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  1. to add to my yesterdays post; even me, wich lives in an all green much woods and mountains country, was all ready in areas where you come to "green" to "sand" in about 3-5 footsteps. judgeing by the many things peope in that thread want, noone will really be pleased as long as he want exactly that what he personally expects. i wished we have some snowy area, TO HELL with DESERT, gimme snowy mountains! but if they would ask me to have a little deserted patch of land somewhere i wouldnt have anything against it. if it would be an big desert island i would be pretty dissapointed. better take what we got...
  2. @mehman you have to think of the island as somekind of disneyland(or whatever), you have all and everything for enjoyment in little room. saharani is a fictive island so it dont have to match realworld like a mirror. i think thats the perfect example when someone never gets enough... if there where just a desert saharani many ppl would come and complain why there is no woodland terrain...same with desert. so we have both on the island, wich is still mcuh much biger than any OFP map. i dont know why to complain about "that"...!?
  3. if range bans really start to happen, i think you initiate the beginning of the end. you ban legit player from you server and there are just so and so many a day, a week, a month.... at a time where normaly all sleeps(0400-0800), you countrys servers are rather empty. at least i can say that for the mid european servers. that means we are allready in a state where we can go into the server browser and can possibly find no single game with guys or good ping online. to begin baning now would be really stupid...means, dont sacrifice players whre there arent so many
  4. well, without quoting anyone here, that would be too much quotes, iam happy with the differences in objects we have. i also like to whine about things i, just personally, care about. BUT at some point its better to look what we have and not what we dont have. *whining* my only problem with the island is a not verry big one. in OFP all of the island wherent touched by near east architekture. now that we are in saharani, it is/should be. still we see chech electricity poles, chech road signs and those little white poles wich flank the streets. the houses look to 70% like mid european ones, the fences and walls too. short said the objects doesnt match the cultural backround, but well it look quiet funny acually...i still feel iam going through chechia when i drive through saharani, as it was in OFP
  5. Jok

    Loudness of movement

    where did he ever talk about CQB!? ether you or i compleatly missed his point he talks about movements sounds to get louder and AI behaviour tweaked to it and you come up with hth combat and shotguns...!?
  6. oh, i totaly forgott...will the PSO range finder be fixed and set to 1.7m as "measurement unit"(or better said IS it fixed since v1.0 is out allready!?). BIS ones is totaly rubish set to 1.5m and 0.5m !? unbelivable....
  7. Jok

    Loudness of movement

    lol, iam all for it. no more AI stampedes into your position and the like it should still be done from time to time to add variation and becouse overruning is valid, but it costs and isnt the basic attack form. also the louder sounds will make movement a bit more interessting in PvP...it really has some little matrix touch to it now, unbelivable fast and silent at the same time. generally i have the feeling; the higher and faster the movement position is in the game the more off are the sounds to it. EDIT: i forgott, only thing i dont need to have is "random snaps" or so. its bad when you saw someone going behind a corner and follow him, naturally the soldier would watch extra for stuff on the ground and will try to be quiet, more than when goint through woods without danger. with random snaps you could just get unlucky and hit 10 random snaps in 20 meters and thas not good in some situations
  8. thats what i want to hear! give em back their powers, at least a bit.... i bow you thats what iam looking for! oh well, my bad. probably the gun i mean was mislabled as AKM74 is is in fact a AK74M. interessting that there are no silencers for the 74m´s, or at least no commonly used, didnt know that as a fact. great things to come in 2.0, i cant await it now i think i pass v1.0 and get 2.0 directly when i comes out. thanks for the answers!
  9. wow thanks for the fast replye! hehe, well lets say it like that. i dont like the fact that BIS used much possibilitys in US "weapons addons" arsenal but stopt on the side of the russian weapons at the point where there is just 1 addon at a time. but why not give an weapon GP25 AND PSO1 !? i cant understand that... however, thanks for you comment allright, that allready looks nice. but as i said above NO single weapon has more than 1 addon mounted to it. why it that!? why dont do a PSO1 GP25/30 combination!? exactly thats what puzzles me... if something is designed for the AKSU74 isnt it compatible with AK74 than!? i mean that would break russian tradition that nearly all can be intalled onto all stuff becouse most stuff has same mounts regardless of exact weapon type... other thing, isnt there a AKM74!? would it take PBS-1 than!?
  10. Jok

