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  1. JBâ„¢

    British kit mod for arma

    If you would like to work on my 432 rather than build a new one let me know. Its an accurate model (poly permitting). but requires a few fixes and of course textures.
  2. JBâ„¢

    Project: UK Forces

    Excellent work as always
  3. JBâ„¢

    Happy new year

    yeah, you will only spill it and thats a waste happy new year everyone!
  4. Armaholic have a mirror Support Pack 2 (beta)
  5. JBâ„¢

    I'm looking for bush hat stitching tex?

    I agree, thanks for that Sander. I certainly wouldn't have thought of that. So, will be seeing something from you stewy
  6. JBâ„¢

    How do i import models from blender?

    Yes it can, but ONLY with one UV map. I have managed to get away with it until now ( like with this ) but my current projects need more than one uv map on the model. In the blender community the answer to my .3ds problem always ends up "just export as .obj instead". This just isnt an option i`m afraid because of the stated reason. I am creating buildings that are just going to need more than one UV map texture to be of any quality. @bdfy - I don't actually have a clue with 3dsmax (like most other things..) so I will have to search and look up how to check if the mapping is saved in with the model. Thanks everyone for you replies. I will try all the suggestions and see how I get on.
  7. JBâ„¢

    How do i import models from blender?

    OK, thanks bdfy, I didnt get from your reply that I should be by passing anim8or so, I export my model as a .3ds file from blender. I import the .3ds file into 3dsmax8 I export (or should I save*) as a .3ds file from 3DSMax. I import into O2PE tried (all available versions) Model is there, no textures - not even a path to one I can amend. *either way it matters not, it still doesn't work I am clearly an idiot I`ll ask again incase anyone thought this was solved Has anyone successfully exported a model with more than one texture from blender and got it working in O2 with textures?
  8. JBâ„¢

    How do i import models from blender?

    thanks  bdfy, yeah I already searched for Blender -> 3ds/max export. Theres pages after pages of info but nothing relevant to what I need. Exporting .3ds from blender is simple as a click of a button as opposed to exporting .obj files where you have multiple options on export. Working on that knowledge I dont think its the exporting of the .3ds from blender that is the problem It seems the problem lies somewhere between anim8or and  O2PE thats why I asked for anones repsonse who has managed to get a textured .3ds model form blender through to O2PE. Im sure there must be blender users in this community who have run into this problem already OR are going to in the future. my search continues.. Â
  9. JBâ„¢

    How do i import models from blender?

    I have searched over the forums with regards to my recent problem and thought this maybe the best place to post rather than start a new thread Please dont shoot me down in flames for asking a question that has been asked a dozen times already. any Blender users reading this, if you can export a .3ds file from blender and get it working in O2PE WITH textures please let me know. I have a created a a model in Blender which uses multiple texture maps, any one who knows Blender will know you cannot export an .obj file with more than one texture map so I am resorting to exporting as a .3ds file. I am importing (not opening) the exported .3ds file in Anim8or, checking kfdata and exporting again. On importing to Anim8or though I get error messages that it cant open the textures. I assumed this would be no biggie as I would be assigning texture paths later in O2PE and that the UV data was stored in the blend file itself so, texture files being read or not didnt seem to matter??? The textures I am using at this stage are .tga I import the .3ds model into O2PE and correct the texture paths. at this stage I change the textures to the .paa format When I view in bulldozer though there are no textures, I hoped it was just a bulldozer error so I made a config and threw it into a .pbo but even ingame the model has no textures. I carried out more or less the same process with an exported .obj file and textures show albeit only from the one allowed texture map. Unfortunately my model is of an nature that one texture map couldn't cover as I am working on a structure. What I would like really is for anyone who is exporting .3ds files from blender and getting them to work in O2PE with textures to post any useful info that could help me get over this obstacle. Thanks in advance
  10. JBâ„¢

    Ask a moderator about the forum and the rules

    Does any mod know who added the text "I joined in July 2005" to my profile (in the member level slot). I cant change the text myself so someone with the correct permissions/access must have done it. Its not that I particularly mind. Its just I joined in Oct 2002 as 23_Pilgrim but my account got screwed up and kept spazzing out on me. It still reads as Awaiting Authorization. Thanks
  11. JBâ„¢

    1st Infantry Division

    Not long back from my hols and catching up on whats new. Great work cammy, fantastic work mate!
  12. Looks like great work, I look forward to trying them out.
  13. JBâ„¢

    DDAM NATO M113A2

    Nice work, thanks Raven
  14. JBâ„¢

    Italian Soldiers & Weapons 1.0

    Well done, thank for your hard work. (glad you fixed your problem aimpoint )
  15. Sorry for my late replies, I have been abroad to celebrate my birthday and only arrived back late last night @ Hund - What you are doing is correct and is probably the best way of doing it The tutorial was wrote hopefully to help people who are new to ArmA editing. I tried to explain the process which is needed to get custom units and textures to work ingame. I approached the tutorial with the aim of making it completely stand-alone so that the end user could modify ANY texture or material effect file needed for the unit as it is not dependent on any other file outside of the created .pbo. That said, if you are wanting to make a custom unit like you did, using bits and pieces of various BIS units or just altering the position of them in O2 and you are still using original BIS textures then you could change the path to the BIS folder rather than your own. This would reduce your file size considerably. Maybe I could add something to the intro of the tutorial to reflect this as new users may think it is an absolute necessity to add every tex/mat file even if it is not needed. @ Youriberg - I will d/l your .p3d and take a look alter mate.