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  1. Some things I've been able to tweak so far:

    • It should be no longer possible to deploy static defences through an obstacle (wall, rock etc.); deployment will be cancelled if the asset being placed collides with another object
    • Mine dispensers filtered out from loaded loadouts
    • Assets below terrain are being periodically deleted
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  2. Hello everyone.

    I'd like to apologize for being absent for so long, unfortunately the work load with other projects and personal life didn't allow me to keep in touch in Warlords as much as I'd like to be.

    It looks that I might have a some spare time to take a look at the most pressing matters and hopefully get some fixes into the next update.

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  3. You are not wrong. However, I initially wanted to lock neutral vehicles and remove this possibility to players altogether for the simple reason that they are spawned randomly and one side can capture an enemy APC while the other side could stumble upon a mere MRAP, both of which effectively needing a single RPG hit to be disabled. Being able to rearm these vehicles indefinitely would make the progress even less balanced.

    I think that the current implementation is a reasonable compromise, keeping in mind that random base location is in its definition imbalanced as well.

  4. 27 minutes ago, vikingbjorn said:

    I captured an AA Nyx and could not reload or repair it from repair/ammo trucks. Don't think captured vehicles have been fixed yet for that. 


    They aren't and won't be, you can provide maintenance only to vehicles you've personally requested.

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  5. Redux 0.57 is out:


    Fixed: Naval assets would not be assigned properly to their owner
    Fixed: Defences would substract more CP than their cost
    Fixed: Rearming an asset now correctly replenishes all magazines
    Fixed: Removing an asset via map would not update the asset limit
    Changed: Vehicle maintenance range increased to 15m, making it easier to repair or rearm larger assets

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  6. 5 hours ago, vikingbjorn said:

    Enjoyed the locked sectors.  Can you explain more that dynamic?  Can you only recapture sectors that are directly attached to one of your own?


    Only those that are linked to your base through sectors you own.

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  7. Redux 0.56 is out:

    Fixed: Repairing vehicles via repair trucks should be possible again
    Fixed: Extreme fog after long playtime
    Removed: Rain
    Added: Mission parameters (saving, fog of war, zone restriction)
    Fixed: Rearming helicopters no longer removes remaining missiles
    Changed: Default view distance increased to 4000m

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  8. I think that the area you can navigate around freely expands rather quickly as you capture sectors. You get cramped in a tight spot only if you cut through in a single direction. Rather like IRL it pays off to capture some nearby area to get some space to maneuver.

    Then, what you end up with is quite an open battlefield with an uncaptured sector here and there with just a minimal restricted zone around them.


    Anyway, I was thinking about calculating the restricted zone based on sectors you can select for capture rather than sectors you already own. We'll see how it works out.

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  9. You are not able to call in anything else than infantry or ammoboxes on your position anyway, everything else can only be called in on an owned sector.


    Doing recon behind enemy lines is all well, but nothing stops you from parking a gunship over the horizon and rain down hell or do constant flybys with planes. Current zone restriction at least makes you capture an area to unlock airspace first.

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  10. Thanks a lot for the feedback, it's really appreciated.


    8 hours ago, CaptainDawson said:

    But if you happen to be outside that newly set boundary after the time of the reset, you don't die from being outside the zone, and you can literally go wherever you want inside the restricted zone! I


    This is now fixed in 0.52. You should still have about 30 seconds to either get out of there or re-select the sector.


    8 hours ago, CaptainDawson said:

    The sectors directly surrounding your base should not have any kind of AI tanks or vehicles.


    They no longer do in 0.52.


    8 hours ago, CaptainDawson said:

    Making the game more difficult while also removing the Arsenal may be a bit too much for most players.


    For 0.52, the skillset has been lowered. More changes to come.


    8 hours ago, CaptainDawson said:

    The AR-2 Darter. Unless we are planning on just banning it altogether, in Redux it would be extremely overpowered because it can go anywhere on the map


    All UAVs should be properly handled by zone restriction. Have you encountered a situation where they could move freely?


    8 hours ago, CaptainDawson said:

    We should need to unlock a repair or ammo truck before it can be used. MaRii used my Repair truck before I could, and now I couldn't use it for 5 minutes even though I bought it lol.


    Vehicle maintenance cooldowns are not tied to the support vehicle but to the vehicle being repaired. This means that you can repair 5 vehicles from a single truck at once. The repair / rearm action is also tied to the vehicle that should receive the maintenance, so you should be looking at it when using the action.


    8 hours ago, CaptainDawson said:

    For parts of the match, there is only a tiny area of land you can access without being killed in a restricted zone.


    I will think about some improvements to the restriction zone system. My motivation was to prevent players from striking deep into enemy territory freely.