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    I think a grenade that blows up kinda near you should be able to knock you over, not hurting you really, nor killing you, you just fall down on the ground and then have to get up again. Shrapnel should be able to kill someone, lets say you're hiding in a house, and a grenade blows up right outside the housewall, maybe the blast doesn't kill you, but the shrapnel from the concrete wall that was ripped out does. Frag grenades should throw fragments around, dynamicly, so you can have alot of luck and not getting hit by any fragments, or, you get hit by alot... How about it?
  2. Since Gadger doesn't seem to be too active the past time, I'll go ahead and take on the task of doing this So, either PM me or post here with the following information: Squad name* Squad acronym Squad location* - International = More then 1 country, but if both are in for ex. Europe, your squad is European. Squad webpage Squad contact Squad status* (ie: preparing for ArmA, recruiting, active, inactive etc) (*=Must be presented) Template: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Post it like this, and I can just copy paste the code: Name ( Acronym ), Location Homepage and contact: contact@yoursite.com Status: Your status If you don't have any contact (an email or so), just take it "and contact contact@yoursite.com" out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34 squads in alphabetical order: 3rd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment ( [3/1] ), North America Homepage and contact: usmcgruntray@gmail.com Status: Recruiting, but still preparing for Armed Assault 4th Infantry Brigade ( 4thIB ), International Homepage and contact via forums. Status: Recruiting 6th Sense ( 6thSense ), Europe, America Contact via: Homepage (Intro Thread) Status: Open for anyone, no official memberlist 10-78 Clan ( 10-78 ), US and Canada Homepage and contact: 10-78@10-78.com Status: Recruiting (25+) 16 Air Assault Brigade ( [16AA] ), International Homepage Status: Recruiting 16 Air Assault Brigade ( [16AAB] ), United Kingdom Homepage and contact: cptn_bilko@hotmail.com or jocksmcleod@hotmail.com Status: Recruiting 25. Dywizja Kawalerii Powietrznej ( 25DKP ), Poland 'Homepage' Status: Recruiting 88th Blue Devils ( 88th ), International Homepage Status: Preparing for Armed Assault Austrian German Special Forces ( AGSF ), Location? Homepage Status: Recruiting Beer Drinking Assassins ( [b.D.A] ), International Homepage Status: Recruiting (18+) Blackdawn Legion ( [bDL] ), International Homepage and Contact: wisebone@f-pedersen.dk Status: Recruiting (18+) and preparing for Armed Assault Bombrats ( ), International 'Homepage' Status: Recruiting Destination Unknown ( =DU= ), North America Homepage and contact: georgembassett@gmail.com Status: Recruiting Dragon Knights ( DK ), International Homepage and contact: gamer@dragon-knights.info Status: Unknown Elitni Pivni Jednotka ( [EPJ] ), Czech Homepage Status: Unknown Fullinger ( [Fullinger] ), ? Homepage Status: Unknown FUSION ( [FUSION] ), Europe Homepage Status: Preparing for Armed Assault Global Earth Re-Union ( [GER] ), Germany Homepage Status: In Armed Assault, but unsure about recruiting INSTANT IMPACT ( .-II-. ), USA Homepage and contact: buzzkillii1@hotmail.com Status: Invitational only International Special Operations Commandos ( ISOC ), International Homepage and Contact: mp33@team-isoc.de Status: Recruiting KSK-Delta ( ), Germany Homepage Status: Unknown LOL Clan ( [LOL] ), International Homepage Status: Unknown MercenaryS ( [MCY] ), International Homepage Status: Recruiting NoPryl of Norway ( N.o.N ), Norway Homepage and contact: post@nopryl.com Status: Preparing for Armed Assault Old Dirty Bastards ( ODB), International Homepage Status: Preparing Roughnecks ( RN ), International Homepage and contact: mailto:butanootz@hotmail.com Status: Recruiting SabreWolves Armed Forces ( SWAF ), International Homepage Status: Unknown Storied Veterans ( [stoV] ), International Homepage Status: In Armed Assault, but unsure about recruiting Suicide Squad ( SES ), International Homepage Status: Recruiting SWEC ( SWEC ), Sweden Homepage (forum) Status: Unknown The Rifles ( [Rifles] ), United Kingdom Homepage and contact: admin@theriflesregiment.co.uk Status: Recruiting Violent Disciples ( -VD- ), USA Homepage and contact: LtPat@violentdisciples.com Status: Preparing for Armed Assault <<<White Dragon Soldiers>>> ( WDS ), International Homepage and contact: mcsnipe@msn.com Status: Recruiting (18+) Quebec Special Forces ( [QSF] ), North America Homepage and contact via PM Status: Preparing for Armed Assault Xtreme Defence Force ( [XDF] ), Australia Homepage and contact: via forum or via email: avr48u@hotmail.com Status: Recruiting ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (New squads added ASAP when I have time. Thanks for your patience)
  3. j w

