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  1. True salisan. BIS could have planned ahead and increased the shell live time maximum to cater for this ... but they didn't. Meaning you will need to hack around it.
  2. Jinef

    My personal take on ArmA

    The two sentences contradict themselves in my little world. No military sim would portray the M136 disposable launcher as reloadable. As for your other issues, I found them mainly irrelevant to the overall experience.
  3. BIS is constantly bombarded with comments such as: "Fantastic work BIS" "Great job!" "BIS is the kind of dev that listens to the community" Any attempt to offer criticism or request features is often met with hostility and sentiments like: "Wot d0 we Ned ArtilLARRy 4? U waNT to JoiN real ArmY LoLZORs" or "sTFU up N00b just B3CA4use U caN+ pwN At HeXxeNkessEl Lik3 M3 U wont Fag Arty n00b!!! Often these people can be identified as people who play CTF and other mindless pvp types that barely scratch the surface of OFP's and ArmA's potential. Death to mindless CTF. Yes to indirect fire, suppressing fire, 6 digit grid references and numbered contour lines.
  4. Jinef

    VOIP Suggestion

    And? In order to get anything noticed on these forums you need a lot of shiny pictures behind you. Fact > Interlectual debate, reasoning, logic and validity of your opinion mean bollocks all here. Fact > You need pictures of yourself kitted out in l33t airsoft garb before anyone will respect you. Fact > Your addon needs to have at least 5000 polygons, 4 addon dependency errors and textures so lividly bright you could see them from the moon before anyone will download it. Fact > Everyone who says they are a 30 year old US marine with a beautiful christian wife isn't. Same goes for German special forces who have the politics of a 14 year old liberal socialist. Highly Likely > We will not see the locality bug fixed before we have 600 M4 SOPMOD addons.
  5. Jinef

    VOIP Suggestion

    This is a request for BIS for Armed Assault. Simple Radio Simulation/More Channels. I have seen this request so many times but rarely with a good explanation of how it could be implemented. I was just talking with fellow players and we came to a fairly good idea on how it could be done. We currently have: Global Side Group DirectSpeak Vehicle Imagine if we could have: Global Side Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3 Channel 4 Channel 5 Channel 6 Channel 7 Channel 8 Group DirectSpeak Vehicle The channels work in the same way group works, however the 'group' is everyone logged into that channel. E.G. - Jim and Kim are in channel 1, John is in Side. Jim and Kim can hear John and see his markers. John cannot hear Jim or Kim. He cannot see their markers. You would need a new key for switching channels most likely. Or possibly a radio GUI that allows you to switch channels, and sub channels. Basically, this allows for a complex chain of command to be set up very easily. It is also not a major change to how BIS has it now, so I imagine it is possible.
  6. Jinef

    Cobra Vs. UH60 -- Controls.

    Hi ThudBlunder. Remember our little document we sent to bis? Good to know your back on the scene.
  7. Jinef

    clan of command and squad control

    Looz is 100% right.
  8. Is there a value which allows you to fire full auto when moving? I am sure I saw it before but now i cannot find it.
  9. Jinef

    Move and Shoot

    The difference is, you can fire semi auto when walking, but no automatic. Which inidicates it is something to do with weapons ..
  10. Jinef

    TrackIR Explained

    I purchased track IR 4 Pro for 200 USD/110 GBP. It's aight. It does not make my life more fulfilling. However I would not say it's really bad value. If you compare it to other things it is a 1 hour flying lesson in a light aircraft. It is a night out on the town with a level 3 hangover. It's a new jacket from Next. It's a new mobile phone. I think it can be better too, but it's not like your buying a new PC.
  11. Jinef

    505 uk version

    No, 1.04 is not backwards compatible with 1.02.
  12. Jinef

    Missions by Jinef

    Aight, here is a rar with a bit of stuff init. http://www.ofp-zeus.com/images/jinef/Jinef_Missions.rar There is a mirror very nicely provided by Armaholic. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=765
  13. Jinef

