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  1. Jack-UK

    Arma beta patch 1.09 - released

    Installing now! Thanks a lot BIS, have a nice Christmas break *salute*
  2. Jack-UK

    Evolution - Single Player

    Hmm, everytime i download this map from your website Kronzky i get a 'File is invalid' error, ive tried 'Opening' and 'Saving' and it wont open the zip file :S Anyone else having this issue?
  3. Jack-UK

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    I actually played this for the first time since the v1 days of Evo.. and its improved greatly, very nice, the scripts/sheer scale of the mission hurt my FPS a bit, but its great fun. Highlight was doing some laser designated bombing in the harrier, was great fun. Nice work.
  4. Jack-UK

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    Yeah im up for that, i just cant find any servers which run the newest version
  5. Jack-UK

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    I played it earlier today was great fun Got an A10, annihilated a few tanks, took out an MH6 from about 1km with the A10 machine gun thing, and destroyed an enemy factory with it too I'll be playing it again tomorrow if someones hosting it!
  6. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    @ Mr G C: Im not taking sides mate, there shouldnt be two sides anyway. Im just making you aware that at the end of the day it is their map, they do all this for nothing but our appreciation, so we should probably lay off them for a bit, im sure they'll get round to fixing/adding the stuff you mentioned if they deem it necessary
  7. Ahhh ambush, great mission I think red hammer was mentioned before? i dont think it would be done unless you can get permission from the guys who made it, would be cool if it could be done eventually, but its no biggy IMO.
  8. I never played the OFP demo.. will it come with a mission or two from the campaign? Or will it be a multiplayer demo like the first ArmA demo? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant wait. I want to kill some Ruskies
  9. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Woahh Mr. G C mate, chill out :O At the end of the day, Issetea and Fewo dont owe us anything. They made the map for the community, they can take their own direction with it, they're not going to purposefully ruin it, you make suggestions, they'll look into them. But they dont *have* to do everything we tell them. And you should never really make unofficial edits unless you get the explicit permission from the mission maker to do it to be honest, i dont know whether u guys did or not.. Most mission makers wont give permission until they are satisfied that they have reached the potential of the map and there are no more bugs in it. I hope to try out the new version soon
  10. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    lol, that was me in the white pickup, i had 18 kg of marijuana in there before terp landed on me haha that was hilarious
  11. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    rargh i need to get back on Jana's server soon =( just aint got the time at the moment :'(
  12. Looks interesting.. i like your ethos on "By players for players" Might give this a try once i get more free time, i have other tournament commitments and a lot of work on, but will definately keep my eye on this. Nice server hardware too
  13. Santa "Cold-War" Claus is coming to town?
  14. Jack-UK

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    Wow this is a really immersive game.. And great performance vs graphics too!
  15. Jack-UK

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    Hmm... viewdistance at those screens doesn't look impresive at all. Well they're still rendered remember So the environments probably rendered most of all, with the ingame models used with a touch up most likely. Plus it could just be a foggy day ^^ I still have hope!
  16. Jack-UK

    Arma FDF Sound Pack v1.3

    I like everything about the new FDF Soundpack.. except the sonic crack, ive never fired a real gun in my life, but from videos, and other soundpacks i've heard, i personally prefer 1.2 sonic crack Too much treble on it for my ears =( But everything else is top notch as always! Keep it up!
  17. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    LOL great little story there Loop Dogg
  18. Jack-UK

    Lowplants v1.1

    Oh i see Thats a shame, sorry i missed the original post.
  19. Jack-UK

    Lowplants v1.1

    any word on whether you would be able to sign this for us Kegetys? :S
  20. WOW! Those pics look amazing! Detail is stunning :O You guys are just teasing now
  21. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Yes, to 32. And i agree with Jana, Mayor should be a 'legal' citizen.. rather than a guild.. unless the guilds can be 'good' or 'bad'
  22. Jack-UK

    British teacher imprisoned for naming

    There wont be any military action from the US and UK for a long time. They simply wont have the power to do so because of the wounds Iraq has made in politics, especially in the US. Why do you think no military action has been discussed much for Iran? For one, Bush is lame duck, and for another, they'll never get the support for another war due to mistakes made in Iraq.
  23. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Tho you crashed more than anything :P To the creators thank you for making this mission, it is great fun and I even started my own server for it. Â Can't wait for the new version!! is that your GF on that picture, grats, you are a lucky boy! Â Thats Jana :P -------------------------------- Alright Mr GC i seen you beta testing! spill some beans haha Cant wait for new version
  24. Jack-UK

    (wip) insurgency

    Cool idea, i was thinking of something similar too, but on an island scale, with an iraq theme to it, e.g. checkpoints, IEDs, and some sort of point/money system to buy upgrades and stuff like that. But ive drifted away from mission making for months now. So i'll definately give this a look