  11. Kode


    @major gandhi: Why would professional programmers be on time while they have experience in previous games? They don't, it's a new piece of code, new software, new changes. While writing a program(in this case, a game) most likely there will always be bugs. as it is partly new, it is therefor different. a mod-team is not the same as a professional team most of the times, but still, they might be organised as a professional company and depends of the free time they put in it. Don't forget mods are making units missions script and so on, then test it, this is the base of all this they have to (re)write which is harder. Done when it's done... And I think they already found a publisher, they are just not telling it yet. The reason for not giving information away can be because of many reasons, which of you and I aren't aware of. They always have a reason for it. Just trust them a bit Â
  12. Kode


    I would say, no news is good news. Maybe BIS will announce in 2 weeks that it is finished with videos , a new site, and everything else. I honestly see no reason why everybody sees it delayed. Some games came out of nowhere, without any news just 1/2 week before releasing the game.
  13. Kode

    AI in ArmA

    there aren't many games you could compare OFP's AI to, I don't even know one that is out, the only game I know that has a good AI is stalker, but that isn't out yet, no other game has big maps like OFP(that I know of). FEAR's AI is good, but it's still small maps... However I think that they worked hard on it, especially when they want to realise a huge dynamic campaign as they said would be for game 2(or game 3 as some people say )
  14. Kode


    I would have no clue what publisher to take. But most probably it will be Atari for the benelux, as they also published OFP:E in it. would be rather strange when they would take a different publisher after they found one for the xbox game, mostly they stick to it
  15. Kode


    I just noticed OFP:E was brought by Atari says this link: http://www.xboxworld.com.au/xbox_games/review_xbox.php?idReview=624 Was this known before? or is that site wrong. Still, would atari posibly publish armed assault?
  16. Kode


    I think he meant OFP:Elite (the xbox version) coming out at those dates, and so they can concentrate on ArMa
  17. I was wondering if you need any addons, and, how does the AI play? Does it do something, or is it just versus other people you can play?
  18. Kode

    VTE open beta 09-13-05

    Well flobert, it is a beta... It isn't finished for a reason, beacuse they want community comments, they never stated it was finished, otherwise it wouldn't be a beta. Anyway,I was just playing random missions and found a buggy mission. It's "Behind enemy lines". When you play the mission, you are dropped in the middle of the ocean, and everything is falling in the water at start.I think it's merged on a wrong island or seomthink like that .
  19. Kode

    VTE open beta 09-13-05

    amazing, finally many missions and campaigns in the vietnam world, I'm downloading it atm, 38 min to go. a real bandwithkillerif I look at the max speed of 120 kb/s of ofp.info the vte team
  20. Kode

    Flashpoint Community Hardware Specs.

    ASUS - A8V-E Deluxe AMD Athlon 64 3200+ @ 2.0Ghz 1536MB DDR pc 3200 asus ati radeon EAX700pro TVD 256MB ram DDR3 2x Seagate 80Gb 7200rpm, 8Mb cache Sony DVDR-RW Drive Asus CD-RW drive enermax 400 W alimentation Hercules 5.1 Speakers 2x 21" eizo flexscan F77 screens flashpoint crashes often because of ATI drivers(I presume) but running smoothly on 1024x768x32 High detail, viewdistance 1300