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    Sea Kayaking, off-road expeditioning in ´58 Mercedes army trucks, 3D graphics and 1st person sims.
  1. Konyak-2

    Tour de France

    Anyone here ride road bikes on a regular bases? Part of a club? Just restored an old Peugeot 15 speed racing bike and have re-discovered the great feeling and efficiency of this mode of transport. Especially zipping by the idiots who buy mountain bikes to ride around in town on On topic, I'd say Armstrong could pull it off again. But wasn't there some incident last year that gave him a little lead? A penalty on a competitor? Konyak
  2. Konyak-2

    Maya or ofp anim?

    Sorry, off topic I suppose, but I just can't let it go FYI, Maya is considered the most powerful 3D program out there and is used by most of the movie industry (New StarWars movies and Final Fantasy for instance). Â It has a rather steep lurning curve as it's UI is not as conventional as other programs, and has less of the "presets" effects and features Max has. Â Perhaps that is why to some it seems less powerful as it's true beauty lies in it's open ended design. Â Max on the other hand is more mainstream, made for the masses and rather easy to use and quick to produce nice effects. Â Max has a superior renderer as well, which is often the measure of a programs performance. Â Maya users usually don't use the Maya renderer for outputing their work.. Â *Pant* Â ok, rant over
  3. Konyak-2

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    Am in the process of installing this Mod/config and had downloaded the FULL pack. After copying the addon folder into my addons directory, I found the pack is missing the following addons: 1. COG HueyCobra 2. Dawg (allthough I could have sworn I saw it copying ) 3. ECP_DR_extra_sound_3 4. hfr_apac 5. SIG_T55w 6. SIG_T55wreck 7. TACTEvents 8. usmg Hope that makes it easier for people to gather the bits needed. Konyak
  4. Konyak-2

    Custom faces

    Speaking of "just watched".. I just watched the Cell, and thought this twisted character would be cool for MP Â He was tricky to do because he was only on screen for 1 second and never faced the camera directly. Now if only I could find the "inside the mouth" texture, so I can make it black too. Konyak
  5. Konyak-2

    Custom faces

    That map is called earth. It comes with Real Life Mod  LOL Or maybe Konyak has found an OFP 2 screenie? Actually, as amusing as it is, I'd say, good question Stryker. It is in fact a real map (Iceland), but there is nothing really there that says it isn't Flashpoint either. The question is testament to how great this game is and how far it has come Ok, back on topic. Glad you like the template, and do more zombie faces! That's a really disturbing face you made there ! Konyak
  6. Konyak-2

    Custom faces

    Not impossible, but hard if you don't know where the polygons match up along the face. Â I didn't find any guide for this, so I made a grid texture and derived the following template from that. Â It should help those of you who want to try this on your own a whole lot. Â All you need to be able to use is Photoshop 101 : Â The rubber stamp tool I use a larger picture to work with, and scale it down to 256x256. Â It would be interesting to see if Liquid Snake has a better template he's willing to share, or if he uses a completely different system. Konyak Woa.. some mod deleted a bunch of posts here that weren't exactly off topic, that I was replying to. Anyhoo.. Somone said it's hard to match up the side and front of the face so you don't get a line.
  7. Konyak-2

    Don't loot.

    This whole video doesn't make any sense.. At worst, it's a tank crew without a brain. There´s a disturbing presence here, that of the media. Like most of the media today, they seem to be most gleeful if they can find faults with US operations, wherever they may be. There's a lot of fine people operating in the military, but we don't get to see them, since that doesn't further the media´s agenda today. So, we see this video, professionally narrated (sounded like that nut Dan Rather, not sure though) and elegantly set up so that the viewer is in fury against these soldiers. I'd vager that bn880 is right.. this was a show, and these soldiers are probably as mad or madder at the media crew for presenting it as they did. So that's what's most disturbing.. I'm having a really hard time finding videos showing US troops helping out, doing really honorable things, yet I know they are commonplace. We've heard from returning soldiers that there is great frustration with the media coverage, and this is a fine example of that. Konyak And to the one who said "American stupidity", I don't remember anyone saying "Norwegian stupidity" after watching the dog slayer video recently.
  8. Konyak-2

    Guess the name of the game

    Mmmm.. Archon? Â Arcon? Â Something like that.. Great game Naaaah, this is Archon: Wizard of Wor! !!
  9. Konyak-2

    Guess the name of the game

    Mmmm.. Archon? Â Arcon? Â Something like that.. ..No, that's not it... Great game though Funny, I have the old C64 in it's original box and the HUMONGOUS floppy disk drive in it's original box still and two Atari joysticks Was going through some stuff and found it.
  10. Konyak-2


