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    Twilight 2000

    the only game i play that is like the one displayed here is the one, the only, the legendary "Jagged Aliance 2". came out in late 98 or early 99, cant remember. with the JA2 V1.13 mod its the ultimate RPG/Strategic/Tactics merc game up to date. players that like sandbox games are bound to check it out.
  2. Jok

    Which guns do you own

    @Master gamawa well as greek we saw how fast you guys get unrest...police shoots one young guy and the anarchos go nuts. is the total gun ban from recent years? i draw the line at legal and illegal guns. if you own guns leagaly and the state knows about it all is fine. if you are a criminal and have illegal weapons in order use it for bad things, its a no go. quiet simple for me.
  3. Jok

    Which guns do you own

    ouch, that sucks, you have a regime type government thats afraid of civil unrest? where are you from? are they still rather new by chance? nagants in arsenal condition are coated with some sticky stuff to keep em from rusting, that makes the action somewhat sticky when they get warm or hot. or its it the weapons fault? youtube got some vids on that, how to make them unstick and where to polish them to make the action smoother. just search for "mosin nagant" on youtube, you find plenty of interessting stuff there to tune them up with most simple means.
  4. Jok

    Which guns do you own

    my collection is tiny so far, just one rifle :D a mosin nagant 1891/30 in decent condition, receiver/barrel stampled 1938, pre war production from Ivhesk(dont know how to spell it) with good machining quality, not like war production types, stuck to a post war romanian laminated stock. nothing special but rigid and reliable, i like it.
  5. Jok

    Military Discussion Thread

    i am sure they do the trick, russians are good inventors after all. the thing i wonder about is since when the soviets care about crew survivability... . this was never their concern so far and their strategic thinking was not centered around survivability, but achieving superiour mass at a weak point to force a break through that can be followed up, no matter the cost. i guess the russians are about to arive in the counter insurgency warefare age, lets see how they fare with it. and tube launched 152mm ATGM´s of 7000 meters or more range is a huge bonus. that is bad ass, if that is true the NATO analysts will surely break their heads again how to counter the threat. many older soviet tanks can fire tube launched ATGM´s and their standoff range is in theory about 1000 to 2000 meters more then the compareable NATO equivalent. so its no new invention in the T95 but just the last incarnation of an ongoing tradition.
  6. Jok

    Google Ceases Censoring in China

    the violent morons are the ones that got illegal guns, they dont give a damn about gun laws. a gun free society is at mercy of the criminals that own illegal guns...think about it. possibly 99% of the guns in somalia are illegal, just to satisfy your case, and no law in the world can remove them. anyways you guys are good servants of the state, have fun till the day you look down the barrel of an illegal gun. if you live to tell you get some guns yourself, i can say that much for sure.
  7. Jok

    Military Discussion Thread

    T34 and PzIV´s with long 75mm compeat for the best tanks of WWII. maybe you can throw in the panther´s too. all the others suck in a way or the other, they cant deliver a well rounded package.
  8. Jok

    Google Ceases Censoring in China

    lol and that comes from a brit :D and germans arent much better off either. many smart man said things like "a country is only as free as it´s gun laws". so much for freedom in the EU, especially in GB it is he worst place. China, north korea and countrys like that have gun laws like in GB. these fuckers, called EU parliament, passed a new EU law bout guns that needs to be made national law in any EU country till mid 2010. f*** this! they transform EU into a "dictatocracy" with video cameras everywhere "to your own protection". i heared better jokes then beeing free in the EU. wake up people!
  9. Jok

