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    Why the buildings arent destroyed like in VBS???

    Agreed. Arguments like these result in no progression.
  2. JobJenkins222

    Speed up time?

    That would be a bit unrealistic, i hope it isnt included. As realistic as x2.000 speed is too. I really needed that features sometimes so i hope it will be included. No i think he meant that 0.5x would be cheating in a firefight and the temptation would always be there to use it.
  3. JobJenkins222

    shooting while running?

    Yeah, the otehr guy is trying to make a "clever" point but failed miserably.
  4. JobJenkins222

    Latest screenshots available

    99% of all the dissapointing and overhyped crap that is released today, i would have prefered a demo so that I wouldn't have waisted my money. A demo is needed and i won't be making the same mistke of buying a game without trying it first, one way or another.
  5. JobJenkins222

    shooting while running?

    Even if its a 99.99% chance of not hitting anything, I would still like the option of shooting while running anyway. Whats the point in taking a feature out? Whats stopping you from pulling the trigger in real-life? I most certainly don't want a magical barrier stopping me from doing that because the devs have decided that its too difficult to hit anything. Just slowly destroying the freedom that you have within the game bit by bit. Next they will stopping you from looking downwards because theres nothing to shoot at your feet. Also, who knows how some of you guys would react to a REAL-LIFE fire fight. You may very well get up and run the opposite way anyway firing your weapon in the process, regardless if you hit anything.
  6. JobJenkins222

    Online Distribution System - Confirmed

    Very well said. I myself am primarily interested in LAN gaming so Steam would not fit what i want to do. When i play lan with someone, i don't go buy an extra 6 disks and cd keys, i use the same one and swap the disks. That isn't something that can be done on steam. If a friend of mine has his own copy then thats up to him.
  7. JobJenkins222

    Online Distribution System - Confirmed

    How strange. Throwing you box and manual away?
  8. JobJenkins222

    All the Animations YOU want

    Emotions like in OpFlash
  9. JobJenkins222

    Online Distribution System - Confirmed

    I'll be ok if it's released over Fileplanet (Direct2Drive)
  10. JobJenkins222

    grass? eye candy?

    Huh, a pointless argument you have there. What about hiding from alot of enemies? In real life its possible to find large areas of tall grass, why not in AA? Please, arguments like this are worthless.
  11. JobJenkins222

    Please allow me to preorder online

    I'd rather have the box. The game is "cheapened" if downloaded from the internet and a pain the the arse to burn it to cd.
  12. JobJenkins222

    Online Distribution System - Confirmed

    Steam or not, it's still a huge pain in the arse to have to download it. In my opinion, it cheapens the game not having a hard copy. With Lan, its alot cheaper just to swap the Cds over once the game has loaded.
  13. JobJenkins222

    Online Distribution System - Confirmed

    Thats CRAP news  This is virtual suicide for Armed Assault, extremely inconvienient. Not everyone has Broadband and i'm certainly not buying 6 copies of it via steam just to play Lan. A really stupid move by Bohemia Interactive.
  14. JobJenkins222


    Actually, its more than possible.
  15. JobJenkins222

    Latest screenshots available

    Unfortunately it's this kind of attitude that has lead to the stream of crap that games developers have released recently.