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    OT-90 Help

    A friend of mine has just purchased, and is in the process of importing a Czech OT-90. He has paid up and will have it in around 2 month’s time. From the little info we have googled on the vehicle we assume it is an M version (amphibious) as it has a wheel inside the back door to lock it tighter and preserve its water tight integrity. I know some here will suggest doing my own home work and suggest generic search engines for me to use, however due to the unique nature of this forum their maybe someone here who has good knowledge of the OT-90 or even its variants. Maybe someone here has actually used one during the course of their military service. What I would like if possible is any info at all on the OT-90M (not sure yet if its m1, 2 or 3). Info like the CES (complete equipment schedule) if it has one? what it would carry onboard (and outboard) tow chains/ropes/bars, fire equipment, recovery equipment, track repair kit. Etc. Also, in the driver and commander positions their are leather pistol holsters attached to the inside -what pistol would this be for? What role would the vehicle and troops be employed in. The Czech Republic MoD website I saw said this: Is this true? I thought it was a general APC.I have a fairly good knowledge of military equipment but I know nothing about the OT-90 except what my friend google tells me so, anything at all anyone can help me with would be great! Thanks in advance - JB
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    OT-90 Help

    Thanks, thats been a great help. most of the beams I have seen attached are square, thats why I wasn't sure of its purpose. I suppose a square beam would do the trick too.
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    OT-90 Help

    Further to this, can anyone tell me what the wooden beam/pole attached to the rear of the vehicle in the pics on THIS page is for? I have seen them attached to OT-90 variants and I am confused as to its use.
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    O2 Crashing when pressing A

    no worries, at least it working now. Sorry I wasn't of more help.
  5. JBâ„¢

    O2 Crashing when pressing A

    Make sure you use textures that are sized 2^*(i.e 32x32, 64x64, 128x128 etc) and that your textures are in the same folder as your model. On my laptop O2 would crash when trying texture if my texture images were not in the relevant models folder, on my main pc it doesn't.
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    Photoshop version?

    Question is which one do you have? They are both adequate whichever one you have. If you dont have either and you plan to purchase one with the sole intent of retexing then why not try some thing like the GIMP which is free.
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    Modeling Memory

    Read THIS mate
  8. JBâ„¢


    Isnt this basically the same thread as THIS ? There is loads of info on here regarding you question, try the search function mate - it will be usefull *EDIT* Just typing ` retexturing` into the search function gave me THIS straight away. Maybe of some use to you?
  9. JBâ„¢

    o2 help

    As good place as any to start is HERE
  10. The only times you would see British Speical forces with the L86A2 Light Support Weapon LSW (or more effectionaltely know as LS trouble-eW) is either when SF are on an overt patrol or mission where they are working aklongside regular forces, they (the UKSF) will wear and use standard issued equipment to blend in. Until about maybe 6 years ago the reserve SAS (21/23) were still issued the L85A2 and L86A2 as standard. They now use the same as 22 SAS which is as per the list I posted earlier for you.
  11. Weapons you should be looking at are (including British designations) L105A1 9mm Pistol, Automatic [sIG P226] L106A1 9mm Pistol, Automatic [sIG P226K] - Short slide L107A1 9mm Pistol, Automatic [sIG P228] L9A1 9mm Pistol, Automatic [browning High Power] L7A2 7.62mm Machine Gun, General Purpose [FN MAG/M240 etc] L108A1 5.56mm Light Machine Gun [Minimi] L110A1 5.56mm Light Machine Gun [Minimi PARA] L91A1 9mm Submachine Gun, [H&K MP5SD] L92A1 9mm Submachine Gun, [H&K MP5A3] L100A1 7.62mm Rifle [H&K G3KA4] L101A1 5.56mm Rifle [HK53] L119 5.56mm Diemaco [C8SFW] - Normally fitted with x4 ACOG & L17A1/A2 40mm UGL [H&K AG36] L67A1 37mm (1.5in.) Riot Gun. Arwen Grenade Launcher L74A1 12g Pump Action Riot Gun L115A1 8.6mm/.338 Long Range Rifle [Accuracy International] As everyone else said, the DPM pattern is bad, wearing a beret is a no no etc etc. Apart form that good effort. IMHO units like the Special Air Service in Armed Assault can only be done justice when the tools are out and proper gear can be modeled. Well done though and good luck with your project in the future
  12. JBâ„¢

    What the name of?

