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    Bests Game Place!?!?!?!?!

    OFP-ZEUS http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=48762 ByeCyaLater
  2. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    Well, AI can be very effective against hoomans. I stuck AI in those stopped convoy missions (all on skill 1) and I had me MG gunner watch the approach to town. This AI ripped rabbit to pieces at 300 metres on full auto, which was nice.
  3. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    the obvious problem occurs when the next logical step occurs - targeting human leaders.
  4. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    I am formulating a fuller reply to this, as is looz. My first inclination is that we need a key point strategy with multi-coloured charts and graphs. We also need a comprehensive tutorial on AI leadership, as this is a most important part of these battles. AI can be very effective if told to be so, they can also be entirely useless (default setting most usually).
  5. Jinef

    French MPs pass 'genocide' bill

    I disagree strongly. Free speech is not the issue. The shrugging off of responsibilties and implications by a nation is immature. If you go into a classroom of children and a child knocks over a paint can, and you ask the child if they did it. An immature response is denial. A mature response is "Yes, sorry." Turkey is being a cnut. France is using the methods it has at it's disposal to bring public attention to the issue.
  6. Jinef

    North Korean Nuclear Tests

    If NK has nuclear weapons, it does deter anyone from trying to have a go with them. Then both North and South Korea can start to focus more on peaceful economy and less on watching their neighbour. About Nuclear weapons causing peace ... there is a duality there. In a sane world, yeah sure. Noone is going to overstep the boundaries, but the fact that these weapons are actually there increases the chances of one going off, for whatever reason. The problem is - if one goes off, who knows what the response will be? If as we are speaking a western city turns into glass, what would the international community do? Was it an accident? Terrorist attack? 'Pre-Emptive Strike'? Do we launch our own shit? In the cold war there were many incidents, close calls. We just didn't hear about them. I doubt *any* nation with the slightest shred of common sense would give weapons of these kinds to NGOs. One of the big lessons of the last few decades is that your friend today can be your enemy tommorow. Cute little examples of this are British sailors being burned to death by British designed weapons in the Falklands, British soldiers being shot by American funded weapons in Northern Ireland, or the twin towers getting stomped by our mate Osama. If only our sense of friendship was driven by proven history, forward thinking and some common sense, instead of being driven by cash. SNAFU.
  7. Jinef

    Defcon 1 - Soldiers needed

    Hmm. So is this the new name for dragon knights? I suppose they would need a new name for Armed Assault anyway so they can bury the shame of having their arse handed to them by Zeus a few years ago .... Now that is the definition of 'fun'
  8. Jinef

    Abrams and other modern armor vs RPG

    practice makes perfect.
  9. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    What is your in-game name Nepumuk?
  10. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    It was looz's team. The reason I was so frustrated was this, I had just run about this big bloody square for an hour with nothing happening. Let us say an average game night is 5 hours, that is 20% of the night. My fireteam, under the command of looz, is then split off from the whole platoon to sit on a big freaking hill north of the enemy town and shoot at it, so everyone will look at us, great. Looz then sets his AI up in a bunch of trees right next to the town, not much in the way of escape route. Instead setting up an AI defence and directing my fire with binocs looz has us all start to fire sporadically at the town, which does nothing as the AK74s are useless at that range and I have no idea where the enemy are, so me and my PKM just shoot at little blobs, without any feedback of hitting anything. Then I get shot in the back of the head ... well fucking brilliant. I respawn into one of these AIs with no ammo in my AK, like 2 rounds. I look back to see what shot me but again I have no binocs, I ask looz to look back but he is oblivious and continues taking pot shots at the town ... Bang ... shot in the face from 100 metres away by a guy just sitting there for 5 minutes. Fuck that shit. This was supposed to be a new concept, with frontlines, and no mans land etc. It felt like a C&H spread over 3 kms, with an hour of nothing.
  11. Custom heads in OFP atm are very intensive, with large numbers of polygons. WGL5 would be betraying some of it's core followers if it implemented such 'shiny' features.
  12. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    ECP = intensive. A completely alternate approach if ArmA still has the problem is to have very low damage ammunition/ordnance so only people right next to the blast get killed instantly but have a large indirect damage area, you can then detect the units that were in the 'blast' area, and do effects on them. Effect: Fragmentation - Wound the guy, drop him to floor, start bleeding etc. Effect: Concussion - Knock the guy to the floor with a black screen for random time within 2 minutes with a single message, "You are unconcious". Effect: Heady Injury - Put the player 3000 metres in the air on an invisible surface, set fog to 1 and spawn 300 pink pony addons above the player.
  13. Jinef


