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    Basic questions

    I may have the wrong end of the stick here Tank but, am I right in thinking you cant see the image of the textures in the Texture Library window? Usually this is caused by the the textures not being on your root drive, do you have them on your P:\ drive (or whatever). Have you checked your options (File> Options..) and made sure your set up is correct. Note your Value for Path for Textures is setup OK (i.e P:\ In this case, as you stated your textures are in the root directory I assume you have the same problem I had. Make sure you have the following files installed in your O2PE folder: gifload.dll jpgload.dll pacload.dll these can be obtained from either the O2 lite installation if you have it or from Linker Splits post regarding this very problem (this is where the search button comes in handy mate seriously, not trying to be a back seat moderator but most common problems have already been answered in this very board ) linker Split uploaded just the Dll`s you need HERE This fixed the problems I was having which seem very similar to what you are reporting. *EDIT* Grammar correction
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    w39 mod

    I have to agree, I hope it see`s the light of day
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    Thanks for the Wireframes tpM_91, the renders are great too, Im looking forwards to this beast being on my HD! I hope this sets the future standard of ArmA addons.
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    Great work! Any chance of a wireframe shot?
  5. `Scripting-Moses` indeed, well done Manday
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    Where is Buldozer...

    Open up O2 and goto View> Viewers> Buldozer> start/Restart. Buldozer isn't as separate download like with OFP and O2 Lite.
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    You can use the cpbo v2.03 tool from Kegetys ( Download HERE ) to unpack the .pbo file. That isn't really needed though if you want to try the RTE just put the .pbo in you mission folder as already stated (should look something like this: C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\Missions\ ) I`m reallylooking forward to seeing some improvements to this editor, an official version of this should have been part of ArmA from day one.
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    O2 for dummies

