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  1. JBâ„¢

    NATO Map Symbols Pack 2

    Thanks for the positive feedback and the mirrors
  2. JBâ„¢

    Armed Assault Face Pack V1

    Armed Assault Zone mirror
  3. JBâ„¢

    NATO Map Symbols Pack 2

    Eastern block and the rest of the APP6-a symbols (pack 3) are underway as we speak. although the eastern block markers are not really used by many armies as they now also use the NATO app6 or app6-a standard, I will include the most modern versions I can find (I believe the ones used in the current OFP pack is from the 80`s and not 100% accurate) The .pdf guide so the symbols can be used as realistically as possible is what is taking the time up
  4. JBâ„¢

    Armed Assault Face Pack V1

    Its great you spending your time doing this for the community but, didnt Placebo release ONE face template for a reason? There are still some people on this forum who may not own ArmA yet. Those that do own it can access those faces themsleves if they wish. Those that dont own it yet can download the faces via your link, meaning you are distributing copyrighted material on BIS`s own site - not sure that is a good idea to be honest. If I am wrong - sorry, but isnt extracting parts of a .pbo and distributing them wrong? *EDIT* I see Mr Burns posted a mirror link while I was typing this, which confirms I was probably wrong with the copyright issue - sorry
  5. JBâ„¢

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    Fantastic news.. well done BI
  6. JBâ„¢

    505 Interview

    Yes, I bet it will mate
  7. JBâ„¢

    Latest screenshots available

    Not a bad read, great screen grabs, and all on a mid-range system. (There are 36 screens BTW )
  8. JBâ„¢

    Tonal Update

    Love the cam on those Government scouts That pic reminds of an old RLI posed scene...
  9. JBâ„¢

    Partial Visitor Translation Patch

    Yeah, I get the same - when AVG ran its check it flags up a trojan in the file..
  10. JBâ„¢

    ArmAs Cover Art

    Personally I think the cover is OK. I dont know about anyone else but once armA is released I dont plan on sitting with the case in my lap looking at the cover for hours on end. I also dont think I have ever bought a game because the cover looked good (or bad).
  11. JBâ„¢

    BRL-CAD 3D Modeling Tool

    Notice the render time on the Stryker - 5 days [ig]http://sasmod.ofpcentral.co.uk/forum_images/brl_stryker.jpg[/img]>100kb I have only just started playing with 3DSMAX so, for the experts out there what would other commercial products take to render a similar image? Is this good or not?
  12. JBâ„¢

    problem with buldozer(oxygen viewer)

    Any chance of sharing what the fix was? - this way other people with similar problems benefit.
  13. JBâ„¢

    problem with buldozer(oxygen viewer)

    ? HERESa link to a good tutorial for installing O2 and getting it working correctly. Hope this helps a little. If you take a look around the forum and do a few searches Im sure you will come up with most answers for your questions
  14. JBâ„¢

    problem with buldozer(oxygen viewer)

    Did You install O2 on a temp drive like :Z for example? If you do not run the fix.bat (or whatever you called it) to run the drive it is installed on the viewer wont work.
  15. JBâ„¢

    L119/ Diemaco SFW

    Look forward to seeing it completed mate - hopefully with an AG-C GL version too.
  16. JBâ„¢

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    Amongst other thibngs that have been mentioned half a dozen times - I personally hope BIS find time to change the OFP/VBS anim for the paras. It would be great if a more traditional static line postition was adopted (i.e feet together, knees bent) rather than the pretty poor anim we currently have.
  17. JBâ„¢

    ArmA mod listing thread

    That will be something to look forward to
  18. JBâ„¢

    ArmA mod listing thread

    Nowhere near the same scale as BW mod and all the other well established OFP mods, SASMOD has cancelled all its VBS1 projects and will be moving over to ArmA. Currently I am cramming my brain and learning 3DSMax8 to take full advantage what we can do with ArmA. I understand some peoples views are "why start projects for a game that isnt released yet and we know little about". Very true, but by learning Max hopefully I will be one step closer when it is finally released.
  19. JBâ„¢

    Building Interiors

    I agree mostly with what your saying there, but when in an hostile enviroment a soldier will take cover in any building - open to the public or not. When a soldier enters an urban area, tactics change every house becomes a battle that needs to be won. I understand that everybuilding cant be accesable (which is a shame) but I just hope there is enough enterable ones to keep everone happy
  20. JBâ„¢

    Building Interiors

    I was thinking the same - I new I had seen a piccie of a building interior somewhere. I hate to speculate as im usually 99% wrong - so I wont. I am however hoping that there is a good range of enterable buildings, I love FIBUA/OBUA/MOUT so the more enterable buildings the better IMHO.
  21. JBâ„¢

    SAS: Scud Hunters

    SASR provide a whole squadron to TAG (west) the cdo`s of 4RAR (plus RAN divers) provide for TAG (East) Looks like you got another recruit sysdevja
  22. Im still not sure about TP3, there seems to be quite alot of problems with it, falling through bridges, AI paths and other things. The main negative point I have about it is that the whole pack is encypted so all those nice buidings and textures cant be used in wrptool etc!
  23. JBâ„¢

    SAS: Scud Hunters

    Yes, maybe hes making them too, unless he meant SAS( R ) which would be just a waste of time
  24. JBâ„¢

    SAS: Scud Hunters

    Im looking forward to seeing what materialises with your MOD sysdevja. I would listen to what all the guys said about the time it takes to create something of quality - no matter how good your intentions are, a standard has been set in the OFP world, and if you creations dont met the minimum level required these days they wont get a second look. I wish you the best of luck with it all and look forward to seeing some quality work from you