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  1. Here are a couple of fixes for RC3 (develop branch) if anyone would like to try them before the RC4 release. [CORE] - Added new global message function [crb_twnmgr] - HUMINT and SIGINT reports now broadcast to clients correctly [crb_twnmgr] - Added new param 'Broadcast Reports to sideChat' https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mso/repository/revisions/96899564d309d0a449d66ed5b5294ad186f49859 [CORE] - Fixed issue where 'NewMission' call was inserting 2 records into database https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mso/repository/revisions/f76b1112431f3dc73e043149e4fada8cb867406a
  2. Yeah those missions are also Raven, L119, RHS MP5 and RH (AK47's) compatible if you have those addons installed you can enable them via the mission parameters
  3. system.IO.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Expansion\beta\Arma2Net.Managed.dll Your Arma2NET installation is incorrect. I would suggest that you post your logs in the Arma2NET thread and ask Scott for advise regarding installing on a Steam installation.
  4. Yes I see exactly the problem. The new scripts in the MSO 4.5RC require that you have the ServerPlugin addin installed in Arma2NET. This addin grabs the server's netbios name, ip address and location. Because you don't have this addin installed the 'NewMission' mysql procedure call is breaking when it tries to call this addin as part of the data call and returing a data string that is too long and thus preventing the new mission row data from inserting correctly resulting in a null id value for the mission id in the returning GetMissionByName call. ref: http://pastebin.com/iDKcJ2TX NewMission call (save) Info: 17:16:40 - Received - Database: arma Procedure: NewMission Parameters: tna=CO32_MSO 4.5 RC2,ttd=1,tsc=1,tgsc=1,tlog=1,twea=1,tace=0,tlv=1,tobj=1,tloc=1,tobc=1,tmar=1,ttas=1,taar=1,tmda="10/1/2012 4:16:39 PM",tmap=chernarus,tsvr=throw "Arma2Net.Managed.FunctionNotFoundException",taddr=throw "Arma2Net.Managed.FunctionNotFoundException",tsloc=throw "Arma2Net.Managed.FunctionNotFoundException" Info: 17:16:40 - Parsing parameters... Warning: 17:16:40 - MySQL error. MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): Data too long for column 'taddr' at row 1 GetMissionByName call (retrieve) Info: 17:16:40 - Received - Database: arma Procedure: GetMissionByName Parameters: tna=CO32_MSO 4.5 RC2 Info: 17:16:40 - Parsing parameters... Info: 17:16:40 - Received - Database: arma Procedure: CountTaskIDsByMission Parameters: tmid=<null> Please install the ServerPlugin addin, clear (truncate) all the existing data in your mysql arma db and try again. Please download from the following link, you will find the required addins contained https://dev-heaven.net/attachments/18978/@Arma2NET.7z Also I might add that you do not need the -arma2netdev switch in your server's startup line, it is legacy and no longer used/implemented.
  5. I know this is slightly off topic but to answer the question above, MSO 4.5 does just that and saves all data such as enemy pos, civilian pos, objectives etc to an external mysql DB. It achieves this via it's persistentDB module which is an expanded version of my original persistentDB scripts. The MSO persistentDB module we are working on for 4.5 is a little further advanced than the vanilla persistentDB scripts at present (at present the vanilla persistentDB does not save enemy pos, civilian pos, objectives etc but it does save player data, mission time and other things) but once we have finalised the 4.5 module I may look at migrating the updates to vanilla which was originally designed to work in any mission. Please be aware that world objects are not automatically DB aware by default in the Arma2 engine so static and spawned objects of any kind have to be named and be made DB aware via script. links: Vanilla PersistentDB MSO 4.5 (includes PersistentDB module) Also see here
  6. Extensions : callExtension Arma2NET Arma2MySQL PersistentDB MSO PersistentDB module
  7. There is no conflict with beta's infact I test PDB with beta's. Neither do you have to copy files from the @Arma2NET folder to expansion\beta Your data is not saving since tmid (mission id) is null Please post both the server rpt, client rpt and the Arma2NETMySQL log. Suggest you use pastebin.
  8. It would appear that the 'LoadMap' method is loading the map images from the 'Desert' folder regardless of the worldName that you parse to it via callExtension. That is why you get a black screen when trying to use other maps. I sliced up Chernarus and added that map folder and parsed: _loadmap = _extension callExtension format ["%1|%2",_asmipcoptions,"LoadMap['Chernarus']"]; This results in it still loading the map data from the Desert folder. I see the Desert images if I position my player to the 000-000 grid position. It would appear to be hardcoded. SideMap-test.Chernarus.7z (54MB) Contains: @ASM/SideMap/maps/Chernarus SideMap-test.Chernarus I might also add that the worldName for the Desert map is 'Desert_E' and not 'Desert' as the current alpha is setup for. gammadust, perhaps you could release the source so we can have a tweak/fix?
  9. Incorrect number of arguments for PROCEDURE arma.NewMission; expected 10, got 11 They are related. In the first your stored procedure is not returning all 11 parameters. It is not returning tobc therefore the parse fails resulting in tmid = null: Info: 09:50:36 - Received - Database: arma Procedure: NewMission Parameters: tna=CO16_DesperateMeasures,ttd=1,tsc=1,tgsc=1,tlog =1,twea=1,tace=1,tlv=0,tobj=0,tloc=0 In the second because your stored procedure is only expecting 10 parameters, the newmission write is failing: Info: 10:44:46 - Received - Database: arma Procedure: NewMission Parameters: tna=Co30 ACE KH PDB Battlefields,ttd=1,tsc=1,tgsc=1,tlog=1,twea=1,tace =1,tlv=0,tobj=0,tloc=0,tobc=0 You're mixing different database stored procedures with different base PDB code. The current NewMission stored procedure has 11 parameters not 10 INSERT INTO missions (na,td,sc,gsc,log,wea,ace,lv,obj,loc,obc) values (tna,ttd,tsc,tgsc,tlog,twea,tace,tlv,tobj,tloc,tobc); Delete all of the stored procedures in your DB and re-insert the correct ones For info the NewMission procedure call is in serverLoadMission.sqf // Set new mission details _procedureName = "NewMission"; _parameters = format[ [tna=%1,ttd=%2,tsc=%3,tgsc=%4,tlog=%5,twea=%6,tace=%7,tlv=%8,tobj=%9,tloc=%10,tobc=%11]",pdb_fullmissionName,mpdb_date_enabled,mpdb_persistentScores_enabled,mpdb_globalScores_enabled,mpdb_log_enabled,mpdb_weapons_enabled,mpdb_ace_enabled,mpdb_landvehicles_enabled,mpdb_objects_enabled,mpdb_locations_enabled,mpdb_objects_contents_enabled]; _response = [_procedureName,_parameters] call persistent_fnc_callDatabase; I will be updating the base PDB code, DB and stored procedures again once MSO 4.5 has been released. We are still working on it so there is no point in us updating the base PDB until then.
  10. @BollaZee. Whilst what you require is totally possible with the aid of the PDB core files you would need to extend the code specifically for your CL mission rather like we are doing with MSO. I'm afraid I cannot help you with this due to my other obligations. If you have the time why not learn sqf and and try to extend it yourself.
  11. I was chatting to Dwarden yesterday about a strange issue I was seeing in this latest beta version (server version 1.62.96585). I just wanted to mention it here so that server admins are aware... Since I installed beta Version 1.62.96585 on the server the arma2server.exe instance is using alot more cpu cycles when it's just sitting there openwaiting after Host identity created. It's using about 20% more cpu per server exe instance when it's initally created and waiting. Once a mission is loaded and running a mission the cpu usage for the arma2server.exe instance remains the same. I would have expected it to have gone up even more. Dwarden has told me that this is a known issue with this server build and seems not affect game performance, just idle is hungry for some reason. It does not consume any more memory than normal.
  12. PersistentDB updated - Arma2NETMySQL.dll compiled against Arma2Net 2.2 - Arma2NETMySQL.dll added sqlite support - Arma2NETMySQL.dll The socket connection would stay open once started. This caused problems (aka crashing). Now, it will close down the connection after 30 minutes of inactivity. - Arma2NETMySQL.dll logs save to AppData/Local/Arma2NETMySQL - Arma2NETMySQL.dll Databases.txt now loads from AppData/Local/Arma2NETMySQL - Arma2NETMySQL.dll New Databases.txt format. Added type, mysql and sqlite Dev-heaven repository Direct downloads: Arma2NETMySQLPlugin.7z PersistentDB PDB in MSO: Dev-heaven repository branch
  13. If you have a webserver or access to a localhost environment you could try phpmyadmin
  14. [kh]jman


