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  1. How is the mod coming along gentlemen? Any news or progress?
  2. Jack-UK

    'RPG' Elements

    Hey, i remember reading about this in an ArmA interview a looong time ago.. and BIS said they would like to implement some sort of RPG elements into their games... like increasing stats such as stamina, for run speed and being able to gain things as you progress.. forming like a player profile with unlockables or something... I think it will be cool... What do you guys think?
  3. Jack-UK

    Z Day is comming!

    Well i havent watched it yet (might do later) But i dont think that the US really wanted in on WW2.. they were a pretty isolationist country back then, they looked after their own interests and didn't want to be dragged down by the world war being fought.. When America's interests were threatened, they jumped in, i dont think they would have if the interests of the US were not in jeopardy.. ===== On the 9/11 issue, ive seen countless consipiracy theories.. some things are complete bull. Other stuff may have a point, mostly the witness statements and things where people claim they had heard explosives being detonated etc.. and how the fuel from the planes would not be enough to cause the structural damage needed to make the tower collapse. But i dont think thats true, some people say it was a 'demolition' but there have been a couple of videos close up at the bottom of the towers as they collapsed, and the bottom of the towers remain intact as the top part collapses down.. not from the bottom as some people claim that it was done.. I would have expected it to topple or at least have some more of the structure remaining personally, but then again, im no architect..
  4. Can you give information how to do this? Hi, Sorry i dont visit the forums as much as i used to. But its simple to use the Disk Defragmenter built into windows: Start -> Programs -> Applications -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter. You should be able to work it out from there Just choose your hard drive and click Defrag, it takes a LONG time by the way, so it might be worth doing overnight or some other time where you have several hours to spare. If you want more elaborate Defragmenters, look on Google for something such as Ultimate Defrag or other related programs and see, but the basic defragmenter you get with Windows does the job in most cases. Hope it helps,
  5. Jack-UK

    Who would you like to see interviewed?

    Someone from CWR gets my vote
  6. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Well one of the creators has gone AWOL. Issetea is working alone atm, and hes chained to his desk. He wakes up, codes, drinks coffee, sleeps for 30 minutes, gets up and continues coding Dont worry he's still reading what you write here..
  7. Jack-UK

    Dynamic War

    Holy crap, you work quick, nice job as always
  8. Jack-UK

    Operation Flashpoint 2 officially announced

    Remeber thought that codies is a significantly larger company than bis, they have far more developers working on the OFP2 project then Bis on the Arma2 project. But Bis has suprised us in the past. Codemasters is two brothers I thought? They have been releasing computer games titles to limited success over the last 20 years. Their games used to cost a fiver each. I don't think they are exactly a massive multinational. I don't even think they are publicly listed, just a local family business. I don't remember them having any other best sellers besides Flashpoint. They have been beset by financial difficulties in the last few years. Micro Machines!!!
  9. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    i may be a bit p*ssed, but for one thing your wrong. For another, thats out of order. Issetea is working alone atm cause Fewo hasnt shown up for a while, and 1.11 is great anyway. Rock ON!! (and happy new year
  10. Jack-UK

    Happy new year

    HAPPPYYYY NEW YEARRR! Hope you cant remember much like me
  11. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Probably yah
  12. Hey all, im *attempting* to learn how to make addons, im making some good progress, but i have no idea where to start in terms of configs... Im following this set of OFP tutorials which are really great: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/brsseb/tutorials.htm But the configs for some of the tutorials (for example the Car tutorial) give error messages. Im assuming that they will require completely different configs due to the changes from OFP -> ArmA. Therefore im wondering whether there are any basic guides to configs anywhere for ArmA. I can find some stuff for OFP but nothing for ArmA. I just dont have a clue where to start.. I've tried fiddling with some things (i changed the class Jeep in car tutorial config to UAZ and managed to get it in game, but it brings an error message, so obviously i need to do a lot more to work in ArmA). I would like to try and learn how to write configs myself too, instead of just converting them from OFP, but i dont know where to start, so if anyone can give me some good links for ArmA configs or tutorials or anything like that i would be much appreciative Thanks! EDIT: After doing some more googling i found GranQ's sample configs/vehicles so im taking a look at them, its a lot to take in though! Thanks GranQ if you read this
  13. Jack-UK


