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    F-15 Eagle Series Standalone

    So I'm away on business, but I'm wondering. Is the Tgt posted actually working? Is there a way to access the pod video? Or is it just a map click function to drop gbu s? I've been looking for a decent Tgt pod solution since ArmA 2's Blakes pins mod. But the only one I've found is a script version of attaching an ArmA 3 UAV to the wing. Which, while ok, is not ideal.
  2. Please, if you get this working, release it to the community! I have been waiting for someone to create a Tgt pod for arma forever! it seems you are about to crack that egg! Good luck, I look forward to using it!
  3. jump artist

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Can we shoot from the HUMV's now?
  4. jump artist

    Patience growing thin with this series

    CALL!! hey man, Come join us at ArmA Wargames! Were starting up another campaign using TacBF the ONLY good PvP centered mod out there.
  5. Hey Everyone, so Arma Wargames is looking to use this mod in its next TvT campaign! We run 8 week persistent campaigns in which a player remains on the same team for the entire 8 week campaign. We fight on Sundays for 3-4 hours and keep track of the score towards a campaign winner. We are doing an event this weekend using TACBF, to get our community used to the mod. Feel free to show up! if you use PWS you can sign in there and use this link to Dl all the appropriate mods and jump right into the action! https://play.withsix.com/arma-3/collections/Fk2Aqz7Iqkmnp12saUOt2w/Collection-(@TacBF) I hope to see you there!
  6. jump artist

    Arma 3 PVP Community

    Hey guys I hope that PAC signs up at ArmA Wargmaes for the upcoming campaign using TacBF. Its a TvT persistent Campaign that lasts 8 weeks. You choose your side and you remain on that team for the entire campaign building tactics and relationships! At the end of the 8 weeks a campaign winner is announced and then a few weeks later we do it all again! Clans and communities are welcome, and will be placed on the same team (unless some crazy imbalance issues exist). Check out http://forum.arma-wargames.com/index.php for more information and to sign up! This Sunday at 1800 GMT we will be hosting an event to get our community used to the mod and then we look to kick off the campaign just after the holidays, most likely the 2nd - 3rd week of Jan. I hope to see you guys there! And spread the word!
  7. I agree that an installer would help this mod distribute more effectively. PWs does the job but requires much more work than just an installer EXE, for the perspective player.
  8. jump artist

    F/a-18x black wasp

    Hey guys! one of the best aircraft mods out there to date for the ArmA series. I am wondering though. Are you planning on doing any targeting pod like the sniper or lightning? These systems are absolutely necessary to bring these addons into the realm of realistic. I know there are a few "scripts" out there that try to address it, but they are buggy at best. I hope this is something that is in the works for your team. Cheers!! Jump
  9. Hey man great mod! I just wanted to let you know that they don't use KILO's anymore they are onto the Papa and now even the Romeo. They really just improved tracking software and increased the azimuth that these missiles can be fired from. Again great mod. Just giving you a heads up! Jump
  10. jump artist

    United States Air Force

    hey guys, fun mod so far, I am having some trouble with the MQ-9. You cannot switch to its ordanance. You can only operate its laser designator. Its kinda got no teeth until we can "self lase" our bombs or hellfires onto targets. Keep up the good work!
  11. jump artist

    ARMA3 no longer starts

    I have the same issue, fraps did not casue it. I can see it running in the background it just never appears
  12. Its still running in the background but I can't bring it up. I will try the nobenchmark when I'm home from business on wednesday. Thanks for your help!
  13. and then thi sone shows up after I hit OK Whats going on here? I have done two complete re installs to no avail
  14. that almost worked. Now the game just starts but runs in the background. I have NEVER had any probs like this with any arma game and this one is out of the blue. and no I havent tried Zoombie. Is it any good? was kinda just waiting on stand alone.
  15. I for the life of me cant get this to run with my server. EDIT: Disregard it was a keys issue. Im all good to go now!
  16. I have been waiting for that patch for TOH that unlocked ARMA OA stuff? did it come out or are we still waiting for that?
  17. jump artist

    What is the first thing you will do in Arma3?

    I will start a massive PvP tournament, for two armies to face off on the new Limnos Island!!!!
  18. Hey there, Im on the cusp of buying this for alot of reasons, but one of the main ones is to actually see a FLIR display in the cockpit using render to texture. I read that you cant control it? Is it actually viewing the scene in real time, or is it just playing a pre recorded scene on the monitor. Has anyone attempted to work with the Render to texture functions to attain any sort of moveable flir?? Thanks in advance
  19. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that the most popular PvP server in ARMA now has a mirrored server in the USA! Its called ARMALIVE.com Both servers are now also running ARMALIVE stats as well. This is a consistant stat tracker that you can check at ARMALIVE.com. All servers runnign ALS (ARMALIVE) are reporting to the same webpage so you now can see how you stack up against the DAO players! Both servers also run the optional DAO addon pack but do not require it. It can be found at http://dao.nu/downloads.php DAO and ARMALIVE run the Valhalla missions that most of you would know as BERZERK. one of the most popular PvP modes to ever hit ArmA. Hope to see you in there!
  20. also, is there another button that will work other than Hold breath? I cant seem to remap that to use my joystick or any other key. I end up having to hold my mouse and then use my joystick which is kinda awkward. But this idea is amazing keep up the great work!
  21. jump artist

    ARMA 3 needs to revamp their vehicle interface

    Ill be happy if they utylize the Render to texture for actual targeting pod capability in the Jets and helicopters. Being able to slew your pod onto a target and 'laze" for a bomb would add crap tons of realism to this game in the Aircraft department. Im not suggesting making it as real as DCS or A-10C. But ARMA could REALLY use an improvement for the flaying aspect of the game. If they continue with this utterly terrible tab lock and fire crap, Ill be severely dissapointed. That is with out a doubt the single most PvP killing aspect of the ARMA series. something like this in the cockpit
  22. jump artist

    Project Reality group?

    HEy guys, Ive been playing some Project reality ARMA and was wondering if there are some players here that I could meet to get some organized gameplay together. Anyone interested?
  23. jump artist

    Project Reality group?

    Why cant we discuss it here? its a MP version of ARMA. I dont really like the PR forums. This place has more info.. And I am Pacific TIMEzone
  24. someone said "PR made this a must" And while I agree with OP that "No PR didnt make this a MUST" It sure did catapult it with rocket boosters and warp drive to the forefront of every ones "MUST FIX" list. Its not about PR but about communications on a large, consistent, Multi teared scale. Something that until now [PR:ARMA] has never existed. +1 OP, would love to never start TS again lol. (kidding but you get my point.)
  25. jump artist

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    All I want is this rubber banding fixed from this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR98RrCwBYE to this and 3d scopes Oh and a stat system for MP as good as this guys... Briliiant!! http://www.armalive.com/