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  1. Jo Man Dragon

    Behind the scenes...

    you know, I'm still getting PMs sking me where that guy is every few weeks... but it's really great fun, that site!
  2. Jo Man Dragon

    Operation flashpoint: chase

    so, what about a higher quality version?
  3. Jo Man Dragon

    Flashpoint 2 at e3

    jumping is not possible in OFP....
  4. Jo Man Dragon

    Operation flashpoint: chase

    oh my god, thats really awesome.... one of the funniest little movies ive seen, really... some explosions might have been nice though, when you're being chased by that hind
  5. Jo Man Dragon

    You know when you have played too much ofp when:

    well that always feels good, don't you do that too?
  6. Jo Man Dragon

    Just noticed this..

    yeah, but tell us what language it is, so we can find someone to translate...
  7. Jo Man Dragon

    Just noticed this..

    i can come to prague!
  8. Jo Man Dragon

    Flashpoint2.com updated?

    hey, call me nuts, but i'd like to see harnu's dad in ofp2
  9. Jo Man Dragon

    Screen shots

    well, no, they said, maybe in summer.... seems it didn't work
  10. Jo Man Dragon

    Easter egg in 1.46

    yeah, but I'm sure there's also a nice bunch of guys, who don't know...hey, flashpoint isn't exactly a christmas game...
  11. Jo Man Dragon

    Easter egg in 1.46

    it's great....year after year...
  12. Jo Man Dragon


    Then where the heck is czeckeslovakia? gone!
  13. Jo Man Dragon


    Jamesia: There is the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They separated in 1993 I think. Before that they were the CSR or CSSR, formed after WWI. Before that....they were both part of AUSTRIA!!!!!!!!!
  14. Jo Man Dragon


    souns good to me
  15. Jo Man Dragon


    hey, calm down, lads! But I'll try and answer your question... After destroying the tanks (and make sure they're REALLY taken out, you know, messed up and smoking, that sometimes is the solution to missions that don't end) your leader should call for someone to pick up your squad. Once it arrives, hop on! I can't remember the UAZ coming back, but if it does, well, just take it out. And probably make sure all of the tank crew is dead. I didn't know the M113 was already that close when you start the mission...probably you've set the view distance too high... I hope that helps...