    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Yeah im taking a look at all these different configs, seeing what they do, GranQ made some example ones, and i've modelled a *very* basic car and im just finding out how to get it to work with the config, im gradually understanding a little more, and using the wiki to help me understand certain things @bdfy: What do you mean by model config? You mean like where the different wheels are defined within the config? Cause i noticed that was a difference between an OFP and ArmA config... i think lol Cheers
  14. Jack-UK

    Editor suggestions

    +111111111! I'd LOVE to have that feature, would be great.
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    Thanks a lot for the explanation Gnat Good luck with your ships addon too
  16. Jack-UK


    There are no missing .dlls... it's a general misconception brandied about that one needs to plaster dll's from previous incarnations of tools into O2PE/TexView2 folders to get them to work properly. Well could you please provide us the solution without those dlls please? Im still having trouble with texturing, i have to use .tga textures (Paa/Pac textures do not load and texture stays NULL) apply them, then convert .tga to .paa and change the path to .paa. And it still doesnt show the textures in buldozer. (But once i PBO it the textures appear in game). Cheers
  17. I think he was asking that you dont work on porting the BIS models and work on ones which are already released for ArmA like RHS'. Though i know your main priority is to use the OFP vehicles/units etc. to ensure compatibility etc. I'm not bothered at the moment, i'd be quite happy with the OFP stuff ported over so long as it all works
  18. Jack-UK


    Bloody hell whats wrong with this program? Everytime i close O2 Buldozer refuses to open and i have to manually uninstall and delete all registry entries. This is pathetic. What the hell is wrong with it??? EDIT: I've got a feeling that the problem lies with those OFP DLLs... when i add them to my Oxygen folder I can then add textures, but i cant open Buldozer. Can't BIS provide us with these missing DLLs and make sure they are compatible with Oxygen2? EDIT 2: Confirmed the problem, it was my fault. I set the wrong texture path (MUST be P:\ i was using the tutorial and set it to P:\crate and it caused it to crash.) Im happy!
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    Didnt work. But i fixed it. I had to uninstall delete all registries with 'Oxygen' and then reinstall and its working again Thanks for your help though Sgt. Ace, much appreciated
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    Many thanks for the speedy response Sgt. Ace! Much appreciated I'll give it a try now Cheers EDIT: Didnt work I can boot up ArmA without the buldozer switch, but when i put in the buldozer switch i get the errors in my above post Any more help anyone? Thanks anyway though Sgt Ace  EDIT2: Bleh, i know why, im an idiot. Again. lol i dePBOed the 1.08 Bin file and not the 1.09 one! I'll try again EDIT3: Nope, still no luck. What the hell kinda tools are these? They break when you close them? :|
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    I have EXACTLY the same problem. It was working fine for a while, i right clicked buldozer in taskbar to close, and it did. and now it wont restart. I get "No Entry .cfgworlds" then some error message about Pixel shader or something then "Cannot attach viewer" :| What the hell is wrong ? I havent changed anything all i did was close the program and it refuses to restart! I've tried a complete uninstall and no luck Please help someone!
  22. Yeah i have to disable grass (terrain detail very low) otherwise i lose 40 FPS. Just disable the grass and all should be fine Problems develop online though, cause most servers arent set to grass off
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    Great tut, book marked! Thanks a lot!
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    EDIT: Removed thanks to discovering my idiocy!
  25. Jack-UK

    Sahrani Life

    Great stuff Issetea, i hope Fewo turns up soon (might be busy over Xmas?) and hopefully that evil lag bug will be found =)