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  1. Rome wasn't built in a day :) Also, does MSO end when all zones are captured by your side?
  2. http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma2_files_addons_replacements&s=title&w=asc&d=0 Grab an example replacement pack / depbo it along with the original FFAR addon. Most likely you will just need to rename the pbo, swap the addon names in CFG patches and copy the model="" lines out of the FFAR .cpp. Vehicles are more complicated vehicles. With infantry they all work in the same way, have 2 legs and are animated in the same fashion. So you can just swap models around for the most part. Vehicles require more attention, if it's just a texture swap and its the same vehicle thats fine, but if it's whole new vehicles then you need a better plan than a replacement.
  3. The groups are defined in the config.cpp / bin of the addon itself. If you are sure groups are required (it looks like they are) and you are willing to put in some effort you could make an additional config addon such as _Original Filename__Group_CFG.pbo. You would need to inherit from the original addon with CfgPatches and then make a CFG Groups entry. Configs are not hard to do they just take a bit of logic and time. As for how the enemy are generated, you have added a parameter and a Default define but I think you would also need a section of script that refers to those. My scripting is pretty rubbish but in the RMM_EnemyPop main.sqf there is references to factions. Of course the alternative is to use a replacement config and just fight insurgents that look like FFAR Terrorists ?
  4. Thanks Fadi! What is the extra server scripts param? Doesn't seem to be explained. ------------- Updates today : MGO Attach Fixed (thanks to Fadi) Logistics still snorfled :( CAS now working :) ------------- http://www.files.com/shared/50d5f55ecc133/mso_ace_19_ru_vs_gue_45_v3.chernarus.pbo.zip
  5. Well I seem to have a fairly stable first version so if anyone is interested there is a link below. Link removed, newer version available You need ACE / RHS Mod Issues still requiring attention. Close Air Support : Don't call for any because it'll be an angry western aircraft that will kill you. Logistics Supply : There is similar problems with this, they'll give you the stuff, but might shoot you in the process or at least turn all your hard captured zones blue. It seems we have to work hard to make a zone red but the guerillas and blufor just walk in and it's theirs. MGO Attach : Does it work for russian weapons?? Couldn't seem to get it to work at all. CASEVAC : probably spawns a blufor helicopter Apart from those, everything is dandy.
  6. Thanks for the quick responses highhead and jiltedjock! @Highhead : I will try turning off AA in params as suggested. Watch this space for results! As for setting the independent to enemy I set them friendly to nobody to ensure they are very unfriendly! Edit: Ok, I've been testing a bit with the params. If i turn off AA completely - no friendly fire incidents anywhere on the map and the only east units are myself. If I turn on CQB Populator - my airfield is usually populated with guerillas on mission start, some of them friendly, some of them enemy. So now i have an MSO map filled with 100% enemy guerillas .... but ... the zones stay white. Normally they will go green as the guerillas fight the friendly ZU-23s. Now I only White sectors. Is this normal for MSO? @jiltedjock : Well this was my first course of action, I didn't realise about registering the factions with the hidden units until I read the excellent documentation (brown nose brown nose), so I was having difficulty getting an east side MSO working at first. I set them all to blufor and all was well (no friendly fire messages) apart from when I recruited an AI army in my base ... that AI army then destroyed me!!! :( So i decided to do it properly, re registered the factions with just an independent and civ and use real east units. Unfortunately as I said before this does limit the enemy factions available. It's kinda cool in one way, because it's like the russians have been dropped into a civil war and some of the enemy are enemy and some are friendly but they all look the same .... very unconventional. But not good for making a solid testbed!
  7. Hi there, I am making a version of 4.5 with the RHS russian units and ACE. The only faction option I have to fight against is the Guerilla faction on independent. In my testing of this I have found that in the majority enemy guerillas are spawned and they capture the zones and make them green as you would expect. However some of the Guerillas seem to be allies!? They are fighting each other as much as fighting me. I get plenty of 'blue on blue' AI Unit- AI Unit CEASE FIRE! messages also as my side shoots them all but some of them are considered friendly! I am a little bit confused as to how this could manifest itself as they are definately on the independent side (I checked with the debug console). Edit: I have narrowed it down a bit, the culprit is ZU-23s. They are being spawned with the guerillas but are east units. This is creating havoc! :P http://imgur.com/qwcNV The problem I have is the enemy pop scripts are way over my head? Any ideas on how to fix this?
  8. Jinef


