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    Someone asked about old military equipment

    When i retire i'ma gonna get me a surplus Gazelle, yup i am mister. Only Å120,000 - which is pretty uch the same as an R22 or another civillian heli but they don't have military grade stabiziling systems.
  2. Jinef

    Mid east

    How about this for a solution, we get the SAS to kill them both (Arafat and Sharon) and do it the good old fashioned way, we British occupy Israel and give Palestine all of Israel's weapons and turn Israel into a British ruled policed state and we would give all the Palestinian's land back to them and have the UN come in and sort out nice agreements and say to the Palestinians that now Israel is under control of the British bombing it is like bombing Britain, and that would be an end to that mess and the start of a lovely new one! And this will go on as long as humans control the planet.
  3. Jinef

    Can the ofp gods model this?

    Those look like British special forces in land rover 110s......hmmmm it certainly would be nice if soeone would model it.
  4. Jinef

    Destroyed unit

    Okay in my experience the only way you can do it is Set ammo of the helicopter to 0 Set fuel of the helicopter to 0 Destroy it using Setdammage 1 You will get no loud explosion at the start of your peaceful mission when you are talking to someone etc but you will still get smoke from it so don't have it in view. Or you don't kill it at all, it's more realistic to just setdammage 0.9 then you have it with broken glass and it looks like the pilot crash landed, you can even put dead people in it and see them clearly and search them for weapons.
  5. Jinef

    Mid east

    Have you realized most of this thread is just a few same people convincing a person who completely believes all the shit that the media spill out about the ME and are totally supportive of the WAT into the reality that Israel is evil and America is evil and then another new person comes along and the process id repeated with new evidence of attrocities etc. Quite funny really, but totally pointless as the ignorant will always be replaced. I sound strangely philosophical. Very unlike me.
  6. Jinef

    Seb nam pack 2 out!

    I personally think that the earlier versions of the AH1 Cobra look ugly, i'm sure people will not agree with me, as lot's of people like pointy things like ferraris, ICBMS and the pens. But i like good old fashioned helicopters like the Westland Wessex, amazingly ugly but nice and fat and round. Something that you can shoot at easily and it looks as if it's smiling, that is one happy helicopter. Yes i noticed the LOD on the littlebird rotor hub and maybe the SKS textures could be dulled down a bit (As it is in a jungle and isn't going to stay shiny silver for long). I think there are not many complaints because there aren't many problems, i remeber when the HK pack came out, a few small textures and model probs but ultimately after the beauty patch it was great.
  7. Jinef

    Seb nam pack 2 out!

    Okay i was very vague, the Hueys are great especially with the animations. I was under the impression that AH1s looked pretty much the same in Vietnam as they do now but i've been looking at pictures on the net and they look ugly there too, they are all pointy and urhhh. Well done to Bell aviation for making an ugly but effective that has now become unugly and well done to the people who recreated it's uglyness in amazing detail! lol This was me just opening my trap before i bothered to research first, okay so the helicopters in SNP2 are great recreations of horribly ugly helicopters. I love the marine's model, you can use them for everything! Also the VC and some of the American models could represent modern day guerillas (supplied with M16s) quite easily and with the HKpack2 you could have special forces vs guerillas just like maylasia! All we need is daring RAF pilots and wessex helicopters!
  8. Jinef

    Seb nam pack 2 out!

    Did the gunships in Vietnam really look that crap? I'm sure the AH-1 G looked different to what is in SNP2. Apart from that though - very good pack. I love the people with leaves and stuff in their hats - very fashionable and the ch47C with the ramp is just nicer to fly than the original one.
  9. Jinef

    Favorite military mottos

    It's the second mission in SP missions menu, ground attack 1 and you are in Malden with a convoy and an AH-1.
  10. Jinef

    Favorite military mottos

    Unofficial SAS motto - Check, Check and Check Again
  11. A really good film about gun control in the USA, a must see in my opinion. Also if anyone has seen it i would like opinions. BTW. It had one mistake, it classed unemployent as poverty which is wrong. But still this small mistake is nothing in the long run of the film.
  12. Jinef

