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  1. What RockofSL said.

    I like to add, that after applying the rtm to the BIS soldier, I erase all LODs except for the first view LOD, all named selections (not the actual vertices related to the selections, only the selection entries) and all named properties. This way you get the proxy model down to about 2MB from the 9MB it had before. If you build a library of many different proxies it adds up. You don't need all this stuff, the proxy never shows up in the Game anyway.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Yes it is possible. You need to convert the ter file to a hightmap. Wilbur does that.

    I recommend 10m cellspacing in Terragen (going below that might give a performance hit). If you set up vegetation snowy peaks etc in Terragen I have no clue how to get that into Visitor.

    Anyway, to get the hightmap into Visitor read the "Visitor 3 Quick Tutorial" (it's the sticky thread in this very section of the Forum), it explains a lot.

  3. Quote from this thread:

    If you are far enough from ground to not to see detailed textures and not far enough to see only the satellite texture (sounds silly I know wink_o.gif ), you will se some gibberish over the content of satellite image based on the position of detailed surfaces. The gibberish is MCO texture, which is meant to add ground detail on middle range. It is multiplied (like in Photoshop) over the satellite texture.

    This is image for Combat Photo thread illustrating the appearance of MCO textures (see black dunes and generic sand textures multiplied over monotonous satellite texture):


    After reading this I'm pretty sure I understood the concept, what's missing is a way to create _mco textures.

    I'm also puzzled by the description of the _mco type in the BIKI:

    Quote[/b] ]multiply color map, texture used to multiply with color map (as cdt) without fade out filter, average color should be 0.5 in all R G B channels

    How do I get this 0.5 average? I can see the current average in the histogram, but I have no clue how to change it.

    Anyone here who can shed some light on this?

  4. My test island was created outside of the CA folder/prefix and uses working custom surface properties.

    Well, looks like they only work outside the ca directory structure. My custom surfaces don't work, but i must have done something right, I can turn clutter on and of, but the rough, dust, and soundenv settings don't work, and that has nothing to do with a wrong path IMO, since the soundenv for instance is set without specifying any path. Any idea why it doesn't work?

    I'd also like to know if your Island goes through BinPBO with binarize turned on without errors in the logfile regarding buildings from the ca directory (I was only able to achieve this with my island in the ca directory), and do ladders from those buildings work?

    At this point I think it's the tools, not me, but i'd love to be corrected.

  5. Dont understand it, suddenly my custom defining of dust, roughness and soundenv. settings not working any more.

    I'm having the same problem. And it does work to a degree, the clutter settings work, but the roughness/dust/soundenv don't. I have no clue why.

  6. Quote[/b] ]

    Yes using latest tools.

    P drive is bit diff then you, i have my working folder straight on P so P:/tolafarush, you have again folder in there from where you work, i dont think thats a problem tho.

    I don't think so either.

    Quote[/b] ]

    One thing i wonder about is if it is necessary for the WRP file to be named the same as the folder name ?

    Mine is. But I don't think it should matter.

    Quote[/b] ]

    I dont know, but one thing i know is that i get sick and tyred of this, each time i think i can finalize my island i run into new problems.

    I feel your pain. Would you send me your stuff over, maybe I can find the problem?

  7. ok no result, you remove the old binarized cfg files when unrapped to cpp's and hpp's ??
    No I didn't.
    d:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Tools\BinMake\CfgConvertFileChng\CfgConvertFileChng.exe returned error 1

    I get this one too (about as much as you), but the others don't happen here. Do you use the RC3 version of all tools? (thats the only thing I can think of before we start to compare our p: drives file for file... :crazy_o: )

    The tola thing doesn't happen here either. Besides some useful info I get a solid 1.5MB of logfile with only these two (but that doesn't seem to be important):

    W:\c\Poseidon\Lib\font.cpp(120) : Assertion failed 'w <= 127'

    W:\c\Poseidon\Lib\font.cpp(121) : Assertion failed 'h <= 127'

    Maybe someone 'official' has a clue?

  8. Just tested hlaska.p3d, works for me (only binarized).

    Does BinPBO give you an error regarding hlaska in the log file?

    Try unRaping all config.bin files in the ca directory. A quick way is creating a bat file like that:

    @echo off
    if "%1"=="" goto end
    echo Decoding %1
    cd %~p1
    "C:\Programme\Bohemia Interactive\Tools\kegarmatools\unRap\unRap.exe" "%~n1%~x1" -s
    goto getfile
    echo All done

    Obviuosly you have to change the path to Kegetys unrap.exe so it works for you.

    Put the unrap.bat on your desktop or somewhere easy to reach, search your whole p: drive for config.bin, then drag and drop all found files on the unrap.bat file. It will create *.cpp and *.hpp files in the right directorys. Try BinPBO again (I think it parses the config files for entrys regarding the p3d objects on your map and if it finds ladder entrys it works that into the wrp file. I'm guessing here, but this way ladders work for me, so give it a shot)

  9. I don't know, but I didn't add anything to the config with regards to the building

    I unraped all config.bin files in p: (mainly to study how things were done)

    i have a KKB directory in the p: root directory, and in KKB i have subfolders for the things i work on, the island is in kkbisland.