    Hi Rg, Good stuff, enjoying it. I am wondering if you might be able to mend something that always irked me. The lean animations are very 'snappy' and mechanical. Apart from not looking very human they also come with very low aimprecision values making them steady too. I would prefer something slower, more fluid useful for observing around corners but not really a stable firing platform. I find it irritating in being shot in adversarial missions where I am happily running along and then a chap 200 meters away snaps his body 30 degrees round a corner, instantly adopts a stable firing platform and fires 2 well aimed shots into my center mass .... Also, can you suggest to the scripters in ace that the rest weapon feature gets expanded to right hand corners such as this:
  9. Delta Force 2 seemed to manage grass in 1999.
  10. Zeus is a mature, multinational gaming community based in Western Europe. Our style of gameplay All arms, small to large scale cooperative and A&Ds, which we define as essentially a two sided coop. Our History Zeus was forged from the fires of "Stoners House of Pancakes", a server based in Dallas Texas. It was arguably one of the best Operation Flashpoint servers to ever have existed. in our opinion. The European contingent of that community pooled their resources and Zeus was officially opened for business on Sunday, 6th April, 2003. It quickly grew into a popular community, spreading its wings to encompass both PvP and Coop, eventually setting up servers to cater for both styles of gameplay. We even ran a competition clan called "Zeus Spartans" During this period we switched from vanilla OFP to mods, most popular being FDF (Finish Defence Forces) and WGL (War Games League). We also dabbled quite deeply into mod making, our initial effort was termed 'Zeus Mod' but it was quickly abandoned in favour of WGLZ. Literally WGL mod altered (with permission) for the zeus community. This cooperation founded a good relationship between WGL and Zeus, which remains to this day with the current ACE team. Our Current Status Armed Assault is now our primary game of choice, although members do play other games together also. We are developing our own MOD called ESP and run two gaming nights a week (Sundays and Thursdays). We also run a TeamSpeak2 server for our voice comms. Our Expectations of Members and Guests We try and promote a mature but jovial approach to our gaming experience. As a community we generally police ourselves using common sense and good judgement. We dont have a "Behaviour Policy" as such. We believe an adult shouldn't need an explanation as to how one should behave. Community Info If you are interested in playing with us, then visit our website. The welcome thread has server details, links to tutorials and contains other relevant information. Zeus Website Zeus Welcome Thread
  11. 505 Release v1.01.57631 Trigger Activation 'Radio Alpha' does not show up in my radio list. Using same trigger, 'Radio Bravo -Juliet' show up as first option in radio list.
  12. Jinef

    Zeus Gaming Nights

    INTRODUCTION If you are looking for an established and mature ARMA community with a good sense of humour, then Zeus may be the place for you. Our preferred style of gameplay is all arms, small to large scale cooperative and A&Ds, which we define as essentially a two sided coop. If this is the style of gameplay that you are looking for then feel free to join us during our gaming sessions. <span style='color:blue'>Gaming Nights: Sundays & Thursdays at 7:30GMT</span> WHAT YOU NEED If you are interested in playing with us, then you should read the following manual. It has server details, download links, tutorials and contains other relevant information. <span style='color:darkred'>ZEUS MANUAL</span> MODS REQUIRED <ul>* ACE MOD * ACE Island Pack * Zcommon (additional islands and some other small addons) GAMEPLAY We play two main types of mission at zeus, cooperative and attack & defend. Typically a mission on Zeus would have: <ul>* A mission commander for either side * Player controlled AI groups * Group respawn / No respawn * A realistic scenario * Victory conditions covering casualty rates/time/objectives * Artillery and CAS support Often the sides are uneven, creating some interesting gameplay and anybody, guest or regular, can take on the role of mission commander, squad
  13. Hopefully my aging PC will be able to run this new fangled stuff.
  14. In the latest videos I noticed something very linear in the engine Current Situation At the moment have AI fire code looking like this: burst=3; aiRateOfFire=5.0000; aiRateOfFireDistance = 300; This means (I think) that AI at 300 meters will take a full 5 seconds to aim between bursts, and as the range falls, the time decreases in a linear fashion. This results in firefights sounding like a clock factory ... tick tock tick tock. Obvious Solution (Irony) I tried to experiment randomising these values (WGL5 Days) however it does not randomise it each time the weapon is fired, it randomises it on startup of the config, which just results in a slightly different AI each time you play ... but still very linear. Solution If you could randomise the time taken to aim (correlate it to skill/suppressed values possibly) individually, randomise the number of rounds fired in automatic weapons individually the result would be a far more immersive environment. This would take extra CPU resources, however the immersion achieved outweighs the cost I would think. Edit: Could a moderator please change my title and description to something more relevant please.
  15. Jinef