    A.A. Drive by on Insurgents

    lol nice vid. i wonder how long the US economy can keep this up. i thought iraq and A-Stan are to be sustained for as long as possible becouse it is good money. yes they tell they want to pull out but that is politicians BS, someone earns money big time over there so they stay for as long as they can. but at one point US government will be utterly broke and simply cant keep up anymore. this will be a quiet embarrassing moment when this happens... :D spent billions, the free will have lost a LOT of freedom and what they got??? NOTHING(oil possibly, though), its hilarious already actually. http://costofwar.com/ thank "god" i am no US taxpayer.
  10. Jok


    interresting! unfortunately they try to make a remake of something thats perfect it seems, no sequel...!? thats the IMDB plot; now they got a chick that was not in the original movie and the story doesnt seem to be like the original too...well this looks bad but there is hope if nothing else :D i wonder how they want to top the bad ass "models" they build back then with lousy CGI effects...ah well lets see.
  11. Jok


    id rather see a sequel to john carpenters "the thing" "prince of darkness" "in the mouth of madness" (you can catch all of them on youtube btw.) all 3 where perfectly set up for a sequel.
  12. it seems hardly anyone plays rise of flight. its a great game with even better planes. WW1 aviation FTW! there the dog fights really get close up and personal :D (screenshots are not my own, picked form the screenshot thread at the RoF forums)
  13. Jok

    US Army HMMWV program is dead.

    you guys should guess less and read more...the humvee surely wont be replaced by a truck. this would result in worse off road capabilety(sp?) then the uparmored humvees have now. if they have it their way sometihng caled JLTV is in the pipe. http://www.dailytech.com/US+Military+Look+to+Replace+Humvee+with+New+JLTV/article17583.htm
  14. i dont see what people have against micro management. 1. CMx2 games are no micromanagement hell like games as the Anno XXXX series. i like this games though, but people are put of at times by the micromanagement. 2. micromanagement is good. it keeps the game from being flat and simplistic. it adds depth, complexity and decisions for the player to make and execute. in short its a good thing. 3. if YOU dont like micromanagement, go FAR away from CMx1 or CMx2 games!!! at the end of the day you can still lasso a large formation and send em around the map in C&C style. this works but there shouldnt be any enemy in sight when you do that :D
  15. hi there, i just downloaded ACE2 a few days ago. i have to say i am not really happy with it. my problems with it are these... 1. crashes, when i start ARMA2 with ACE 2 i got "arma.exe encountered a problem..." error a LOT more often then when playing without ACE2. also when one finally joins a server without ACE2, rare find this days, ACE2 players joining this servers are creating problems and error messages. 2. whats this large cone of fire for all the small arms weapons? i try to shoot someone from 150 meters and bullets are flying by to the left and right of the guy but not where i point the red dot/iron sight. in ACE 2 small arms shoots like 1700th century muskets or so. 3. over modeling of some other systems. i dont have first hand expirience here but what i read about the over armored M1A1 was enough. i dont know if that is fixed by now. 4. the wounding system is good and nice, but there is too many medical equipment. thats maybe one thing i would get used too but right now i am overwhelemed by the many medic items like morphine, ephedrine, bandage and large bandage and blah blah. my biggest problem with all these is that there is no where a description to find about what does what. also the radio(PRC77 or so), what is this good for? its mighty heavy but i found no real use for it. so in the end i regard vanillia ARMA 2 higher then the same with ACE 2 loaded. ACE 2 got good ideas and intentions but i find the execution of it at some times more then questionable.
  16. its quiet funny to see how primitive the oh so fancy militray simulators sometimes are :D i know as a fact that ouer army uses the old steel beasts as a tank simulator. heck i got steel beasts pro and was quiet proficient in it(but lost my friggin dongle), that makes me already superior in certain ways :D
  17. Jok

    pimp my gun (beta)