    Actually, a friend of mine knows a guy who flew one, and the Russian pilot suggested they put about 2 tons in the back since they were just going out for a spin, and it didn't have a payload at all. Reason was, that once airborne, it's hard to land even if you press the collective all the way down! Of course, it's exaggerated, but it seems awfully willing to lift stuff, be it extra fuel or a frozen mammoths Konyak
  11. Konyak-2

    > screw nanotechonology, exoskeletons are here

    That's more like it When I saw the video, I thought, here's the wheelchair of the future. Seemed silly to have a "fat bastard" in camo trying the thing out, as I could only see this as a godsend for people who have lost, or lost use of, their legs. Now, I know at this stage the skeleton is dependent on actual human legs for balance, but they are already able to hook up nerves to electronics so perhaps it's not so distant. But, this is a military forum Looking at that gleeming, complex mechanism and thinking of it in a palce like Iraq... well, if they can't keep sand out of an M-16!! Konyak
  12. Konyak-2


    Great mission! I found one possible bug.. I had blown up some bmp´s and saw a crew running along on the ground, and decided to not waste a FFAR on them, so I landed, jumped out and shot them dead. When I got back in the chopper I got an error message with some crap about expected object and player this and that.. Sorry, didn't take a screenshot. Thought it would go away if I returned to base, but it stayed there. I'd really like to be able to get out here and there and clean up. I'd also really like to have a Coop version, in which other player is officer of the ground unit that is to be rescued. Survive till the chopper get's here and pop that flare. Think its possible to make one player switch between units like that, so that he effectively playes all the officers on the ground? Either way, having a load of fun playing it, and yeah, I had (still have) a C64, even had a Vic20 before that Konyak
  13. Konyak-2

    Sir william gates

    From the CIA site you pointed out as your source: Sounds similar to the sites I referred to.  If you want to debunk those statistics, be they from the Heritage Foundation, or any other source, you'll have to do better than just dismiss it as a conservative site and therefor totally untrustworthy. Did a quick search on whatever sources you are getting your info from, apart from site above and found this : Help poor Americans Sorry, couldn't resist  To dismiss my personal experience so completely shows arrogance.  My point was based on a fact that is real, and your "Billy-Bob" sterotype was a made up generalization.  The girl I spoke of is relevant because she is one of those poor people who are, according to you, not supposed to be able to become rich, that it is a myth. LMAOROFL! *THAT's* your source?? OMG, guys I think I'm gonna rupture a spleen.. He´s quoting the CCHD. Well, that takes care of that! Consider this over on my behalf, big waste of time. Konyak
  14. Konyak-2

    Sir william gates

    Been following this with some interest.  No expert mind you, and aggree that some balance of social/capitalist government is the ticket.  But I'm afraid Denoir and Bn880 are both using seriously flawed statements to build an argument on.  Denoir:  Have you even been to the USA?  I seriously doubt it, yet you love to hate it so.  These statements of poverty and starvation had warning bells go off all over.  I've been to 45 states and the situation you describe just didn't fit in.  Third world?  Africa?  Please Denoir, I must say you dissapoint me. I fear you are being hasty.  Here's how it works: Poverty Definitions And if you need your "statistics" translated to the real world, then this should be an interesting read for you: "poor" Americans The above is more to in tune with what I have seen in the USA.  I've spent some time in Alabama, in "Rocket City", where NASA co-exists literally with your stereotypical "Billy-Bob".  There I met a lot of young Americans that were completeing their Engineering degree on a scholarship they got for getting good grades in high school.  One girl was your "trailer trash" girl, who's boyfriend worked a belt sander so she could finish her education.  That's motivation, effort and hard work breaking the mold you clamp on them, as if they had no hope. If you asked me if I'd rather live in Sweden or the USA though, I'd probably say Sweden, but only because it's culturally closer to me.  M21Man and Wardogs defenses are pretty sound though.  In the case of genetics, while certainly there are "Stupid" people resulting from inbreeding or simply alchohol consumption during pregnancy, let alone drugs, the main problem is their own mindset or attitude.  This is passed on between generations, so you could call it genetic.  On Topic:  Nobody seems to raise the point that Gates´income is also based on his responsibility.  Or any "boss" for that matter..  I used to think like Bn880: Why should he get more than me, company car and all that, but I "work" harder than him?  Anyone who takes his job seriously, and is responsible for 10, 100, 1000 or 100 thousand people working for him, will have to make extremely hard decisions that effect those peoples future, their families.  Believe me, that's not for everyone and many people would rather work lower levels than carry that burden. Konyak
  15. Konyak-2

    Real life photography/photo editing

    Some I took recently.  All unedited, except one, take a wild guess as to which one  The one of the shuttle is correct scale in relation to traffic, as there were some vans driving along behind it on the original pic. Puts it into perspective. Plan to do more of those. Konyak