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    Idea for drop weapon-feature

    Somehow, I have to concur.
  2. KTottE

    Invasion 1944 got oxygen

    @Dawdler: Ok, I didn't know. That was why I was asking =) I can see IF (The biggest if there ever was...) I can work something out. According to your suggestion about renaming the addons and all that...
  3. KTottE

    I splurged......

    I've just spent 15 mins just reading through all this =), so now I have to add my own opinion... First, I fully agree that MOH:AA is waaaay too short. And the end "movie" was embarrasing. After making such a short game, I think the least they could have done was to reward us with a spectacular end movie. I mean, even RtCW had an end movie. A crappy one, but they had one... The mission everyone seems to be talking about is the Omaha beach landing. So I have to say something as well. I think someone mentioned something about Saving Private Ryan? Anyway, 95% of the dialouge in the Omaha Beach mission is stolen from that same movie. You remember Tom Hanks meeting some guys from the engineer corps? Same in the game, and they're even from the same battallion and regiment. I mean, couldn't they have had a BIT of imagination? I remember thinking when I was playing that mission: What a crappy re-make of Saving Private Ryan. If they are going to use the same lines, why don't they just sample the voices from the movie... And I would have to concur with the idea that the americans think they won the war single handedly. I know Ether Dragon assured us that it is not so, but he must then be a part of the intelectual elite in america =) I'm NOT trying to offend americans here. But from what I've heard, and what I have been told by (american) friends, most of the american people haven't got a clue about the whole WW2 thing. At the same time I might add that most americans playing OFP knows what really happened, since they are interested and so on. So you americans here on the forum: Don't be offended. And as for which game I play the most? OFP will probably remain in or near my CD tray until OFP2 or Independance Lost comes out...
  4. KTottE

    Invasion 1944 got oxygen

    @Dawdler: So you are saying that if we can get OFP to use the I44 config.bin then it will all work out? If OFP loads using that config.bin, will it exclude the other addons? Can OFP load with another config.bin than the original? The reason I'm asking is that I was thinking about making some sort of MOD commander. You select the MOD you want to play, then you click launch and off you go. If I could get the program to launch with the MOD config.bin, would that work?
  5. KTottE

    Is there a addon limit?

    I've actually been thinking about writing such a tool myself =) My plan was to include this: Addon+Mission/Campaing+MOD sorting. It will sort the files after which type of addon/mission/whatever it is. I was also thinking about sorting by author TAGs. You can decide on this =) Zip extract + open options. To extract downloaded zip files into the correct folder. Readme function. You can access all the readmes for your downloaded addons. (Not sure about this one...) Author info: You get up a little info box about the author you click on. This will only be available for tagged addons. Rating system. I was planning on using rating+comment system. Rating 0-50 where 50 is good. (In co-operation with OFPEC, so that addons that got 25 there will get 25 here) Commentary - Some addons have not been rated by OFPEC, so commentaries from users will tell everyone what it is about. (And remind us that has forgotten what the hell that addon was...) If you can think of anything else, please let me know by posting here. Or you can e-mail me at Tomas_Landin@hotmail.com