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  1. Open up the mission.sqm file in notepad and simply delete the addons from the requirement list at the top. But take a backup of the file first. If you remove lines of requirements and such an addon is present (i.e. the F16 vehicle), you won't be able to open the file anymore.

    I just simple delete the requirement and change the class name in the mission.pbo with a arma default vehicle - once u have done that u an go into the editor delete that vehicle and the .pbo should repair itself :)

  2. As for the reason, I don't think BI ever specified a specific reason you asked for, and left it up to your imagination.

    What we know is that CDF and the goverment asked for help, and someone responded, it turned out to be US and the USMC. Why did they do it since it doesn't benefit them in any way? Nobody knows, but we can imagine that BI imagined a world where there are selfless people, who'd come to help without any benefits for them.

    Wheres the British guys..? having tea and crumbets again :D

  3. Try to install the latest .NET Framework 3.5.

    got all that already :(

    Windows Report

    Morten's ArmA Dialog Designer
    Program Compatibility
    17/06/2009 17:46
    Not Reported
    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name:	PCA2
    Problem Signature 01:	MADD.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03:	Morten's ArmA Dialog Designer
    Problem Signature 04:	Morten's ArmA Dialog Designer
    Problem Signature 05:	Morten
    Problem Signature 06:	200
    Problem Signature 07:	-1
    OS Version:	6.0.6001.
    Locale ID:	2057
    Files that help describe the problem

  4. Not in my experience or according to the biki. Setdir sets the direction relative to the direction of the object it is attached to. "unit Setdir 0" would make it face the same direction at the object it is attached to. 180 the opposite direction, 90 to the right ect.

    yes but he is right, once your are attached there is no way of setting a direction to your unit.

    Shame really would be fun to run out the back of a C130 to HALO :P

  5. the description.ext is where you define the briefing gear

    showCompass = 0;
    showGPS = 0;
    showWatch = 0;
    class Weapons
    class AK74 { count = 3; };
    class Binocular { count = 5; };
    class Magazines
    	class 30Rnd_545x39_AK { count = 15; };

    Not tested it in Arma II so not sure if it does or dont work..

    EDIT: it does work except the AK74 will throw an error cus its ARMA I gun :P