    You need to update to 5.1. Those screenshots are using the old vehicle commands.
  14. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    I enjoyed Navette. It was noisy, confusing and I really need a "Kick Soldier" action as I, the platoon commander, was running up and down the lines constantly shouting at people trying to get them to fire. I think what would be useful in that situation is the 'leader' HUD icon usually visible in cadet mode. But preferably without any other shit, to enable the cohesion you would have in reality with increased recognition/situational awareness. Some quotes: "RIFLE ALPHA REGROUP FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" - Cpl Shiz (RAAB) "WHERE THE FUCK IS RIFLE CHARLIE???" - Me Memorable moment: Fire support squad is pinned down on the right flank, taking heavy fire from enemy MGs. LWLooser, the section commander says "Right, i've had enough of this". He grabs a Javelin AT missile, stands up on this ridgeline amid a hail of tracers and fires this Javelin right at the enemy positions. With thanks to: Mr. Igor - One of the best bloody mortar operators in the Zeus community. Throughout the firefight our 60mm mortars were constantly dropping on the enemy positions, adding to the chaos and killing a few for sure.
  15. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    Ok wankez, I updated the following missions to use CoC_NS and be more efficient. (I imagine it won't be a marked difference though) Fuel Depot Mortar Pit Radio Station Stopped Convoy 1,2,3+4 (Formerly Platoon Attack Series) A&D Domensk New Missions: A&D SBS Raid (Some British SBS combat swimmers are tasked with destroying a radar sitting on a big rock in the middle of the sea. While the Desertian Islanders Liberation Army puts up a feeble defence with tokarevs and molotovs.)
  16. Jinef

    Treasure Hunt

    Trying to keep up ...
  17. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    That's the plan ryan. Thankyou for your nice comments.
  18. Excellent modification for OFP, well worth the download. The OFRP team is one of the highest quality mod teams around. Get it and shut up. (Note: I am British - So this pack must be good shit )
  19. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    Simon/Walker - Good idea. If you are lazy you can download the keybindings and use the import funtion. http://download.yousendit.com/98BE09CE04E9FBD7
  20. Jinef

    Sounds - bullets

    Export the bin file to a cpp file using binview. Then use CPP2Bin to reconvert it back to binary form.
  21. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    AAR, Mortar Pit, Thursday 28th Sep/06. 2 Sections of resistance fighters are commanded by Corporal Jinef and Sergeant Looz. The plan was simple, Cpl Jinef's section was to move onto the adjacent hilltop and put down a suppressive fire base while Sgt Looz's section would approach from the low ground and assault the hill top. The mission starts and there is little confusion, everyone knows their roles and their leaders. Cpl Jinef's section quickly moves into position overlooking the enemy positions and sets up a medium machine gun, RPG and 3 riflemen. Just before we were ready to fire a nervous king tubby in Sgt Looz's section has an ND (negligent discharge) and the enemy is alerted to their presence. A frantic corporal Jinef screams at his section to begin firing only to get a bewildered response from Pvt. Errpa "Shoot at where Sir?". In a fit of rage Cpl Jinef screams "AT THE HILL IN FRONT OF US FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!" and promptly unloads a magazine into the hilltop ruins. Soon a crescendo of fire erupts as the medium MG opens up, RPGs are launched one after another and the riflemen unload their 30 round clips. About half a minute passes by when Cpl Jinef hears over the net in a faint Germanic accent: "Section 2 hold your fire, friendlies on the hill." Cpl Jinef shouts "Cease Fire Cease Fire" and the gunfire dies away. The sound of gunfire can be heard behind the enemy position, and a few explosions. Cpl Jinef then orders for his section to pack up and get ready to move, feeling vulnerable at this point he orders his machine gunner, Pvt Errpa, to continue watching the hill and to shoot at anything that approaches. Cpl Jinef turns around for a second to see how his riflemen are doing when suddenly Pvt Errpa lets rip with a 10 round burst. "AHH CEASE FIRING, YOUR SHOOTING AT US YOU IDIOTS!" comes over the net very clearly. Fortunately noone was hurt. The last survivor is overun by Sgt Looz's section and the resistance are victorious. During the assault Sgt Looz's section had lost one man, while every enemy soldier was killed, a truly textbook assault.
  22. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    NEW TEAMSPEAK PROTOCOL In order to get the most out of Zeus it is advised you use teamspeak 2. You can download it here: http://www.goteamspeak.com/ The following post outlines a new teamspeak protocol that will be bought into effect ASAP. This protocol's intent will be to minimise wait times between missions and make more complex teamspeak comms much easier. The protocol is based on the teamspeak key-binding feature. It is strongly recommended that you follow this tutorial to the letter so everyone is on the same page. If you do not follow this protocol, please do not expect people to alt tab and drag you around. If you are lazy you can download the keybindings and use the import funtion. http://download.yousendit.com/98BE09CE04E9FBD7 The protocol will use the Right Shift, Right Control and the Numpad Keys. These will be referred to as: Shift Ctrl Num The Teamspeak channels on our server have been set up using this protocol. Visit our forums on www.ofp-zeus.com for more information. EDIT: TS2 PROTOCOL SIMPLIFIED </b>
  23. Jinef

    Any chances of multiplaying WITHOUT...

    ECL uses addons I think.
  24. You'll get used to it, or if you don't. You can change it back like Q says.
  25. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    I am slightly chuffed now cause I got civvys to report the convoy movements to the resistance every so often and also if west kills civvys the resistance are bound to hear about it. This makes it very very very difficult for west to sneak by the res on the island. I still need to do some more stuff on the convoy organisation, but that is for tommorow. CoC_NS is really good btw. All MP mission makers should read on the basics of it.