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    Between the Lines Add-On preview

    I agree, it sucks hard. Try that Gulf war crisis demo(the new update with 2 SP missions) those are one of the best missions i have ever played
  2. Mines is: Sylvester & Patrick Cowley - Do you wanna funk, they played this dumbass song all the time in the disco's in 1982 i belive. Download it on KaZaA or Morpheus or whatever, then you'll know what i'm talking about.
  3. And i want worldpeace.
  4. King Kong

    Realism vs. Playability

    "Sorry for quoting the wrong person, but you know why the ak is so shite? because it took them 3 years to steal a design from a german gun." The MP-44 was only for VERY elite troops like Blitzkrieg or high ranked Gestapo officers(you could compare it to an OICW in that time). If the AK-47 is so(as you describe it) "shite" why is the AKM the most used and one of the most reliable and populair guns in the world? From my experience the AK-47 is ALOT better then the M16.
  5. King Kong

    Su-27 Flanker

    MIG-29 is alot better then the SU-27, the mig29 is one of the world's most maneuverable and toughest fighter jet.
  6. King Kong

    Do you like Giants

    Heh, i tought you ment Giant bikes
  7. King Kong

    Whats the dumbest song you've ever heard?

    http://www.accuratereloading.com/videos.html ROFL, check this out
  8. King Kong

    Whats the dumbest song you've ever heard?

    Anyways, listen to the song i'm talking about. Anyways click here This sure is the dumbest song i have ever heard. Agreed or not? Some of you may remember it.
  9. King Kong

    Whats the dumbest song you've ever heard?

    Monkey Salad?
  10. King Kong

    LAW sights are wrong!

    So are the RPG and M16 sights.
  11. King Kong

    Realism vs. Playability

    "HAHAHAHAHA!!! thats funny.. I dont know about the others but the current model M16 is just as reliable as the AK in 99% of situations, plus it has near match accuracy... Its funny how some people still think the M16 is some POS that james constantley.. that was the A1 model.. ya know the one that only had 6 months of development and no field testing.. hmm and the ak took 2 years to design and another year of testing.. hmm a weapon developed in 6 months VS one developed in 3 years.. gee which would be more reliable.. in reality when you dig into the guts of the Modern M16 (A2-A3) the only similarity between it and the A1 is the fact that it shoots the same calibur ammo..and is gas operated not much else.. the M16A2-3 is every bit as relaible as the AK47 in almost every circumstance adn twice as accurate. the reason the 47 is so 'reliable' is because its build with very very loose tolerences meaning if gunk gets in it there are big enough gaps between the moving parts that it can accomodate the trash in it.. of course its accuracy suffers due to this.. so unless you are a total brainded moron who is going to bury your weapon in the sand or mud and repididly open and close the breach while its under there you will not have any trouble with the M16A2.. if you do do that kinda thing you deserve to be shot anyway" Ok, Mr Gun expert What kind of BS is that? First time i fired the m16a2 it jammed within 3 minutes(100 Drum magazine), fired in all conditions AK's are the best rifle's in the world and thats a fact. You can drive it over with a truck, put in the mud for 3 weeks you are talking out of you're ass, all M16's are gas operated. "and the ak took 2 years to design and another year of testing.. hmm a weapon developed in 6 months VS one developed in 3 years.. gee which would be more reliable.." The AK-47 took 3 years to devlop, you know the story. And yes, it's todays standard weapon for civilians and guerillas And what do you mean with twice as accurate? Do you know how dumb that sounds? the AK74 is almoust as accurate as the M16a2 on burst fire(talking about experience here) And MI-24 hinds have only armor on the bottom and side, read a history book or do some research Mi-24 is the fastest chopper in the world and very heavily armored, that's why they call it "the flying tank" It's also the first chopper with IR
  12. King Kong

    what kind of addon would you like to see

    Things i want: BTR-70 for the Russians, a new realistic desert terrain(not an island so we can have a endless desert), FN MAG, SAW M24 sniper rifle, RPG-7, G3A3, FN FAL
  13. King Kong

    Realism vs. Playability

    Hmmmm, i tought they used it because of it's reliability? The AK-47 is still the most prefered weapon in the middle -east because of it's reliability, quality, medium accuracy. It even works when you put it in the mud for 3 weeks without even cleaning it. It can fire 4000 rounds without jamming wich is very good for a 50 year old gun. I think all middle-east countries like Saudi Arabia(wich uses the Steyr),Turkey(Turkish G3a3 copy made by MKEK), Iran wich also uses the G3A3, Israel wich uses the M16. I think they all should replace their primary weapons with AK's or similar ones.
  14. King Kong

