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  1. You might want to check the comref. The summary is: kbAddTopic adds a topic (duh!) to a person with the .bikb (list of sentences), .fsm (conversation flow script for the AI) and/or .sqf (conversation flow script for a player) files as its parameters kbTell makes the person actually say a specific sentence (defined in the .bikb file) Conversation flow scripts are executed every time a sentence was said to the person with passed parameters being: _sentenceId: the sentence as defined in the .bikb file _topic: topic name registered via kbAddTopic _this: the person that was talked to (receiver) _from: the person that talked to the receiver and triggered the script
  2. "Succeeded", "Failed", "Created", "Canceled".
  3. [space] > Communication > Request Support > Transport (Active) Note that you should have the wanted destination under the cursor (either in 3D or in the map) when activating this support request.
  4. Release a biggie and a goodie once in one or two years and you'll earn your place among the gurus just-like-that. And don't get all pis*ed getting negative sayabouts now and then. We don't envy you, as you may think.