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  1. PersistentDB updated Dev-heaven repo and PersistentDB.7z - PersistentDB Core rewrite - New MYSQL DB Schema - New example missions - Arma2NETMySQL.dll compiled against Arma2Net 2.11.1 - Arma2NETMySQL.dll logs now save to AppData/Local/Arma2NETMySQL Thank you to Scott (ArmA2NET), Firefly (addin dll's) and Tupolov with rest of the MSO development team for extending PersistentDB and rewriting some of the core elements. This is still work in progress so there will be bugs/issues. Warning. This version uses a totally new MYSQL DB Schema so if you have the old DB you will need to drop it and use the new one.
  2. Hang tight, I'll be releasing a new beta version tomorrow.
  3. Yes the current PDB scripts are expecting the old array[] format return value format so please use the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll addin plugin included with the PDB files and Arma2NET or PDB will not work. We are working on a big update for PDB but it takes time to build and most importantly to test so please be patient. Please also be aware that the current available version of PDB is suffering for the following issue https://dev-heaven.net/issues/35827 which has just recently appeared in beta and 1.62 final. We are working on a fix and or pushing for BI to look into it.
  4. If PersistentDB is off in the mission parameters you will never get to that screen since it's then bypassed.
  5. No DB connection then.
  6. The issue I see is that it's not creating a row in the missions table. MySQL stored procedure log: Info: 02:30:31 - Received - Database: lifeprojectrpg Procedure: GetMissionByName Parameters: tna=Co18 PDB Convoy Hell Result log: tmid=<null> The sqf will create a row for the mission if it does not exist. Check that the id column in the missions table is set to auto increment. As a test you could manually add the column but if your db is setup correctly you should not need to.
  7. Polaris. Those errors mean that there in no communication between Arma2 and the MYSQL DB. Please verify that Arma2NET and the MYSQL addon dll are loaded (check the Arma2NET log file, if none exists then Arma2NET has not loaded) and that the database.txt file is defined.
  8. Turning off auto-save means that the data will only be saved on player and server disconnect eventhandlers. Nomad only saves data to the clipboard.
  9. We run PDB MSO missions on our server atm. Feel free to drop in and try it out. -=Kellys Heroes=- Public Combined Operations ACE
  10. Thanks Sickboy. For anyone with the 'System.NotSupportedException' when loading the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin addin, check the name of the assembly that is failing to load. Right click it, click Properties, and then click Unblock. Thank you to Scott for finding that one :)
  11. Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll updated in Dev-heaven repo and PersistentDB.7z - Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll, refactor some code so that we have a common startup regardless if you are using procedures or straight mysql calls. [Firefly] - Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll, use version number as specified by the project. [Firefly] - Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll, set appropriate version number. [Firefly] Please note that the latest A2OA beta's are causing issues in the PlayerDisconnected EVH and forEach playableUnits in the PDB code. This means that sometimes when player's disconnect their data does not get saved. Tupolov is currently refactoring the code and amongst the changes is introducing an additional time-based save playerstate function. The code is currently undergoing testing before release. Please be aware that this will be a major update which will require additional database columns and thus a new database schema.
  12. The event on the 27th was cancelled due to lack of interest. The event has been rescheduled for the 11th July 2012. If you would like to take part in this event please visit the event webpage or PM me your details and preferred slot. Thank you.
  13. On August 25, 2000, members of the British Army's Royal Irish Regiment led by Major Alan Marshall and their Sierra Leone Army liaison officer, Lieutenant Musa Bangura were on a vehicular patrol in the Occra Hills. The patrol was ambushed, surrounded, and forced to surrender. The eleven-man-patrol was taken prisoner and held hostage by an armed rebel group known as the West Side Boys led by 24-year-old Foday Kallay. On 3 September, five of the eleven British soldiers were released in exchange for a satellite phone and medical supplies. Further negotiations then broke down and Foday Kallay threatened to kill the remaining hostages. It was then that British Prime Minister Tony Blair authorised the mission... If you would like to take part in this event please visit the event webpage or PM me your details and preferred slot. Thank you.
  14. For anyone who wants to join, please PM me your Skype names and I will add you to the Skype group.
  15. Just spoken to Scott_NZ, confirmed it's a .dll issue i.e Firefly's code. Will have to wait until he fixes ;)
  16. armatech, is this with the new .dll I compiled this morning?
  17. Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll updated in Dev-heaven repo and PersistentDB.7z - Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll compiled against Arma2Net 1.11.1 Arma2Net.Managed - Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll Added ability to run straight MySQL commands. [Firefly2442]
  18. Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll updated in Dev-heaven repo and PersistentDB.7z - Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll Fixed duplicate entries in database issue. [Firefly2442]
  19. Ok you both have the addin Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll in the correct place. After chatting to Scott_NZ about this we both came to the same conclusion. Are you both sure this addon is serverside on the dedicated server?. It should NOT be clientside because there is no possible reason we can come up with as to why if the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll is in the @Arma2NET/addins/Arma2NETMySQLPlugin folder that it should not load.
  20. Ok I've just tested the new Arma2NETMySQL.dll on my server with Arma2NET 1.10 and the 6.5.4 .net MYSQL connector installed. All working: Arma2NET log Arma2NETMySQL Plugin log Server RPT
  21. Ok your @Arma2NET is not loading the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll addin. I have just run a pdb mission on my server and here is the Arma2NET startup log. Note the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin entries at the bottom which are missing from yours. http://pastebin.com/7H6S0zdf No the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll will not output a log at the moment as Arma2NET is not loading the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll addin
  22. Not MYSQL, Arma2NETMySQLPlugin. The Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dll log should be in the ArmA2 root dir /log
  23. "Please wait setting up Client" basically means that it's not communicating with MYSQL. You will have to delve deeper and get the logs for both ArmA2NET and the Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.dl Your servers's RPT and startup switches would be useful too.