    Realism vs. Playability

    Yes, it is possible to reload M72 LAW's but i don't think it's ment for reloading, the size weight etc. The RPG-18(similar to the M72 LAW) is also an "throw away" weapon. That's why many guerilla or 3rd world countries prefer the RPG-7V1(wich has telescopic sights pgo 7v, some of them even have IR) the RPG-7 has a better range (300m) while the M72 LAW has a range of 170 to 220 meters. RPG-7 is far more effective and recoilless, the M72A2 LAW is basicly a 66 mm SHELL(first series i'm talking about, ment for bunkerbusting in Vietnam) while the RPG-7 is 40 mm HEAT high-explosive antitank(PG-7VL wich is 70mm wich is also capable of penetrating up to 375 millimeters of armor). I've heard that the M72's iron sights suck. The LAW is only popular because of it's mobility Why would you need a M72 LAW for your mod, IDF also uses RPG's and Chinese variants of the AK47. I think they should add a RPO-A recoilless Flame thrower wich fires napalm rounds
  15. King Kong

    Realism vs. Playability

    About the M72 LAW, it's a throw away weapon you can't use it twice(you can in real life but it's not ment for it)
  16. King Kong

    Realism vs. Playability

    The Mujhadeen needed more then 7 Stingers to bring down a MI24, the only thing that was effective against Hinds was the RPG-7
  17. King Kong

    What weapon/vehicle

    AK-101 is for commercial use only. Ment for law enforcement and civilian use, the Russian army never used any of the AK 100 series.
  18. King Kong


    Press on Print screen and paste it in MS paint(ctrl+V)
  19. King Kong

    Admins Join Together, Ban Users

    "DOS nocks out a business server and reaches $15,000 US the FBI become involved" Like i'm disconnecting Microsoft.com or something "In order to hit the server like you sugest, you actually need a larger Bandwidth to actually shut it down, if your hitting a T3 with a FW and your on cable it will not shut it down" Tell this to Hudson who is accusing me of nocking out Radishville T1
  20. King Kong

    Admins Join Together, Ban Users

    " the program you mentioned does not block your IP here or on the Game servers" Ever heard of creating you're own proxy with Wingate(wich is mostly used for hiding ip's on all ports), who's the moron now? "public. Radishville did crashed 20 minutes after my last post." OMG, you really are an idiot you know that? I wouldn't even bother entering you're ip since you are not worth it. Just STFU and next time use an idiot check before you're IQ can reach the "redneck" range. Just because the server has a crap computer wich think they can host for 20 people on a 500 mhz or something is a moron. Sure blame it on me, feel free to report me for something i haven't done. Piss off and i'm done with arguing with you, dickwad
  21. King Kong

    Admins Join Together, Ban Users

    Read my posts correctly before you post crap and accuse me for "trashing your server", wich is BS. What makes you think i played Quake 2 or Counterstrike(me laughs when you try to describe my age, i'm almost twice as old as the regular pot-smoking armcutting 15 year old kid). just STFU before you blame someone for no reason, moron. And you know what? I don't care if the moderators(wich abuse their moderator power BTW) delete my posts.
  22. King Kong

    Admins Join Together, Ban Users

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Hudson @ Jan. 05 2002,16:44)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Oh I want to be just like you......NOT! Well I know who to keep my eye out for! And If anything does ever happen to our server  I know where to let the FBI start looking first. It's little children like you that ruin this game for the masses with  XML crashing and voice com spamming. this post has been edited by Snake1999<span id='postcolor'> Now this really cracks me up, let you're FBI, interpol or whatever it is arrest me(even tough i live in Europe) "It's little children like you that ruin this game for the masses with XML crashing and voice com spamming." I don't have a Fking clue what XML crashing is, Feel free to report me. I have never trashed your server in any way. And wheres your evidence, do you hounestly think that the FBI would arrest me just because i disconnect a few servers with stupid hosts wich accuse me of cheating and talking trash to me. How it started, it was a year ago i went into a DFLW server via Kali, they were telling me that they will rape my mom and kill my family and they were talking trash to me and kicked me off the server for no reason, so i became mad and disconnected their server(wich is legal BTW) and i also have legal rights for that.
  23. King Kong

    Admins Join Together, Ban Users

    quibbly, did you know that i'm behind a proxy server and do you also know that i faked my IP with Wingate? And Hudson do you have any clue what a IGMP nuker is? It sends 6000 packets wich let the server disconnect, thats all. It doesn't harms anyones computer and yes it's legal.
  24. King Kong

    Poll between the SVD and the M21 Rifles

    The M21 is a far more accurate weapon then the SVD Dragunov. The SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova)-Dragunov Sniping Rifle was the first rifle designed from scratch as a sniper rifle. to extend the range of the average rifle squad. The SVD can be expected to shoot 2 MOA with quality ammo, it's basicly a AK47 wich fires Russian 7.62x54mm cartridges wich are extremely deadly. The PSO-1 IR scope the SVD uses is still one of the most expensive scope in the world. I use the M21 for long ranges and SVD for short ranges
  25. King Kong


    Mt signature is only 31 kb on a very low resolution