    Traffic usage

    I'm just curious, since I might be setting one up, but I need to know how much traffic I should buy. So the info I wish to know is: <ul>[*]How much traffic have you used the last months?[*]How much do you play?[*]How many players have been playing?[*]What kind of missions have you been playing? Thanks for answers JW
  4. Hello. I have made a script wich enables you to upload files to a server, without having to register or use any third party programs. Just click and go! So, now, in co-operation of the GOL Clan, you can now get your file hosted, without any limits whatsoever! However, if people cannot keep it clean and nice, we will have to enforce login and passwords. Hopefully we won't have to do that, right? Anyways, max limit of file is 400MB and the allowed filetypes are .rar or .zip. If you wish a separate folder, contact me @ the forums or @ jonathan0829@hotmail.com If you wish, we can enable other filetypes such as images and alike! Serverinfo: <ul>[*] AMD X2 4800+ - 2 x 2.4Ghz 1MB L2 cache per core.[*] 2GB PC3200 ram.[*] Sata Raptor 74GB 10,000 16MB cache hard drive.[*] Unlimited Bandwidth.[*]Uncapped 100mbit port Some testing (from 8/8mbit broadband in Sweden to UK 100mbit): 12.7mb .rar-archive containing 3 .mp3-files - approx 1.5minutes Find it here. Happy uploading!
  5. j w

    SAW MG Image

    You could add it in the BIKI Wishlist for a higher resolution texture for the M249s ironsight, for a further patch. JW
  6. j w

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Hmm...link/page doesnt work.. (maybe just 4 me ) Can u check it JW ? Maybe html thing in address.. Server painfully slow atm, got some uploading/downloading of big files. Basicly we're moving big files over the server, so that's why it's slow, occupying both upload and download XD
  7. j w

    Hosting Lan

    You can do other ways, not needing the software, but my favourite is Hamchi (find it here). Just read the tutorials, and when everyone is connected and you host a game through LAN, it'll popup in their LAN-screen in MultiPlayer. EDIT: See below, new stuff in ArmA JW
  8. Seems like someone took some pills and ended up waaaaaaaaaaay in the wrong alley.. Yes, I mean you BIS! Just for getting it on the paper: Any random jackass can register this page, if so, I excuse my statement. If not, you have taken ArmA to a high level, but wrong level. Too bad...
  9. j w

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Looking very nice. Hope to see some nice Navy for ArmA, it was really missed in OFP, atleast IMO. Keep up the good work JW
  10. j w

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I've finished my webpage, and I wonder what you think about it? Find it here JW
  11. j w

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Sounds like overheating problems. Start the comp and enter BIOS. Somewhere you should find system temperature. Then open the case and see if all fans are running (ie, CPU fan and GFX fan). If you cant spot any problems, download some testprogram, wich checks the CPU, HDD, GFX and ram. Hope I helped JW
  12. j w

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    What program are you using? I use WAMP, it lets you choose the most stuff for yourself, even if it's an exe-file.
  13. j w

    High-resolution map of Sahrani

    Well, just get TYAN THUNDER K8QSD PRO, it supports 4 AMD Opteron and 64GB mem. And add in a PNY Quadro 5500, just to be sure the comp will handle the huge pic. Now load it in Photoshop I'd go to a printshop, get the pic in three parts, and get it printed. But what you really could do is load each seperate part, mark out the island, and stitch that into a new document. Resize this to a size that's not too small, but not too big. And when you've done so with all three pics, you should be able to stitch them together in one, depending on your computer. JW
  14. j w


    Seing as they're working on sorting it out, I think we'll leave it upto them. On the other hand, nice units Sled
  15. j w


    Seing as they're working on sorting it out, I think we'll leave it upto them. On the other hand, nice units Sled
  16. Crap, I thought I would get away with swearing Yes, but anyways: My bad, excuses, and it shall not happen again.
  17. [insert your own stuff here] ---- Generic scheme for a spampost [insert your own shit here] Whine whine and whine Get the fuck out of the thread if you don't got anything to say!
  18. j w


    Probably yes, but discussing such matter is against the rules. Go here and you will find information needed.
  19. j w

    Ask a mod

    Now that's what the rule should be. If you wish to give a good reflection over the addon, sure do it, or maybe ask if you can help with anything (for next version etc), then you can post, but getting a 5page thread with 99% of the posts being: "Cool addon *d/ling*", I'd rather see lots posts with "Mirror here and mirror there"
  20. After a misshap with payments and the hosts email-system crashing the payment have been delayed, so the domain is sort of.. Confiscated atm Chris tells me that it has been payed, so it should be up soon (probably the start of next week as latest). Sorry for any inconvienence JW EDIT: The site is back up
  21. Some PHP-coding. Firstly, you enable a function to upload to the server, and another function wich moves it into the right place. Voila I got the most out of reading tuts and seeing scripts that are alike. Easy I tell you
  22. I asked for it to be moved, I'm sure the moderators can move it, if you ask. ---- What seems to be the prob? Browse for a file, click Upload once and wait (it can take a looooong time). Do you encounter any problems? I might need to change settins of wich the longest timeout is... You can email me if you wish a seperate folders, seperate fileformats and a seperate uploadpage. If you're interested JW
  23. j w

    Ask a mod

    Can I post a copy of this thread in A&M:C or A&M:D, since maybe not all addonmakers are visiting the S&F-forum when trying to find a host? It would be ideal, since addonmaker/missionmakers would be mostly around those parts, and easily be able to find this free and easy addonhost? JW
  24. j w

    Horrible Performance...

    Sorry for the big pics but: So, that's a page filled up