    Film/documentary: bowling for columbine

    It really is sad to see these sterotypical ideas and prejudices from the second world war even though it was 60 years ago and most of us have no idea about what we're saying. So here's my prejudice (so you can complain about me :-) ) PitViper - As you seem to like statistics - America had the lowest casualty rate of any major participating country and you were 2 years late (better than WW1 but still). And without you we wouldn't be speaking German but probably English with a slight Russian accent. And I completely agree with Balschoiw on your little remark regarding Germany in WW2. Wasn't that invigorating...yeah. Nothing beats America bashing! lol I quite liked Richard Blackwood's idea of making each bullet $5000 each - very funny but it wouldn't work as we all know There is in my opinion no solution to this gun availability issue apart from a good ol' war with Bio agents that kills everyone and nuclear weapons that destroy everything. FSPilot - This post isn't about Iraq but what you said to Renagade was wrong, if he had WMD it would become a major player in the ME and would have power and influence like Saudi. What's wrong with letting a country enterprise? In fact America's right wing view on the world should be encouraging Iraq but it doesn't for some reason, and don't say the T-word because this whole war on T-word is a load of chicken's testicles.
  13. Jinef

    Film/documentary: bowling for columbine

    I was just amused by it all really, especially the fat militias. Like they are going to overthrow the US military and goverment if it starts abusing it's power! Yes there were mistakes in it like as i said before classifying unemployment as the same as poverty which it is not. But it did reveal lot's of things like how unemployed people have to go through all that shit just to try and stay above water. America needs to sort out it's own social state before trying to do Iraq's in my opinion. True the UK has got problems with the NHS and education and we too should be focusing on that instead of running all over the world shooting people. And also it emphasised how America over reacts to things, children were expelled for taking nail clippers into school! It's the same with airline security nowadays, you can't take even take some toothpicks on!
  14. Jinef

    Mid east

    Do Americans feel safer now that America has bombed Afghanistan is planning to do Iraq as well? Bombing these places isn't going to keep them any safer but it makes them feel good that at least someone's dying for the WTC attacks. The thing that makes people safer from terrorism is the boring intelligence gathering and police work that MI6 etc do. Cross referencing names, looking for discrepencies in seas of info gathered. But the public cannot see the men and women doing this at a desk and it doesn't make them feel safe so you need a visual cue that they are doing something - the military.
  15. Jinef

    How to prepare for an attack

    It is disturbing that people actually buy this stuff. I don't think people realise how bad these bio agents get. We have created strains of Ebola tangled with common influenza ad other very contagious infections to get ultra fast spreading and of course deadly agents. There is no way any of this stuff is going to help you so why bother wasting your money. The fundamentalists who might want to hurt the west (im sick of the T word) will have an almost impossible task in getting any of this stuff and we would probably find out anyway so no worries IMO. Why bother worrying about dying from a fundamentalist who might want to hurt the west attack because personally i would prefer to die from and AK47 or intense fire than be eaten by a bloody fundamentalist shark or crocodile!
  16. Jinef

    Beretta 92 billennium

    A PSG1 costs around $10,000. Or you can buy a 22. for $70 I prefer PSG1s myself
  17. Jinef

    Die another day

    I saw the guy that played Q in Cardiff in Waterstones in the hayes when he was doing a talk there, the next day he died. Also two weeks after i was in New York talking to my relatives about how terrorism was the new world threat (i'm clever ;-) ) and persuading them Russia wasn't trying to invade as we spoke this whole planes into towers thing happened. I'm just a jinx! The new bond movie was advertised as having a stronger plot and better developed characters but it didn't deliver much more than the usual bond. The helicopter thing got me really worked up, my friend had to tell me to stop shaking my head in disbelief at his piloting skills. Those little MD helis are tough but there is no way he could start up his engines in a level position, the rotor blades would rip off as soon as they started to turn. I don't know why they bother putting in unrealistic stunts like that because we all know he's going to survive anyway! Doing that helicopter thing is possible in real life but you would need to put it into a forward pitch and autorotate it. But i'm going to shut up about aerodynamics stuff. Agreed with badgerboy on MI6 girl, nice.
  18. Jinef

    Women soldiers?

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (advocatexxx @ Nov. 21 2002,16:32)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">It's the way nature is, so don't give me that women's rights bullshit.<span id='postcolor'> It's common sociological knowledge now that gender roles has nowt to do with nature or biological differences. In some cultures in Papa New Guinea tribes the women would be the hunters and the men would stay in the settlement and do 'domestic tasks'. Gender roles are dependent on society and culture, not biology. If it was based on biology then men and women should be equal, their only difference being the capability to give birth. Womens rights is usually bollocks so i agree with you there, they turn perfectly innocent situations into 'male domination' catastrophes, if they backed up their argument with evidence they would be a bit more successful. But nowadays the woman is becoming more influential on society and more powerful and you have the 'new man' and other new things which this power shifting has caused. In my opinion women should be allowed to be infantry in the British army, maybe it would cause a bit of disturbance at first but everyone would get used to it and life would go on. In combat situations only a complete twit is going to be rating the girl next door instead of aiming his SA80.
  19. Jinef

    Women soldiers?