    lol what a funny page! i fixed myself a SVD in 5 minutes. i need to play around with this one a little more, you can do awsome combos :D
  18. i guess when i wouldnt had played OFP to death for myself i would still play ARMA/ARMA2 and what not. but after haveing a downtime with OFP and installing ARMA demo at the time it came out, i really had to see that its one and the same thing with prettier textures. that was not enough for me to keep me as paying player around. lol :D i did not read the whole thread now, but OFP and the games after that...a "war simulator"? thats just worth a big LOL :D i mean the game surely got something(after all i was and am a big OFP fan), and its way better then the other camp, the battlefield games that aim more for the fast paced action crowd, but to use the word simulator is not justified at all. OFP/ARMA is full of balance and gamplay tweaks that take the game to someplace far away from being a simulator. and on top of that, instead of fixing the broken and wrong stuff they simply shell out a new game after a year and think it will do. wheres the problem? as i played the tutorial campain a long time ago, i didnt found any problems with it at all. i mean maybe you expect the wrong things there, CM games dont show you the red string to follow. when they tell you to take out the bunkers on the other end of the map you find a way to do it. thats part of the training. if they would tell you how to do it it would be half the fun :D or you talk about a specific mission?
  19. i guess the biggest problem is that people here started to think that CMSF is a "RTS" or got anything to do with "strategy". it is a tactical game, and when you play it in RT it got still nothing to do with strategy. and to compare a tactical game with a large scale FPS, with some bolted on RTS options is simply idiotic. i stoped playing BIS stuff after ARMA, it got simply to repetative. if i would play OFP today i would not miss anything from the newer BIS games as there is hardly anthing new. well, not true, the multiplayer worked reasonable in OFP, with ARMA and the games after that, it is a single large lag. thats "new" i suppose :D
  20. Jok

    RHS Hind v1.0 for ArmA

    wow, guys i just wanted it to be "faster" honestly, for my part, i dont care if its "exactly" realistic and all that. however i like realistic but unfortunately flashpoint as arma have verry sloppy implemented fighting vehicles(cars are ok) and they are allready "balanced" by BIS. its not like they have totaly realistic capabilities. that said, BIS made a great effort to balance this balance so the results when fighting with each vehicle work out to look not too odd. so if you add an hyper realistic addon to the BIS gear you end up with eather a too good or too bad reasult in performance, but it wont fit to BIS stuff. so the cobra=60 hind=65 fix sounds good for me. if you do the "flying tank" you cant use the addon in most missions as it would probably the only thing oyu would need thatn to compleat the mission. after all i really hope to get a updated Hind version soon. its already fun to fly the 1.0 hind, but new version will be better PS; maybe the funky landing gear wich is constatnly opening and closing could be made like in  a plane where you can do that manually. this would fix every unnessersary activation of the gear. many thanks for that addon, you are doing a great job in my view.
  21. Jok

    RHS Hind v1.0 for ArmA

    is it just me(iam no pro pilot) or is the Hind the slowest chopper in the game, compared to the BIS choppers!? i have the Hind 1.0 version, i guess its the latest. i mean the chopper itself is great, i like it verry much, but it does NOT resemble the charateristics of a attack helicopter. clearly, i dont want it to fly like a LB but its slower than everything else, and accelarates worse than the Hip. the hip is even more agile in turns and overall the better attack chopper if we belive the game, however its a transport chopper after all. i dont know but maybe this could be looked at a bit to make it more compareable to the vanilia BIS choppers.
  22. most awsome! now iam even more puzzled... at the FDF download i didnt saw a link for a "signature" file... where should "that" be!? i know its just a little thing, but i wanted to hop into a server one houer ago, since than i try to get it to work. at least i know i dont need the bikey but another file i dont know where to get alright, will download 1.3 and install it. maybe its signed allready(i read up on wikipedia on signed addons, you get to know everything but how to install them) thanks EDIT: now i see FDF mod 1.3 has stated "signed" as feature. all clear now. i think it should work out with 1.3. many thanks sergei for pointing me to the right direction. now i can enjoy arma agin in a few minutes
  23. sorry for resurecting this old thread but i have problems with FDF 1.2 i DONT have queens gambit arma addon, so i use 1.2 version. i have the .bikey file in my addon folder where the other two FDF pbo´s are located. no go, the server keep telling me i need to intall a key or whatever. HELP! last time i played ARMA there where no *.bikey´s... where do i need to put em in order to make it work.
  24. and again, its kinda disneyland, thats why it is possible on smal space. now lets drop it...
  25. you obviously never saw some different landscape than whats around your home...and pavement. EDIT: example of desertification in china...