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  1. So what seems odd to me is that we have "on activation" commands initiating on completion, not on activation. Does that seem wrong to anyone else? Or am I missing something here. Both the Synchronization and setting altitude are taking effect at completion, not on activation - for example.

    If you are putting the commands into the waypoints then the commands wont activate until the chopper gets to that waypoint.

  2. My other question is about "guard" orders? Will they simply guard around the last area of the waypoint you have given them?

    I have a situation where it seems the AI is constantly all repositioning themselves around the same gas station area within a small town. For some odd reason 90% of the end up going to this one spot/gas station and sitting there (basically). When none have been scripted or given waypoints to go there..

    you want to add some triggers and in the TYPE, Select Gaurded By OPFOR or BLUFOR.

    The AI on the guard WP's will goto and patrol those areas..

  3. If only they'd sort out the AI issues once and for all,.. I mean, 9 years+ to make a tank drive down a road like a human driver!?

    You have no idea how advanced these AI have come in those 9 years and its not really a big issue.

    Never rely on AI they are just there for backup cover,shooting and cannon fodder :)

  4. Not likely to happen.

    But This is the future why is there a boat?

    I know its called carrier comand but wouldt it be way cooler of it was a

    hover carrier?

    You could move it over the island with you, would open up more tactical possibilties.

    And just be more awesome.

    Kinda like the titan in battlefield 2142.


    The Original carrier command had a carrier in the water (NOT HOVERING).

    The carrier was slow but it had some sort of hyper drive to get from one island to the next, but you couldn't turn in this mode due to the speed :)

    looking at the screen shots it looks like the carrier is capable of hydroplaning for fast travel between islands..

    The fun part was sending out a Scout with extra fuel pods to spy on the next island..

    My weekends were wasted playing this game back in the day :bounce3:

  5. I know, we're working on getting a new system into place. This one is cumbersome. We want to incorporate all new features and Facebook connect so you don't need to login to comment, etc. Hopefully, this summer :)

    The islands are the main play areas and the goal of the game. But there will be some time spent traveling from one to the other. There must be or the supply line strategy would be useless if you could just pop from island to island.

    And I agree, sitting in the RTS mode for the whole game would make one miss some of the truly cool stuff in the game.

    I remember playing the old version on the amiga and if i remember right the commander of the ship played the RTS mode but could jump to any of the ATV's or Planes and directly control them.

    Is this game on the Arma2 engine..

    you won't have a single huge map with all 32 islands on it, but rather 32 smaller maps that you load individually

    If im right about the arma engine then the Islands would be all there and not in instances..

  6. try this - i changed the pilot1 too _pilot, I think this was the problem..

    ;Skript & Idea by Mr-Murray 2006
    titletext ["Click on the map to set your firedirection","plain down"]
    onMapSingleClick "ASTarget setpos _pos;setfire=false"
    "Firedirection" setmarkerpos getpos ASTarget
    onMapSingleClick ""
    titletext ["","plain down"]
    Playsound "Funk"
    _dropPosition  = getpos ASTarget
    _dropPosX = _dropPosition select 0
    _dropPosY = _dropPosition select 1
    _dropPosZ = _dropPosition select 2
    _planespawnpos = [_dropPosX, _dropPosY + 3000, _dropPosZ + 1000]
    _pilotspawnpos = [_dropPosX, _dropPosY + 3000, _dropPosZ + 1000]
    _plane = "AV8B" createvehicle _planespawnpos
    _plane setpos [(getpos _plane select 0),(getpos _plane select 1),900]
    _pilot = "USMC_Soldier_Pilot" createUnit [getmarkerpos "Firedirection", dummy,"pilot1=this"]
    _Plane setVelocity [50,0,0]
    _pilot MoveInDriver _plane
    _pilot setdamage 0
    _pilot action ["gear_up", vehicle _pilot]
    _plane FlyInHeight 500
    _plane SetSpeedMode "full"
    _pilot doMove getpos ASTarget
    _pilot dotarget ASTarget
    _pilot dowatch ASTarget
    ? (_plane distance ASTarget) < 1500 : goto "Drop"
    goto "Check"
    _plane FlyInHeight 400
    _plane setpos [(getpos _plane select 0),(getpos _plane select 1),100]
    _plane fire "BombLauncher"
    _plane fire "BombLauncher"
    _plane fire "BombLauncher"
    _plane fire "BombLauncher"
    _plane fire "BombLauncher"
    _plane fire "BombLauncher"
    _plane SetSpeedMode "normal"
    _plane FlyInHeight 600
    _pilot doMove getpos Dummy
    _pilot dotarget Dummy
    _plane Setdamage 0
    _pilot Setdamage 0
    _pilot MoveInDriver _plane
    ? (_plane distance ASTarget) > 2500 : goto "Ende"
    goto "Check2"
    ASTarget setpos getpos Dummy
    "Firedirection" setmarkerpos getpos Dummy
    deletevehicle _plane
    deletevehicle _pilot
    hintc "An airstrike is currently not available! Wait!"
    Any ideas would be appreciated.

  7. I think i know what they are using

    Just looked in the mission folder and found they are using Enablesimulation.

    check the C0b_setup script - I think its this part of the code that performs what you asking for

    {_x useAudioTimeForMoves true} forEach _allParticipantsAll;;
    {_x setCaptive true} forEach _allParticipantsAll;
    ["disableAI", _allParticipantsAll] call BIS_fnc_sceneSetBehaviour;
    //{_nic = [nil, _x, rENABLESIMULATION, true] call RE; _x allowDamage false} forEach _allParticipantsAll;
    {_x enableSimulation false; _x allowDamage false} forEach _allParticipantsAll;
    // 2) SET characters to proper positions
    BIS_zzRotateReady = false;
    [_buildingpos, _buildingangle, _participants] call BIS_fnc_zzRotate;
    // 1) RUN animation (initial position) 
    _animReady = false;			
    _animReady = [_allParticipantsAll, _allAnimations, nil, 1] call BIS_fnc_sceneSetAnimationsForGroup;
    //Sleep 2;
    WaitUntil{(preloadSound "C0_I0_player") && (preloadSound "C0_I0_Sarge")};
    {_x enableSimulation true} forEach _allParticipantsAll;

  8. Thanks for the reply, im now able to get the picture to show up, the problem that i have is that the picture stays up during my entire intro, i tried to add

    ~3 at the end of the init info "TitleRsc ["Image1", "PLAIN",2];" but it still just is always there

    class RscType
    idd = -1;
    movingEnable = 0;
    duration = [color="Red"]6[/color]; < change this number in your description