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  1. I meeting the same problem now, sound is position but that fade on distance not working, sound file is mono and 44100 Khz, and ogg, you actualy can hear it from 1 km, and if you start turning than speekers from where is sound going is chaging, so you can understand direction... but what about distance...

    make the sound file 16000 Khz and cut the sound volume down by half in the sound editor.

  2. If I remember right I tried that junker and it will work but it won't line the vehicle up with the aircraft.

    I don't think I ever did get it lining up for some reason.

    Try lining up the chute instead :)

    Edit: heres a version i did

    _plane = _this select 0
    _dir = Direction _plane
    _truck = "LAV25" createvehicle getpos _plane
    _truck setdir _dir
    _truck setpos [getpos _plane select 0, getpos _plane select 1,(getpos _plane select 2) -10]
    _chute = "ParachuteBigWest" createvehicle getpos _truck
    _chute setpos [getpos _truck select 0, getpos _truck select 1,(getpos _truck select 2) -0]
    _chute setdir _dir
    _truck attachTo [_chute,[0,0,0]] 
    _vel = Velocity _plane;
    _speed = -50;
    _chute setvelocity [(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir* _speed),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir* _speed),(_vel select 2)]
    _truck setvelocity [(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir* _speed),(_vel select 1)+(cos _dir* _speed),(_vel select 2)]

  3. Arma Edit is nice, but its autocomplete is a little messed up. Most of the time when I try to copy a line it cuts it away instead (even though it copies it too). Which kind of sucks, since autocomplete is nice to have but at the same time copy is a rather vital function.

    never use the auto complete, Its more of a pain than helpful

  4. I bought the game, it was great. I just had to re format my computer due to a virus and I reinstalled arma from steam and i keep getting desync up to almsot 90K when i never had this problem before, can anyone help me?!

    check to see if the game is in your exceptions and if you have a router try opening the ports for the game..