    The AI of ArmA

    yes scubaman, the range and rate of fire values are in cfgweapons.pbo and the others can be found in the main config (dta\bin.pbo\config.cpp) and the characters pbo. The best way to do it is to make a small test addon where you inherit from normal BIS and change things.
  14. Jinef

    The AI of ArmA

    Person A walks into an ice-cream shop. Person BC+D are behind the counter. Person A - "Hello i would like to buy some ice cream, what flavours are there and how much do they cost?" Person B - "Why do you want to buy ice cream, is there any need for ice cream?" Person C - "Yes, we can sell you ice cream, it comes in several different flavours and costs an amount of money between 0 and 2000. " Person D - "It's your fault for wanting ice cream in the first place." If you got that kind of service, you think you would be happy?
  15. Jinef

    The AI of ArmA

    You ask a question on the BI forums and all you get is a bunch of nobs dissing you without giving any answers at all. Anyway. Alpha125, it is not easy what you want to do. You need to alter the AI itself, and the weapons they carry. For example - your M249, you can modify the code to something like this: minRange = 0.1;minRangeProbab = 0.1; midRange = 400;midRangeProbab = 0.8; maxRange = 800;maxRangeProbab = 0.1; aiRateOfFire = 0.2;aiRateOfFireDistance = 800; This basically says to the AI holding the weapon, "this gun can shoot out to a maximum of 800 metres with 0.2 seconds delay at full range (a quick ROF). Then to modify the AI itself there are a few things - Sensitivity SensitivityEar Camouflage Audible There is a lot to play with.
  16. Nice idea, the grass in normal Arma is useless. People who say otherwise are remedials. Well done. Next version for you, SaraNG + 6 Digit Grid References. class Grid : Grid { offsetX = 0; offsetY = 0; class Zoom1 { zoomMax = 0.1; format = "000"; formatX = "000"; formatY = "000"; stepX = 100; stepY = 100; }; class Zoom2 { zoomMax = 1e+030; format = "00"; formatX = "0"; formatY = "0"; stepX = 1000; stepY = 1000; }; };
  17. Jinef

    Helicopters in AA

    Speaking from some authority I can say these new flight model scharacteristics are really an improvement on OFP. There still remains some points of contention but I have every confidence they will be resolved. As well as the local bug.
  18. Jinef

    Combat Mission: Shock Force

    Well said.
  19. Jinef

    Helicopters in AA

    Dallas - please be quiet. There are many people who would like to see ArmA slowly become a simulator.
  20. Jinef

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    Excellent quality as usual from the Finns.
  21. Jinef

    Armed Assault videos

    Yarex, we have been waiting five years. A lot of people in my little game community are quite dissapointed with ArmA because it has had lots of development in certain areas and been ignored in others, mainly the ones where my community are interested. Imagine if BIS were building a rifle for the military. (An easy analogy as everyone on this forum seems to be a gun fanatic) Version 1.0 - Gun fires but has no safety catch, magazine falls out, the sight is wobbly and turns bright pink when it gets wet. Version 1.96 - Gun is stable, but still has a few annoying quirks and a serious problem with the magazine falling out. New Gun (ArmA) - Well, this gun has a diamond encrusted stock, a silver trigger guard, gold trim on the carrying handle and a laser pointer attached. The magazine still falls out though, and it still jams easily. Do you think the military would buy this gun? Making a product shiny and pretty does not matter if it has fundamental functionality problems. ArmA is simply OFP with botox, until BIS fixes the same shit that was in OFP, it is not really worth playing.
  22. Jinef

    First ARMA impressions

    LOCALITY BUGS IN MULTIPLAYER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. *holds hands up in the air* I didn't touch the AI. It was not me this time.
  24. Welcome to the world of OFP. If you are using OFP-ShinyVersion (AKA ArmA) expect exactly the same old bugs and nuisances than in OFP.
  25. Jinef

    Petition for Friendly-Fire Options

    *DO NOT* turn this game into a run of the mill generic FPS pile of shit. There is a penalty for excessive team-killing, on mature servers you are kicked by an admin. If you are not, find a different server. This is an issue for server admins and players, not the developers.