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    =BTC= Revive

    Yes absolutely but as I say it's still not 100% fixed and needs some more work.
  2. [kh]jman

    =BTC= Revive

    yeah I'm using the dev version.
  3. [kh]jman

    =BTC= Revive

    @hellstorm77 Rem out line: 126 in =BTC=_revive_init.sqf // hint "REVIVE STARTED"; @Giallustio The ammo save code in BTC_get_gear (=BTC=_functions.sqf) is more of an issue. I've been looking at the code and I see 2 main issues. 1. The find function call: _id = _array_class find _display_name; does not work since find will try to look for an exact match from the whole string and you're looking for, for example, "6.5mm 30Rnd STANAG Mag" in string "6.5mm 30Rnd STANAG Mag(30/30)[id:2625]" will return -1. I have kind of fixed it by creating two new functions called from _id = [_display_name, _magd] call fnc_searchArray; You will find the two functions at the bottom of the .sqf, fnc_find and fnc_searchArray It's now returning id's but you will notice that where there are several of the same item it's returning the first magazine instance it finds and not the one in the sequence that's required, I guess this can be fixed with a 'found' count parsed through the search functions so it will return the correct magazine index in the array. 2. The _array_bullet array currently returns empty strings whereas it should return the bullet counts for the magazines. I have not fixed that one (it's late and I'm knackered) so perhaps you could have a look at it, it looks to me like your search pattern logic is messed up (shame we don't have regular expressions). I've forced the _count to zero at the moment to stop the script error on _count = _array_bullet select _id; Here is the new version of =BTC=_functions.sqf (modded from version 0.8): http://pastebin.com/00yFL7wu Here is an example of the new debug output for the function I've modded: http://pastebin.com/B1Zz5ja2
  4. [kh]jman

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    For info: Backpack Classname: B_Carryall_oucamo_Exp has been changed/removed. Also playerid's no longer work i.e back to those 17 digit ones: 2013/03/25, 13:33:14 ["REMOTE: PLAYER_READY: ",["76561197969384878",B Alpha 1-1:1 ([KH]Jman) REMOTE,"[KH]Jman",WEST],"ARRAY"] There is a script error in A3\modules_f\sites\procedures\selectUnitCiv.sqf: http://pastebin.com/1NDSLRiV
  5. [kh]jman

    Arma 3 Dedicated server

    If you run a Windows 2008 server you will be able to run a server with the -server switch The arma3.binary is built with dx10/11 linked
  6. [kh]jman

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    DnA, will command-line -server require an additional key or will it be like A1 and A2 where the client can share the same key?
  7. [kh]jman

    Arma 3 plans for 2013

    Looks pretty clear to me. ref: http://www.arma3.com/buy alpha, digital deluxe edition and supporter edition all give you access to arma 3 beta (March 5th) & full game (full game when released) alpha lite is invite only (from an alpha, digital deluxe edition and supporter edition purchaser). Lite versions cannot play multiplayer or created single player missions with mods.
  8. [kh]jman

    ACE for OA 1.13

    The file is corrupt. Delete it and re-upload it
  9. @keyboardnutz There are many issues and bugs in the current PDB standalone version. Development of the standalone PDB scripts has ceased and I have moved development be to exclusively for MSO where PDB development has really moved on massively in MSO 4.6. Myself and the MSO dev team will also be working on a new MSO PDB version for Arma3 when it's released which will be in addon form. I am no longer offering support for this old standalone version of PDB. You can get support for the new PDB integrated into MSO on our dev-heaven site here MSO support is here and here The latest development files can be found here Might I suggest that an site admin locks this thread since it's now legacy.
  10. The latest arma2 beta now causes the ACE EASA module to crash the dedicated server
  11. I need to see the full log please nailz, specifically which unit this was thrown on. I am aware of an issue where the server ondisconnected EVH is trying to save the HC's data when you end the mission. It's not a game breaker since the PDB does not load on the HC - hence the error.
  12. It is not: localClient[]="{}"; You'll find that your server won't even start up. It is (place in server.cfg): localClient[]={}; source: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/62500#note-30
  13. You can always grab our latest development branch from Dev-heaven https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mso/repository/show?rev=develop, these files are the basis for the next release and contain the fix. You will need to drop your existing database and use the new MSODatabase.sql schema. This is pre-release code use at your own risk. We cannot actively support the development branch here but if you have questions about it, please ask to join our Skype channel.
  14. It's a known bug that is fixed in the next version. What is actually happening is that the server is trying to update the player's data before the player has finished init. It's a race condition if you like.
  15. [kh]jman

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    For your information, I am seeing the following errors in the server's rpt after allowing clients to use JSRS 1.5 2013/01/08, 18:06:50 Cannot load sound 'jsrs_smoke\reload.wss' 2013/01/08, 18:06:50 Cannot load sound 'jsrs_l85a2\reload.wss' 2013/01/08, 18:07:38 Cannot load sound 'jsrs_m4sd\reload.wss' 2013/01/08, 18:09:13 Cannot load sound 'jsrs_ak107\ak107_reload.wss' 2013/01/08, 18:19:10 Cannot load sound 'jsrs_metis\reload.wss' 2013/01/08, 19:03:27 Cannot load sound 'jsrs_l115a3\reload.wss' 2013/01/08, 19:08:37 Cannot load sound 'jsrs_grenade\reload.wss' DH ticket: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/70217 I am also seeing the following error looped over and over for long periods on the serverside rpt although I have not yet ascertained whether this one is being caused by JSRS enabled clients however it's not occurred until JSRS1.5 clients have been connecting. 2013/01/08, 18:06:22 Unknown array value type -1 2013/01/08, 18:06:22 EOF in string
  16. Development of the standalone PDB scripts has ceased, we have moved development be to exclusively MSO based.
  17. No the default markers do not save to the DB in MSO since the Arma engine does not have a getAllMarkers function. You can use the MSO marker system (requires a radio) to store persistent markers.
  18. [kh]jman


    Yes the version I compiled for MSO uses an Arma2NETMySQL folder name.
  19. That error has absolutely nothing to do with PDB. I suggest that you check your CBA installation. CBA is only required on the server side for PDB. If you are running ACE you'll need CBA client side or ACE will not work. I do not support takistan life, I suggest that you contact the maker.
  20. Nothing fancy done to explosives in MSO.
  21. yes mysql,arma,,3306,arma,password It always helps to read the changelogs :)
  22. Here are a couple of fixes for RC3 (develop branch) if anyone would like to try them before the RC4 release. [CORE] - Added new global message function [crb_twnmgr] - HUMINT and SIGINT reports now broadcast to clients correctly [crb_twnmgr] - Added new param 'Broadcast Reports to sideChat' https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mso/repository/revisions/96899564d309d0a449d66ed5b5294ad186f49859 [CORE] - Fixed issue where 'NewMission' call was inserting 2 records into database https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mso/repository/revisions/f76b1112431f3dc73e043149e4fada8cb867406a