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  1. try this

    ? (Not(Isserver)) : Exit
    _heli = createVehicle ["UH1Y", _heli, [], 0, "None"];
    _heli setPosASL [getposASL _heli select 0, getposASL _heli select 1, 15.9];
    _heli setdir 180;
    _heli engineon false;
    _pilot = createGroup (west);
    "USMC_Soldier_Pilot" createUnit [_heli, _pilot];
    (units _pilot select 0) assignAsDriver _heli;
    (units _pilot select 0) moveInDriver _heli;
    hint "Your Helicopter starts in one minute."
    _heli engineon true;

  2. Hi there... why my Leader whant get in as Driver ??? He STand outside the Truck and will not getin.

    _gruppe = Creategroup EAST;
    _truck = "KamazOpen" createVehicle _pos;
    _truck setDir _direction;
    _Leader = "RU_Soldier_TL" createUnit [_pos, _gruppe, "", 1, "Captain"];
    _Leader moveInDriver _truck;

    try this

    _gruppe = Creategroup EAST;
    _truck = "KamazOpen" createVehicle _pos;
    _truck setDir _direction;
    _Leader = "RU_Soldier_TL" createUnit [_pos, _gruppe, "", 1, "Captain"];
    _gruppe addvehicle _truck;

    The leader will always getin as driver.

  3. you can define the score limits in the Description.ext

    This feature allows you to set scores for your mission. Score is related to the star display in the debriefing screen. The score can be influenced during a missions progress by using the addRating command.
    MinScore = 0;
    AvgScore = 1800;
    MaxScore = 7500;

    take a look here


    or use the param1 to make it selectable at mission selection

    titleParam1 = "Score to win:";
    valuesParam1[] = {10000, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30};
    defValueParam1 = 5;
    textsParam1[] = {"Unlimited", 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30};

  4. I know what you do just not how exactly, you need to create a bomb instead of the explosion. That's easy enough but it will fall to the ground and explode.

    What it needs is an invisible object to collide with it, that's the part I'm stuck on.

    I can't seem to set off the bomb.

    i said bullets, not bombs :)

    doesn't _bomb setdamage 1 make them explode ?

  5. Can I remove a dead vehicle from the mission / map?

    Playing through some great coop missions atm. 1 thing I see that bugs me is, if you kill a vehicle, maybe a heli. Every 30 seconds or so, the explosion loops for the rest of the mission. Anyway to prevent this by possibly removing the dead vehicle, or something else.

    Seems to effect several vehicles on kill. Tested a tank too. Pretty annoying, would be nice to know for future reference.

    All you need to do is run a script for each vehicle :-

    put [this] exec "scriptname.sqs" in the init of each vehicle

    and use this code :-

    _vehi = _this select 0
    ?(Not(Alive _vehi)) : Deletevehicle _vehi ; Exit
    goto "loop"