    FDF Mod 1.0 for ArmA

    Some of the FDF campaign missions are infuriating, as you get right to the end, after many cutscenes and well won battles only to die stupidly (fall off a building) and then suddenly the mission ends saying failed and you lose all your progress ... so you have to go through 2 hours of play time again!!!! So maybe chaps ... have more retry points, and a mission failed cutscene instead of a real mission end debrief, so you can always load and retry in the cutscene.
  16. Hey there guys, if you are looking for a decent coop server in European time zones, check out Zeus. We have been playing the ACE alphas for a while now so we are quite used to it and have a lot of missions. We also use voice comms and try to organise missions a bit so there's something for the more serious players out there. Check out our community thread: Zeus Game Nights
  17. Jinef

    Zeus Community

    Just to let everyone know, Zeus is now running the gaming nights on Thursday and Sunday with the new ACE mod. Saturday 27/12/08: ACE public beta is running on the server. Tuesday 06/01/09: The island pack is being updated. Thursday 08/01/09: The first real gaming night of the new year! Why don't you come along?
  18. I am still waiting for a decent helicopter simulation. Preferably with gameplay built in. I used to enjoy flying custom mod gazelles in FS9, they modelled all the flight surfaces and felt very real. However you can't do anything with them. Search and Rescue had the gameplay, but severely lacked on the flight model. AvH and CvH was alright, but I found myself wishing I was flying the transport / SAR missions in the utility helicopters. Attacking things got a bit tedious after a while. Same deal with this new black shark thing. I'll buy it for the flight model, but really wish I could fly a utility helicopter instead, slinging loads and picking up patrols in super fidelity. *sigh*
  19. Jinef

    Avgani v1.1

    Another error: opxmisc.pbo <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class CfgPatches { class buildings { opxbuildings.pbo <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class CfgPatches { class buildings { These shouldn't be the same ideally. May I suggest that you name the CfgPatches class after the addon name. Otherwise it will create an entry in the ArmA.rpt file on servers etc.
  20. Recent press on ArmA2 AI has instilled some fears here at Zeus that the AI will be even harder to control. In OFP, AI generally did exactly what you told them, overiding any small initiative they had. In ArmA, it became more difficult to manage AI as they open fire when they feel threatened (regardless if it's tactically viable to do so). I ArmA2, we fear that you might tell your AI to do one thing and they suddenly take the initative and do something else entirely ... frustrating. Can we please have an AI overide feature, a button perhaps, which turns the AI into mindless non-FSM driven robots which follow your every command.
  21. Jinef

    Avgani v1.1

    For those you can't wait: http://ofp-zeus.com/download/avganihotfix.zip Weighs in at 0.6 kB for those who are watching their bandwidth. Happy Killing. Edit: lol, 5 seconds too late.
  22. Jinef

    I landed on a fence and broke my chopper

    May I suggest that instead of asking for the helicopters to be tweaked, you try to be a bit more patient on landing approach. Rarely will helicopters land straight in. Pilots are taught to fly a loop of the landing area, guaging the wind and visualising the approach. Exceptions are in combat landings like in vietnam ..... but they lost 5000 helicopters in vietnam .... Not a good example to follow really.
  23. Go on Q, off to the .cpp rescue!
  24. Jinef

    Avgani Iraq

    Focus on the bugs, a clear rpt file would be appreciated.