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  1. Am I correct that ace_wounds_prevtime only applies to Players and that if an AI goes into an unconscious state they will remain like that unless healed (i.e. they won't bleed out and die)?
  2. I'm trying to end my mission intro with some text (preferably red and fairly large in size) that appears in the middle of the screen. I've tried TitleRsc, hint composeText and titleText but can't seem to get the desired results. With hint composeText it always appears in a hint box in the upper right, titleText is as far as I can tell limited to the default white text and after several hours of effort I've been monumentally unable to generate anything other than CTD's with TitleRsc. TitleRsc seems like the way forward and I tried to modify this example: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=65942&highlight=TitleRsc but it doesn't seem to generate anything and most of the other examples i've found of the Forums tend to generate a 'resource could not be found error'. If anyone can offer any guidance it would be much appreciated!
  3. W0lle, thanks for your help and apologies for the faux pas with the spoiler tags. You were spot on with realising what I wanted to do was wait until a variable was set true (it would seem my ability to describe problems is directly proportional to my lack of scripting ability)! Works like a charm.
  4. How do you go about detecting a trigger activation in a script? Thus far I've got this: titlecut [" ","BLACK IN",1] _camera = "camera" camcreate [0,0,0] _camera cameraeffect ["internal", "back"] #loop ;=== 14:51:29 _camera camSetTarget man1 _camera camSetrelPos [0,1,0] _camera camPrepareFOV 0.500 _camera camCommitPrepared 0 @camCommitted _camera ? v1=1; goto "end" goto "loop" #end player cameraeffect ["terminate",""back"] camdestroy _camera end1=true; exit; ]; I've set up a 'check' trigger to confirm v1 is being set to true (which it is) but the script doesn't appear to detect it. Any help in expanding my rather limited scripting palette would be appreciated!
  5. Cheers Grizzle. I run with the latest patch but not the Beta. Will try executing via trigger and from an init.sqf as you suggest and will then give you some feedback. EDIT: Doh! Its always something simple isn't it! My issue was related to accidently putting a space in the title of the Mod Folder. With the erroneous blank now removed everything works fine. Thanks again for your help Grizzle and creating a wonderful tool for our use.
  6. Bit of an odd one.....I've set up the mod folder as usual but it doesn't apparently load (no option in the action menu). More unusually when I include it in my Mod list (I use Alpinestars launcher) it seems to prevent any other Mods loading (ACE, GL4, Zeus AI, CAA1 and a number of islands / unit packs). I've tried running it alone and with a number of different combinations of mods, at various priorities in the list and its the same story every time. Any ideas?
  7. Arb, hugely looking forward to this. Was particularly pleased to see drainage ditches making an appearance and from the recent screenies the micro-terrain is something sadly lacking in most maps. One quick suggestion reference compounds, is there any scope to have some walls with loopholes for use as firing points?
  8. joeanorak

    Revive Script

    Since Norrin released the SP version of the revive script I've been playing with it pretty much non-stop and its really added a whole new dimension to many of my missions just as I thought it would. There's a couple of things I was wondering if it was possible to tweak however to enhance the SP experience even further. Firstly is it possible to get the 'Protect' rather than the 'Revive' unit to throw smoke on the casualties position? I dug around in AIBehaviour and AI_throwsmoke and experimented a bit but its unfortunately beyond my rather limited scripting skill or understanding of how the functions interact with each other. My reason for asking is that I don't actually want a Medic (revive) unit in my squad hence no-one to throw the smoke. The player is forced to extract unconscious units from combat and load them onto a MEDEVAC vehicle bound for a location where there is a medic / MASH present to revive them. Its often quite difficult to locate the casualty though so marking its position with smoke (or Chem Lights at night) is a great help (and really adds immersion). Secondly, and I would hazard a guess that this is a much bigger ask; Is it possible to apply the scripts to AI groups that are not led by a player? I'd like to expand the mission I'm working on up to Platoon level using HC and it would be great if the player was forced to respond to a puff of red smoke knowing one of their other sections had a man-down!
  9. How do you alter the 'ace_wounds_prevtime' global variable. Is it just a matter of placing the text quoted on the features Wiki into the missions Init.sqf?
  10. joeanorak

    Revive Script

    Norrin, a huge thankyou for doing this simply off the back of a couple of us showing an interest. Im going to dive in and have a play immediately!
  11. joeanorak

    Revive Script

    Thanks norrin, fantastic that your considering it at the very least. I think it could really add a lot to the single player experience, especially for those that find 'magic healing' and bullet wound casualties carrying on as normal a bit of an immersion breaker but equally don't like the outlandishly high and wholly unrealistic mortality rate imposed if its not used. It would be great for the player and the AI to only be able to 'stabilise' a dying or wounded team member in the field then have to call in a MERT / IRT and get them transported back to a location in order to prevent their death. Given ARMA2 delivers such a realistic experience elsewhere I find it a little strange that when playing in SP we're quite happy to leave the bodies of our team-mates face down in the field where they fell! The Revive Script would certainly develop an area of the SP experience which is currently a bit lacking in my opinion. It may even inject a bit more of an attachment to our AI team members and a bit of urgency in trying and save them when they're hit. Failure conditions based on friendly casualties would then be a bit more interesting, forcing the player to make a genuine effort to effectively deal with casualties.
  12. joeanorak

    Revive Script

    I realise the Revive Script is, as it 'says on the tin', for Multi-Player only but is there any way of enabling some of the features in single player missions? Obviously the spawn side of the Script isn't really applicable but I dearly love to get some of the functionality of unconsciousness, bleeding, bandaging, loading onto vehicles and the abilities of the Playable AI into my Missions. I've tried the BIS First Aid modules and ACE2 but this script really hits the mark in what i'd like to achieve.