    Readme only states XP as the OS. I take it you have vista, you now have the link to the download - why not try it
  13. JBâ„¢

    Quick and Dirty ArmA Wallpaper

    very nice work abs
  14. JBâ„¢

    Concorde (Work in Progress)

    I remember seeing my first concorde at RAF Finningly in the mid-80`s. Good luck to you with your project mate Just make sure you build the tyres nice and strong
  15. JBâ„¢

    What the name of?

    I recall a MSFS program being used with regards to optimizing ArmA, I think it was FS Autostart
  16. JBâ„¢

    new GateBuilder version

    Fantastic work bxbx
  17. JBâ„¢

    L85 Assist

    As I mentioned to you a long time ago, its not entirely accurate and needs a little work mate. Fix the issues and you will have a great release Tank *EDIT* I would also like to see a shot of the other side of the rifle if at all possible.
  18. JBâ„¢

    How to play CZ/GER version completely in English

    Big thanks to you mate for giving us the option to play ArmA in English after buying German version
  19. JBâ„¢

    Patch 1.05 impressions

    Overall I am impressed, Initially I had the problem of no primary weapon after patching but a clean install and patch got me back on the straight and narrow. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the smooth flowing terrain when fying around (trying out the SU-34), before the patch I got really bad framerates etc etc. The way the grass drops and disappears when the player drops down is pretty bad in my opinon, I know people like the fact it makes visibility better but, as already mentioned ArmA tries to simulate the real world so, if you decide to take cover in long grass then prepare to lose visibility! This so far has been the major minus for me, one thing I wish BIS had not implemented. overall im a happy bunny, and at least now all ArmA owners, EU and International are singing from the same songsheet. Thanks BIS
  20. JBâ„¢

    SJB Weapons Pack

    great news mate, looking forward to those Diemaco`s
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    OK my last update before I proabably lose my connection. Big thanks to everyone who offered me hosting - It was appreciated. Big thanks and appologies to Fox @ Armaholic.com He set me up immeditately with space and all the info I needed to transfer my files across. I was in the process of doing this toady when I recieved an email from edgenetwork saying that my hosting has been moved to thier swerver and I am am no longer a sub host of OFPCentral. So, my site and forums are now in a new home I just need to change a few links to reflect the move and Im sorted. Sorry again for any time wasted at your end Fox. the new SASMOD url is http://sasmod.edgegaming.com I will get around as much as I can before I lose my connection and let people know. Thanks everyone.
  22. JBâ„¢


    @ Chris, -SWAT- & abs thanks for all the offers of hosting - it was a suprise so many people jumped to my rescue, by the community for the community eh - great effort guys Within an hour of me posting this, Armaholic came to my rescue and offerd some great hosting terms that I couldnt refuse. I accepted but didnt get chance to come back online and edit my original post as I have been busy reserve training. I am now in the process of moving all my site and forums over to Armaholics server and hopefully it will be all setup over there before I lose my connection in a day or two. Thanks again to everyone who posted or PM`d me with offers of hosting - it is appreciated. A big thanks to Armaholic and especialy el nino foxhound for getting to me so quickly
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    Here is some quick work I did in preparation for the relevant tools being released. It is only a simple retexture but it does give me a chance to look at how my DPM textures are coming on and how they will look ingame. Thanks to Peanut for help with the hex-editing The temperate DPM was made by hand from scratch using my own gear as reference, the dessie DPM was found on my hard drive, source not known. This is just a make do until I take more ref pics of my dessie kit. http://sasmod.ofpcentral.co.uk/forum_images/sasdpm_l.jpg It is only a quick update but SASMOD will be going offline for a few weeks fro two reasons: 1 - my current host OFPCentral for one reason or another is no more, that means I cannot be hosted their. MunkD has been a fantastic host over the years and has supported me in all my little projects - cheers mate 2- I am changing ISP`s at more or less the same time as OFPcentral goes down so I will not be in a postition to setup anywhere else for a few weeks. I have tried to contact Editingman regarding hosting at OFPbase but that site is also down due to upgrading. If anyone has his em ail can they pass it on please (not his @ofpbase one) If anyone knows of a similar hosting site please let me know so I can make contact before I lose my connection *EDIT* HOST NOW FOUND - Thank to everyone who contacted me with hosting offers Cheers
  24. JBâ„¢

    NIM Dynamic Weather

    Nice work to all involved