    2, move to that tree ...2, watch 9 o'clock.

    maybe as hint, but not directly related to topic... i found when you select a or all soldiers, use the "free look" button(ALT in most cases) you can order them to watch a direction without hassle in the command menue. like the simple select and klick to order movement, you select, stop up "free look" and give them the "watch X o clock" command. works like a charm...
  11. sorry, i didnt wanted to DL it to see the answer to my question, so i ask here and DL afterwards if i like the answer. since BIS shamefully left out the 74er PSO1/GP25 or 30 kombination wich 2 other weapons on the US side have(acog+m203) i wont buy any russian stuff/mod/addon wich doesnt have that config in the weapons. also AK74 with kollimator is needed!!! it doesnt have to be available to normal troops, but some secialized units should have acces to it. also fit a ak74 with an silencer, so it can be "realisticly" used with SD ammo. same counts for the 74er SU, it should have that 20mm granade launcer + the versions with pos1 or kollimator scope + the silencer it allready have maybe well its a shame that BIS let out the big possibilitys and included the low end of russian weapon addons into the game without ANY usefull combination of them.
  12. "grüazi" from austria i DLed the latest version about 2 weeks agao, installed it, just in order to find out that the SWM server wich was mostly populated by 2-3 guys doesnt let me join becouse i use a sound mod and your Facepack as standalone addon(doesnt meet the mod=equal requirement, it say wrong version for me). i mean, ovcourse its your server, but wouldnt it be good to open the server like most others are. ppl just can join when the have the SWM mod files anyways. i would love to come over to your sever(wich i didnt saw last week anymore...)and be "one more guy" there from time to time but if its like i have to rip all mods i have out of the file tree, its not worth the work as many other ppl seem to think too. maybe give it a try, dunno. to the creators, thanks for your nice work.
  13. Jok

    SD Amunition

    well the therms got a little washed out... the COMPENSATOR is the thing wich redirect gases upwards(to compensate the upkick), mostly it also adds additional weigt in the front of the gun, verry few weapons have that and its mostly a "sport acessoaire(sp!?)" on handguns. the FLASHHIDER is obviously there to spread out the gases and minimize the flash. that doesnt mean there is no flash! you cant reduce it to 100% with a flashhider. all assault rifles have such a device installed, it works more or less good, depends on layout of the hider. the MUZZLEBREAK is the fat thing in front of tanks guns or AT guns or anti material rifles for example. small arms rarely have real muzzlebrakes, the russian bullpop 7,62*54 sniper gun has a "real" muzzlebrak becouse it needed one, normal guns dont have that. all this devices are no "silencers" "sound supressors" or what you want to call em... the silencer replaces every device in front of the barrel. EDIT: thats a good point and its verry true...many guns not especially designed for subsonic laboration of ammunition does really just work in single shot. like a mechanical BB gun. you have to cook it after every shot or at least jams are verry verry common. well, i think the lates generation of silenced weapons overcame that problem but it was a problem not soo long ago.
  14. sorry to stay a bit offtopic but i think you confuse production and design big time...!? if you buy the license to produce parts wich essentially are the same, its not called designed. the weapon was designed 15-20 years earlier. i never say with that, that the F88 is any worse than the Stg77, no its essentially the same! just no new design... for example, Stg58 was a FN-Fal clone, licenced as the F88, build by steyr but they never designed it. same with australian L1A1, a british copy of the FN-Fal than come over to australia, but never a new design. british L1A1 and austrian Stg58 had some own additions like sligh different measurements or a bi pod but that doesnt count for "designed in ..." i say. in the end, noone did austrian soldiers so far, doesnt make me happy but so i will get the aussies wich, as we can see, are fond of quality rifles themselfs for their army. i think you can see the "philosophy" of an army on their infantry weapon(s). as like with restaurants and their toiletts well, its offtopic but still were in  the armory herer Â
  15. Jok

