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    Realistic Ballistics

    You are beautiful.
  2. Jinef

    Realistic Ballistics

    Could you post your formula for calculating angular magnification please?
  3. Jinef

    EWE WGL Server

    Well done pulverizer, filling the gap so to speak.
  4. Jinef

    Artillery script

    The documentation is superb as well, that is very rare.
  5. Jinef

    Artillery script

    Matt Rochelle, some people don't spend much time on these forums. No point being sarcastic. This is one of the most useful scripts I have seen on this forum, well done skickahit10.
  6. Jinef

    ArmA Development Team

    With such a vague objective how do you expect people to know if they want to join you?
  7. Jinef

    CoC_CEX Battalion Strength

    Jolly good what what.
  8. Jinef

    Attach Satchels to vehicles.

    Kevin and Bob survived for a further 24 seconds after this conversation snippet was recorded. The morale of this story is: Don't waste CPU cycles attaching an object to a vehicle, use the CPU for something slightly more useful.
  9. Jinef

    CoC Command Engine X

    CM: Shock Force models morale, fatigue, leadership, suppression, unconventional warfare, higher level support asset .... to name a few. None of which can eaily be done in the ArmA engine. The AI are completely detached from any human factors or higher level combat modifiers. Tactical simulation ArmA is not ....
  10. Hello, I have always been slightly dismayed in OFP/Arma that when looking at the map grid, the numbers/letters are between the grid lines, when realistically they should be on the gridlines. Example from OFP/Arma: Example from real maps: http://www.wsr.org.uk/os/md-ba-3.jpg I then happened to notice a picture of a VBS map where the grid is marked properly: http://kronzky.info/maps/samawah_med.jpg (800kb) My question: Is it possible to change ArmA so the numbers on the grid lines are on the lines instead of in between the lines?
  11. Jinef

    Realistic Ballistics

    Your amazing .... I love your commented Cpps, comedy gold Thank you very much for allowing us to implement it, your amazing!
  12. Locality issues are a very large part of cooperative gaming. Especially when using combined Arms and AI. When can I expect my mechanised infantry squad with humans and AI to just work together flawlessly? BIS knows about these bugs and issues because they are in the wiki, and my community (Zeus) has been moaning about them for 4 years. ArmA MP is just so much trouble in MP when using AI. If you don't use AI you don't get the scale to make it anywhere near a realistic simulation.
  13. Obviously noone cares about this ... No wonder it has remained utterly broken for 5 years. I wonder if it fixed in VBS?
  14. Jinef

    Realistic Ballistics

    This community needs more people like you NonWonderDog. I have always been looking for solutions to ArmA's unrealistic engagements through the use of AIdispersioncoeff and dispersion; I was hoping to make humans and AI to just throw more bullets downrange. The revelation that damage is affected by speed is really quite promising. More realistic firefights with a lot more bullets and suppression are my goal, as well as the need for higher echelon support units for the rifle platoon. In open combat, rifles and machine guns are quite innefective at killing people, they can just keep people in one place long enough for a tank or artillery to get some heavy firepower onto it. Whereas I imagine this would make urban combat the meatgrinder it is in relation to open warfare. Very good news, now we just need CE3, Arty and the Zeus server back. I will be very interested in this for implementation into a gameplay/realism modification we are doing. If you have no objections of course.
  15. Perhaps if BIS had not marketed the game to 15 year old military fanatics who think the military is the greatest thing ever and wank over pictures of M4s while dressed up in their airsoft uniforms ... then maybe the general maturity level on the servers would increase. Maybe also if the missions were more inducive to working together and encouraging leadership, people would be less inclined to cheat and spoil it for others. Essentially, kids will be kids. Just make the game boring for them so they don't bother with it. This sort of discussion should occur on a BF2 forum. Not ArmA.
  16. Jinef

    2, shut up, now! ()

    this addon generates a gigantic list of errors in the ArmA rpt file. It would be cool if you could set it so it does not create any errors.
  17. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    Zeus Game-Play Our game-play is unique, we work as a team and we act our roles yet we do it and have fun. Unlike other servers, which destroy the atmosphere with imposed rules, we at Zeus simply expect you to want to be part of the team. What we find is the more people play at Zeus the less they play anywhere else. If you want to fly a fast jet, transport infantry in helicopters or lead an infantry squad or even command the entire mission you are free to. If you completely cock it all up ... be ready to have the piss taken out of you. There are no reprimands, we are all there to have fun and sometimes everything going wrong can be just as fun as everything going right! Here are some videos showing Zeus in all it's glory. Inept Platoon Commander Two Brave Men And An IED How our gameplay works. A regular at Zeus who has been playing there for 3 years will happily be lead and will follow orders from someone who has joined the server for his or her first time because when that Zeus regular is leading, he will expect the same. Reciprocal courtesy. At first, you may not want to be outspoken on teamspeak and just play quietly, that is fine. However we encourage you to lead a few missions, to be outspoken on Team-Speak and to develop your personality, you will have a lot more fun because of it. Interested? Game Nights are run every Thursday and Saturday at 20:00 Zulu (GMT). Server IP: OR Zeus.GOTF.Net Server Port: 2500 Max Custom File Size = 65kb What You Need - Addons Addon Help Thread I suggest you follow the advice on that thread to the letter. Otherwise you might get automatically rejected from the server because of missing addons. What You Need - Teamspeak Teamspeak Obviously it is not compulsory, however teamspeak is half the Zeus experience. TS IP: OR Zeus.GOTF.Net Contact Us > Post Here > Go On Teamspeak > Go On IRC - #ofp-zeus @ Quakenet > Post on Zeus Forums Background Reading: Previous Zeus Coop Night Previous Zeus Coop Night Previous Zeus Coop Night Previous Zeus Coop Night Previous Zeus Coop Night Previous Zeus Coop Night
  18. Jinef

    Realism Suggestions

    I think you need to get a girlfriend.
  19. Jinef

    Armed Assault videos

    Unfortunately coop is very often like playing naughts and crosses against a child. The only way they can win is if you let them It is nice to have some sensible human insight on the opposite force, to add challenge.
  20. Jinef

    Armed Assault videos

    Nice video. It gives me inspiration to try and start organising some more stuff on this side of the atlantic.
  21. Jinef

    Blank Fireing Attachments

    KyleSarnik, you come over as a pretentious twat at times. The best way to do blanks in my opinion would be to make some new magazines and ammo classes. Set them up to fire harmless ammo very slowly but still make all the flashes and bangs etc. Problem is, another addon is another addon. So unless you plan on making a lot of missions with this stuff in it, why bother.
  22. Jinef

    nageurs de combats !!

    *jinef waits for the usual ignorant remarks about French militant capabilities*
  23. Jinef

    FDF sound pack v1.0

    Because it's FDF. The most zenophobic mod team in OFP and ArmA. Edit: Oh, and also because of that ...
  24. Jinef

    FDF sound pack v1.0

    Excellent quality as always FDF.