    Sorry to tread on anyone else's toes by repeating a reply but... To get you man out of the sinking sand, in no particular order.. * open up the BISoldier model in O2, doesnt matter if the models faces are selected or not. Goto Tools > Mass Texture & Material renaming.. * A menu will appear show all .paa and .rvmat files associated with your model plus the file location. * at the bottom of this window you will see a box marked Name to rename and a box marked new name * Click on one of the .paa or .rvmat file names in the list and it should appear in the Name to rename box. In the New name box you then type (or copy and paste) the location of your textures (i.e my change was from BISoldier\data\hhl_22_co.paa to sas_troopers1\data\hhl_22_co.paa) * Then click the Rename button. Do this with all the files listed in the window: \data\hhl_22_co.paa \data\us_hhl.rvmat \data\us_molle_webbings.rvmat \data\us_molle_webbings_co.paa \data\us_soldier_body.rvmat \data\us_soldier_equip.rvmat \data\us_soldier_equipacu_co.paa \data\us_soldieracu_co.paa Save and close O2 PE This more or less takes care of getting your textures to appear on your model ingame. Just one more thing to do to get materials looking OK * open up MatEditor.exe (normally found in Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\Tools\Oxygen 2 Personal Edition\MatEditor.exe) * goto File> open.. and browse to the data folder of YOUR BISoldier model (the one you have just changed the texture paths for). Only the .rmat files will show. * choose the top .rvmat file (should be us_hhl.rvmat) this will open up loads of options on the .rvmat file you selected. Move down the stage config option boxes looking at each one in turn and anywhere you see the file name BIModels\BISoldier\data\xxxxxx.rvmat change them to YOUR file location (again, my path was sas_troopers1\data\xxxxxx.rvmat. There are more than one paths to change in each file you open so ensure you inspect all the boxes. * when you have renamed the .rvmat paths simply save and open up the next one and do the same again. There are only 4 files to open and this should only take 5 minutes max. That is the texture and material side taken care of. What we will do now is get the model out of that sand * Open up 2 instances of O2, in one open up YOUR BISoldier and in the other open up the BISkeleton.p3d. * In the BISkeleton model, highlight and copy ALL the named selections from the Memory LOD in the Named Selection window (if you are not sure which window that is, press shift+F5 a few times- the window that keeps disappearing and reappearing is the named selection window ) *then, go to your BISoldier model and paste them into the Named selection window of that Memory LOD. *Save the model. all we need now is the config. * copy and paste the following code into your config file after the class CfgVehicleClasses code ends and before the class CfgVehicles code starts. NOTE: near the end of the code where I typed class bisoldier: Default replace the BISoldier bit with the name of YOUR model <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class CfgSkeletons { class Default; class Head { isDiscrete = 0; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = { "neck","", "neck1","neck", "head","neck1", "lBrow","head", "mBrow","head", "rBrow","head", "lMouth","head", "mMouth","head", "rMouth","head", "eyelids","head", "LLip","head" }; }; class OFP2_ManSkeleton { isDiscrete = 0; skeletonInherit = "Head"; skeletonBones[] = { "weapon","", "launcher","", "Camera","", "Spine","", "Spine1","", "Spine2","", "Spine3","", "Pelvis","", //Left upper side "LeftShoulder","", "LeftArm","", "LeftArmRoll","", "LeftForeArm","", "LeftForeArmRoll","", "LeftHand","", "LeftHandRing","", "LeftHandRing1","", "LeftHandRing2","", "LeftHandRing3","", "LeftHandPinky1","", "LeftHandPinky2","", "LeftHandPinky3","", "LeftHandMiddle1","", "LeftHandMiddle2","", "LeftHandMiddle3","", "LeftHandIndex1","", "LeftHandIndex2","", "LeftHandIndex3","", "LeftHandThumb1","", "LeftHandThumb2","", "LeftHandThumb3","", //Right upper side "RightShoulder","", "RightArm","", "RightArmRoll","", "RightForeArm","", "RightForeArmRoll","", "RightHand","", "RightHandRing","", "RightHandRing1","", "RightHandRing2","", "RightHandRing3","", "RightHandPinky1","", "RightHandPinky2","", "RightHandPinky3","", "RightHandMiddle1","", "RightHandMiddle2","", "RightHandMiddle3","", "RightHandIndex1","", "RightHandIndex2","", "RightHandIndex3","", "RightHandThumb1","", "RightHandThumb2","", "RightHandThumb3","", //Left lower side "LeftUpLeg","", "LeftUpLegRoll","", "LeftLeg","", "LeftLegRoll","", "LeftFoot","", "LeftToeBase","", //Right lower side "RightUpLeg","", "RightUpLegRoll","", "RightLeg","", "RightLegRoll","", "RightFoot","", "RightToeBase","" }; }; class Flag: Default {}; class FlagCarrier: Default { skeletonInherit = "Default"; skeletonBones[] = { "stozar","", "vlajka","" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default; class flag_vojak : Default { sections[] = {"latka"}; }; class Head: Default { skeletonName = "Head"; sections[] = { "swap_hhl", "hide_eyewear" }; }; class bisoldier: Default { skeletonName = "OFP2_ManSkeleton"; sections[] = { "swap_hhl","swap_wound_head","swap_wound_body","swap_wound_legL","swap_wound_armL","swap_wound_armR","swap_wound_legL","swap_wound_legR","hide_eyewear","hide_medic","swap_bdu", "hide_teamcolor" }; }; }; save the config and pack into a pbo. hopefully it works first time If I didn't forget to tell you something. I have simply explained how I got my model to work in game, The hard work of discovering all this was down to CameronMcDonald, dbobrick and danelectro_dc who provide me with the info
  9. JBâ„¢

    Got animations working!

    Cheers Frandsen
  10. JBâ„¢

    1st Infantry Division

    Nice work Cam
  11. JBâ„¢

    Got animations working!

    Nice, look forward to seeing a solution posted here
  12. JBâ„¢

    Got animations working!

    No, just with with no error messages that I was getting before. I was having problems with my model asking for textureds that were not even present on the model looking at it in o2. I didn't realise that the .rvmat paths had to be changed with MatEditor.exe as well as through O2 itself. sorry if I got you hopes up
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    looks fantastic, d/l-ing now!
  14. JBâ„¢

    Got animations working!