    Thank you Firefly I will push a new compiled version to into the PDB project. Edit. Updated in both Vanilla PDB and MSO projects
  15. Thank you Norrin. You left the debug hints on ;) raiseWep.sqf line 45
  16. No sorry we don't support a public I44 Yoma repo anymore, we only keep one for the i44 development.
  17. [kh]jman

    ACE for OA 1.13

    player setVariable ["ACE_SYS_STAMINA_MULTI",0.0001]; Will pretty much remove the stamina effects on a player whilst keeping ruck system functionality.
  18. I'll look into fixing it.
  19. Yes that's a known issue. If you click the map continue button before the mission 'notes' briefing has loaded then the PDB init gets bypassed. Dev-heaven issue #43440
  20. @gtasaoli. Apologies for now getting back to you sooner, I've been a little busy. I downloaded your mission and tested it. You need to move the pdb init to the bottom of the init.sqf file and it will work just fine. init.sqf diag_log [diag_frameno, diag_ticktime, time, "Dom init.sqf processed"]; // ==================================================================================== // init persistentDB execNow "core\init.sqf"; // ====================================================================================
  21. It's not anything in MSO.
  22. Yes. 2012/08/13, 2:37:15 [11188,276.666,0,"XEH: PreInit Started. v1.0.0.187. MISSINIT: missionName=Co30_ACE_KH_PDB_Batfields_2_15, worldName=Chernarus, isMultiplayer=true, isServer=true, isDedicated=true"] 2012/08/13, 2:37:21 [11188,282.662,0,"XEH: PreInit Finished. CACHE DISABLED? (Disable caching with cba_disable_cache.pbo): SLX_XEH_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_COMPILE_RECOMPILE=false, CBA_FUNC_RECOMPILE=false"] 2012/08/13, 2:37:34 Error in expression <sActivated = _timesActivated + 1 }; }; if (_mode) then { if (_timesActivated <> 2012/08/13, 2:37:34 Error position: <if (_mode) then { if (_timesActivated <> 2012/08/13, 2:37:34 Error if: Type Number, expected Bool 2012/08/13, 2:37:34 File ca\modules\functions\misc\fn_initCounter.sqf, line 16 2012/08/13, 2:37:34 [11219,295.411,0,"XEH: PostInit Started"] 2012/08/13, 2:37:34 [11219,295.428,0,"CBA_VERSIONING: cba=, cba_a2=, cba_oa=, ace=, acex=, acex_ru=, acex_usnavy=, "] 2012/08/13, 2:37:35 [11219,296.447,0,"XEH: PostInit Finished.
  23. I just wanted to add my thanks. This is an absolutely fantasic mod and well done to everyone involved :)