    SD Amunition

    well seba...its easy as throwing stones. if you throw a stone with LESS than about 343m/s its silent as you are used with a throwen stone. now throw it faster than that...it will give the "iam faster than subsonic"* bang/crack. *sorry i lack a better therm in english now; its the same with every other objects too, a airplane, a toaster, a bullet...no matter. EDIT: to make clear point, you hear 2 bangs. when you are around the rifle you hear ONE big band. the further you get away IN FRONT of the rifle the bang(expanded powder in the brass) will slowly fade out and crack(sound when reaching supersonic) stays a bit longer. at that point you load subsonic ammo wich get rid of supersonic bang and attach an suppressor wich will cool and slow the gases wich leave the barrel after the bullet and so reducing the noise heared by the "explosion" well drawback is that you have a redicoulus slow bullet speed for a rifle, your maximum range is limited becouse of bulles speed and balistics to about 150-250m with rifles and 350-400 with specialised long barreled stuff wich for example uses russian PAB-X ammo. if you look in a book about hand gun ammunition you find that most handgun ammunition is subsonic allready. sice i heared that test rounds for measurement are often especially laborated the average 9mm round would also be SD by itself. MP5SDX uses standard 9mm with inherent suppressor as far as i know... said different, if the book say 350m/s it can well be below 343m/s in reallity... hope i could help...
  16. infiltration!? wasnt the talk about this insurgency mod!? anyways, i cant see anything special or otherwhise related to the 2eyes, 1 scope, 1 picture problem here in the infiltration mod article you see a black screen and remove the black with your scope...when you come to the edge of the screen you scroll the black screen...nothing verry realistic or special i think...just an aproach of many
  17. Jok

    SD Amunition

    put it into the bugtracker, it seems to be broken enough to count as a bug. i mean saw filled with SD mags counting as silent...wtf!?
  18. hm, well thats a verry hard thing to realise id say. the classical 2d version is still the best i think. i expirienced it with the a 1,5 scope. what you see in the scope is basicly merged into the view of your 2nd eye or better said merged into the picture you have in the end. its not blured or so, you can observe with the 2nd open eye ovcourse just to some extent. its quiet cool but to get this picture on a 2d screen isnt easy so id say stick with 2d classic scope
  19. as far as i see it, it was designed in austria and the licence was sold to australia to build their own named as F88. the basic F88 variant seems to be a 1:1 copy of the A1 variant. other versions feature just little additions wich wouldnt made the whole thing desingned in australia. i didnt saw a picture of the australian A4 variant but i think its just the A3 variant for the rest of the world.
  20. Jok

    Why the fascination with Evolution?

    hi, my first post... i have the game since about 2-3 weeks now. i naturally played mostly multiplayer and just touched SP when all servers where empty in early morning hours. 1. after the first week i was allready fed up with [R]Evolution(+) X.X Rb2 or east or whatever version.... i just cant understand why there are still about 2X evo serevers wich are mostly empty... funny thing, for example the LSD sever playes some non evo map as often, its full or at least heavy populated verry fast. evo still empty. 2. the fact that you have to get a "score" to "unlock" stuff destroys teamplay...go public evo as someone wich doesnt know anyone and you will see. it gets better though as you know ppl and play on TS with those. however this just forms alliances of 2-5 man, in a hord of loners, well doesnt help teamplay for the others. the only way i see this could be countered is to add revive instad of respawn. so they need the score but need mates to life. with respawn your mates are worth ****...(well if you are a below "lvl" 30 noob you need a LB pilot eventually ) when i see about 5-7 evo versions i really wonder why there isnt a single one with respawn...this would keep ppl more or less together than the problem is that you cant do this rpg like stuff AND sell it as the ultimate realistic military blablabla.... "damn, i need to get 20 more kills to pick up that nice pice of "insert what you like" wich happens to be on a corps in front of me" thats not realistic you just take it. so a shooter with RPG element should NOT come packed with an arma like game. it would feel like a joke i mean, i play RPG´s myself but i refuse to support a RPG arma. the need to be more high lvl and/or get better stuff than others will rid the playes minds of therms like "team" "provide cover" "selflesness" "respect". i allready can see it as it is allready on evo to some extent... "get out of MY tank you ****** nOOb, go get your own" if it gets like that, good night