    To binarize the island BinPBO is setup like that:

    Addon Source Directory: p:\kkb\kkbisland

    Clear Temp: yes

    Binarize: yes


    Files to copy directly:



    Path to Project Folder: p:\kkb

    Use Source Path: no

    Addon Prefix automatically: yes

    I got the message with config class entries in the logfile too, but only for buildings without ladders anyway.

    Which building you try to use? I'll check if it works here.

  10. The ladder on the watertower works without binarizing the island, funny that others dont.

    I know. I tested with garaz_tank something, only worked binarized.

    I binarized an island with the first rc of the public tools, and the ingame map was bad, no buildings or objects were shown. Did they fix that?

    As far as I can tell they did, buildings show up on the map just like expected.

  11. You have to Binarize the wrp files. Pack the island with BinPBO from BIS and check the binarize box.

    I tried it with binarized and unbinarized islands in game, and ladders didn't work unbinarized. It takes some time, binpbo seems to check all p3d files you use. It also creates a log file with errors, for wrp files it has a lot, most them refer to some files in a poseidon directory that is not part of p:, I guess you can ignore them, but the ones refering to your wrp and p3d files might be helpful to fix bugs you didn't where there in the first place whistle.gif

    Also make sure to add *.rvmat to the "List of files to copy directly" field in options (I know *.wrp is there also, but wrp files get binarized anyway).

    If it works name your firstborns after me wink_o.gif

  12. Is there a way to get special textures to appear on top of the normal terrain, like the Fields and Heli Landing Pad Markings in OFP? There are textures like that in ArmA, take a look at heli_*_ca.paa files in \CA\misc\data.

    I thought this is the solution (from the Visitor Manual @ BI Community Wiki)

    Quote[/b] ]

    Detail Texture Resolution Setting

    You need to set proper size of area, on which detail textures will be mapped. On ArmA islands, we use 40 meters, all textures are made in order to fit to this size. You will probably need to tweak size of original textures to fit your map's values. Clutter density values can be updated accordingly. - Make sure you have Panel of Objects visible (set in View menu). In Panel of Objects, choose "landscape-textures" from first roll-down menu. - On the bottom of panel, there is Layers space, there should be one line. RMB on it and choose to Edit layer. - Name of layer is not important. Name it as you wish. - Resolution IS important. Note that available values are ([terrain size]*2expN). For big maps, you may use quite big number (~100-200 meters, ugly look guaranteed). For Abel, I chose 50x50 meters. Using Sahrani surfaces as they are will thus make them look 1.25x bigger, they stretch on surface 25% bigger than on Sahrani.

    This just doesn't work (Visitor from the RC3 Pack).

    I think its impossible to include them in the satmap, since 1px = 1m resolution is not detailed enough, and going more detailed is insane, and even if you had them in the satmap, they would disappear once the player gets close, since the generated surface textures take over (go to North Sahrani, on the satmap there are Fields, you see them from the distance but you'll never reach them, once you're there they become simple grassland.

    It's possible to map the desired texture on a plane in O2 and put the p3d on the map, but that doesn't feel right (and they wouldn't perfectly align with the surface), there has to be a better way.

    Any suggestions?

    Cheers, KKB

  13. I think I did it.

    I tried first with a BIS fence (pletivo_wired.p3d) and sure enough, AI didn't walk through. But it confirmed at least that there was nothing wrong with the map or my objectplacement, so it had to be the model.

    I checked where my model and the BIS one differ (besides the look) and I had named selections in the View LODs and the weight in my GeoLOD wasn't evenly distributed (I was aiming for a low center of mass, which probably is not important for static objects anyway, as long as there is mass). So I deleted all named selections in the view LODs, geo and viewgeo have still the component01 etc from the component convex hull thing. and I did set mass to zero and then distributed mass evenly in the geolod, center of mass is now in the center of the box. I also did set mass to 100, since this is the way it is in pletivo wired, I'll try to set it higher later.

    I tried it and they stop. In my case the problem was either named selections in view lods or the unevenly distributed mass in the geolod.

    Hope this helps to fix your wall.

    Oh, and I have no config for my wall.

  14. I've run in the same problem, and I would go as far as to say it is a problem with the game, not the model. The geolod in my model is one box. 0.6m thick. It is named, it is a component convex hull, the mass is 13000. I tested the durability:

    A tank breaks it (as it is supposed to), the wall stops the Hummer, the Bus, the tractor, every car except the fast ones, which will go through but are destroyed doing so (I can accept that). You cant fire throu, You cant walk throu, but here comes the kicker, place a squad on one site, add a waypoint on the other site and see them channeling Copperfield. They walk through, and no, it is not because the pieces aren't close enouugh, they don't care for that, they walk right through the center of one piece (interstingly though, always the same one). When I try to follow, the magic door has closed, no soup for me.

    The only compareable structure on BIS islands is the fenceline on Kolgujev which shields the Office of the Dentist. I tried the same, and they stop. WTF? banghead.gif

    Mhh, now that I think about it, on Kolgujev are two lines of fences right behind eachother, maybe thats it? will try later. Some Official Word from the fellows who wrote the engine and should know would be nice though.

    Who f*cks up, we or the OFP engine? Answer would be highly apreciated smile_o.gif