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    By the way, what are the filesize/length limits?
  2. Jack-UK


    haha great idea! Looks very well designed too Gonna sign up now and take a look
  3. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Tho you crashed more than anything :P To the creators thank you for making this mission, it is great fun and I even started my own server for it. Â Can't wait for the new version!! liess!! i never crashed once apart from when i was logging off and decided to do that suicide belly flop :P
  4. Jack-UK

    Drive my car !

    haha this is great thanks for this!
  5. Jack-UK

    British teacher imprisoned for naming

    To be honest, i dont care what religion. i HATE fanatics of religion, i can tolerate those who follow a religion, got no problem with that, but people who stick to these old out of date 'rules'/'laws' and stuff like that just really irritate me. In this case, its a load of boll*cks... She bought a teddybear for the class and allowed the children to name it whatever they wanted. The kids chose Muhammed, so thats what was given. It was an oversight, nothing more, absolutely pathetic. And one of the children in the class claim that the bear was named after him anyway. When will some of these religions come up to a modern standard? 40 Lashes for naming a bear one of the most common names out there..?? Load of b*llocks.
  6. Jack-UK

    [MCY] MercenaryS -GAY BAR- goes offline

    Dam One of my favourite servers gone I'll always remember the good times on CTF Camel Style ^^ I guess i'll have to raid some public servers and hope they have that map up.. im craving it right now Looking forward to your next DM collection too Cel
  7. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    haha, me and Jachilles were messing around a little last night in MH6s, we flew up to 500 alt and flipped the chopper over, turning over at 250 alt and i only JUST stopped on the ground with no damage, it was amazing haha. Cant wait for new version :O hope it comes out soon
  8. Jack-UK

    Music Recommendations

    My favourite two bands at the moment are The Offspring and Billy Talent If you like punk rock, then The Offspring is the most varied, with loads of old school punk from the 80s, and some newer punk tracks in their later albums.. Also if u like new style punk rock check out Billy Talent, they're really good.. but kinda like marmite.. You either love em or hate em took me a little to get into, but they're great now Album Recommendations: The Offspring: (old school punk) The Offspring (self titled), Ignition, Ixnay on the Hombre, (Newer stuff) Smash, Americana, Conspiracy of One, Splinter (but splinter's a little crap IMO, but theres a couple of good songs like Lightning Rod and (Cant Get My) Head Around You) Billy Talent: Both albums: Billy Talent and Billy Talent 2 Myspace URLs: Offspring Myspace Billy Talent
  9. *points to stickies* Clicky =)
  10. Jack-UK

    CTF Fleischtorpedo

    Sounds great as ever
  11. Jack-UK

    Norwegian Recce Pack

    Wow these look really good quality addons, nice job guys!
  12. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    You can't.. It was a cheater spawning AI's not spawning workers.
  13. Jack-UK

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Ahhh one of my most anticipated addons in ArmA Cant wait for it =D Cheers for the update, looks like u got a lot of work on your hands :O
  14. Jack-UK

    Lowplants v1.1

    Got the same error message here. Regards, Christian Same but i only get it on Sakakah with lowplants enabled? :S
  15. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Cheaters are never good.. if cops are corrupt, get em kicked, or work your way up to getting weapons This map is the main reason why i play ArmA these days!
  16. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Great work! Really glad to see you allowed the removal of barracades by any cop!
  17. Jack-UK

    CBF Shipbuilding

    Wow this looks really really good, cant wait for this to be released. Keep it up CBF
  18. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Not really taken by your first suggestion personally Dwarden But i really like the sound of your 2nd one!
  19. ooo nice pics of the Ruskies there Thanks for the updates, cant wait for this!! (i need to visit Addons and Mods: Discussion more!
  20. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Indeed, thats why i hope addons are released soon so that people who want to play have to download the addon pack, therefore hopefully stopping most of the greifers joining. (They probably wont be bothered to download the addon just to ruin a game.) I also hope Doolittle can get out his DACS (anticheat) to some more trusted Sahrani Life server admins
  21. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Dont worry Hoz banned him Looking forward to the new version
  22. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Actually MaxRiga they said they are going to implement a president/mayor system, they are just finding out ways to make it work well.
  23. Jack-UK

    Were We Soldiers

    Looks very nice mate, you did brilliantly with Dynamic War, im sure this will be no different
  24. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Some VERY interesting ideas there Deady. i recommend Fewo and Issetea take a look at that for future versions etc Bit of tweaking around and i think that would be an EXCELLENT addition to the game. Also i think the sabotage of power plants fits in with something suggested earlier in the thread, with the possibility of a new job of 'engineer' being able to fix cars, repair generator etc Maybe a trained engineer (similar to University) can fix their car with just a toolkit (unlimited repair kit kinda thing) and can repair these 'government buildings' and such and get paid by doing so. But the cops can also repair them themselves, but they have to pay a certain amount of money to get it repaired (as they will not have the ability to train as engineers ) And the sabotage of these buildings could be something for the 'gangs'/'guilds' etc to target Good stuff mate