    1--></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (FSPilot @ Nov. 21 2002,041)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">you don't have to worry about affairs between men <span id='postcolor'> So you are saying there are more gay women than men? i think you'll find that's wrong if you research it.
  20. Jinef


    NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Formed to prevent the USSR taking control of Europe which it did successfully and we are all grateful for it. But now all it seems to do is drag us into conflicts that are not essentially neccessary to homeland defense. In the 'would you die for your country' post lot's of people said yes but only for the defense of themselves, their country and their family. Not for the cause of a certain country's leader having a grudge against another certain country. America is still getting lot's of support from NATO countries in Afghanistan who do not want to be in Afghanistan but are obliged to do so because of NATO. Now your opinions please.
  21. Jinef


    This thread went off the topic of NATO earlier than expected and became a disscusion on peacekeeping and how it is useful or not useful for training soldiers. But what do people want out of this new European coalition and what do you think it should do in the new world apart from defending against a direct attack (quite unlikely).
  22. Jinef

    How to survive and succeed the missions

    on the resistance single mision where you have to laser designate the bridge i got in my tusty trabant and drove through the woods until i got into the clear. then i ran towards the church and saw 2 soldiers, dropped down and shot them. and then a BMP starts to come up towards me, is just sit there as it drives 9 metres in front of me and stops. shit. i think soldiers are gonna get out but i about turns and goes back down. I then crawl onto a ridge and LD the bridge. boom. I start crawling back to my trusty stead when 2 soldiers walk just over the ridge next to me, drop them. crawl across illuminated land and under the direct view of 2 BMPs. i then decide that my trabant can't outrun the AT4 missile so i run through the woods right into a 6 man patrol. very luckily drop them and finish the mission. Crawling is the key.
  23. Jinef


    Okay good discussion, maybe we can get clooney and pitviper to back down now as they both don't seem to know what they are talking about at a glance unless it some reverse phsycological tactic performed in unison. There was mention of specializing European Forces to create a large combined force capable of operating anywhere i the world etc. What do you think the combined force should do in the new world (i sound like someone off star trek! and which countries should specialize in what. But this would probably make some units redundant so you would need a way of for example sending a royal marine commando over to a swedish marine unit with a knowledge of swedish with his family and he could train and operate there but that might be hard on him and his family. I completely agree with whoever said there is no point in slagging off other countries, what we need to do is make people realize that a country is a horrible thing that does horrible things. For example i could say the RAF is the best airforce in the world and incite lot's of arguments about who is better but in the end it all comes down to what it is used for and that reflects the country. Britain was probably one of the most destructive countries in the world through it's colonialism. Patriotism is a dangerous thing because it deludes people in thinking they are superior in some form which is truly not the case. I was watching a film about Austalia and how British officials decided that half caste children were a new race and needed to be put in to camps like moore river. And dependent on how light their skin was that is how is intelligent they were! Denoir, were the British in the Norwegian exercise and how did they do? I would susupect number 30 or something because cold climates usually make our rifles jam!
  24. Jinef


    I agree with Ran and Denoir as well, but we are Europeans and i would like to see American opinions as well. Thanks for contributing but i expected more replies, maybe we need to give the Americans a chance to wake up and start posting in work, lol.
  25. Jinef

    It's the best war simulation out there, but...

    No the phyics model is a bit doeey. (cool word eh) When an armoured a10 crash lands the wings rip off and as it is titanium armoured it goes about a 150 metres before stopping instead of ripping itself apart and disintegrating. It does not just jit the ground from 700knts and stop completely intact just a bit warped out of shape from the bump it just had. Flying model - i have to agree with someone and say that the flight model sucks, it's better with a joystick but in a helicpter the controls are far too simplified and exagerated. In ofp if you do a slight bank in a helicopter it full turns and is facing the other way before you know what happened! If there was a realistic heli model it would be more fun because there would be more features, like Apaches strafing from side to side. Or loops the loops with kiowas or complete inversion rolls by cobras and dives to contact like in vietnam. The damage model is okay on vehicles, but on infantry i agree. you dont kill people by shooting their hand repetitively. Loads of games have bad damage models, even swat 3 and RS had unrealistic DMs. in swat 3 2 shots to a arm with a M4 = dead. More like in RL lot's of blood and screaming and surrendering. In RS it was better but still there was unrealistic damge when it came to limbs. but then again at least they would die when it came to a headshot with a dragunov, unlike in a mission i played once on OFP.