    Thanks dan, I got my DPM units running around now with no errors
  15. JBâ„¢

    Oxygen 2

    That tutorial is the one he has already used AJ (as mentioned in his above post) @Dan, at the risk of dragging this across 2 threads, do you want me to send my basic config so at last you can get the model working ingame?
  16. JBâ„¢

    Got animations working!

    I have the unit working ingame OK, but after a few hours of trying to solve this I am stupmed... I have changed the texture and material paths to point to my own addon directory. All is well except errors upon loading saying it cant find BIModels\BISoldier\data\us_molle_webbings_nohq.paa. Obviously the said texture hasn't had its path changed to my directory, thing is I cant find any part of the soldier model that actually has this texture assigned to it? I have used the Mass texture and material renaming tool which lists all tex/mats used in the model ad I have renamed all texures via that tool (which is much, much quicker than the old method BTW) but that texture is not named as being used on the model at all. I do not get the error if I only rename the texture .paa files and leave the material .rvmat files alone. I then only get error messages regarding missing .rvmat files. This isnt a problem as the units look OK in game. As soon as I then rename the .rvmat files the error with the us_molle_webbings_nohq.paa tex appears and the ingame models shading looks well fooked up.
  17. JBâ„¢

    Oxygen 2

    That is strange DS, I am not using the quotation marks to get it working mate.
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    Got animations working!

    Nice one Cameron, thanks for sharing (and the frogster too)
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    New UV

    Surfaces\UVSets\UV Editor.. (or use the button marked `UV`on the Edit toolbar) You will probably want to unwrap some complex parts of the model manually beforehand though. Surfaces\Unwrap Structure... hopefully someone with more knowledge can explain this better for you (..and me )
  20. JBâ„¢

    Oxygen 2

    cheers for the translation marxis
  21. I am assuming he means use the skeleton as an example of what the names selections should be in your .3ds model.
  22. JBâ„¢

    Oxygen 2

    After playing around last night for a few hours and getting no more than a mannequin floating around Rahmadi I thought I had screwed up some selections. I tried again with a fresh unzipped BISoldier model and I got the same so obviously it isn't the case of bad selections. So what is the problem? I am far from a genius with this things but I have had plenty of standalone ArmA units working OK until now. I also randomly get the config world error, but I cant seem to pinpoint the exact cause of problem. Sometimes I get it sometimes I dont, mostly its OK. Not sure in my case if it was something to do with where I open the model up from (either my P:\ drive or the same model from the My Documents\armawork folder I know this shouldnt be a problem as they are essentially the same place but...? No matter how I try I cant get the texture preview to show in the Texture Library window either?, not a major prob but from experience in O2 light, if my textures were not showing here there was something wrong, be it either with texture paths or the texture locations. The textures do show in bulldozer and also after import into the game so It seems it could be a bug? Last problem I have encountered is with export, I know the biki states there in no export function with O2PE but I have exported to .3DS OK on a couple of occasions, the only problem being that the .TGA texture/material file that also gets exported is blank. More often than not though I get a weird error message and O2 shuts down. error message is as follows: V Programu nastala chyba System Windows nyni sbira informace o chybe generuji potrebne soubory. Prosim cekejte, tato operace muze trvat trochu dele... general protection error?? - ideas anyone?
  23. This might be me looking at a bad time.. but i dont find any weapons or soldiers in that link... They are there mate. @synide, thanks - its very educational to be able to see poly/face count etc.
  24. JBâ„¢

    Blogging ban for UK armed forces

    As a serving soldier I have access to ArmyNET (ArmyNET is a restricted access information portal built by the Army) what I find quite amusing on there after reading about the MoD`s ban on blogging is this:
  25. JBâ„¢

    Blogging ban for UK armed forces

    The MoD say they are only updating the Queens Regulations to apply to modern media technology. Soldiers have never been able to discuss what they do or how they do it so nothing has really changed. I don't really see where gaming itself comes into the equasion though. Maybe they are trying to get the squaddies out of bad gaming habits for when they start to training on VBS2