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  1. Seeing as I have Xbox LIVE I can vouch that most gamers are quite retarded for the most part nowadays. Gladly, I came across Arma 2 and I'm no longer a brainless COD player, but honestly some gamers on LIVE are the dumbest fuckers I've had the dishonour of meeting. Best quote I've heard so far from what I could guess was a 13 year old on LIVE:

    Then I laughed.

    The best one i hear is "GET A LIFE" and my come back is "If i had a life i wouldn't be playing this"


  2. Good idea Junker! Place only the leaderand spawn the rest via trigger and the trigger should check if the leader is present.


    condition box: alive sniperleader

    on activation box: "US_Soldier_Sniper_EP1" createUnit [position sniperleader, group sniperleader]; "US_Soldier_Sniper_EP1" createUnit [position sniperleader, group sniperleader]; "US_Soldier_Sniper_EP1" createUnit [position sniperleader, group sniperleader];

    why would u want to spawn the rest of the group ??

    You can add (Alive leader1) to each unit in that group, so when the leader isnt there they wont appear.

    Simple ;)

  3. try this :

    class RscStdText
    class RscTitles
    class fog1
      	class Pic : RscStdText
      	class Text : RscStdText 

  4. this works :)

    enableradio false;
    _camera = "camera" CamCreate [0,0,0]
    _camera cameraEffect ["internal","Back"];
    ;=== 22:44:34
    _camera camPrepareTarget [-28700.42,98670.84,-221.01]
    _camera camPreparePos [4066.50,4191.67,1.24]
    _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700
    _camera camCommitPrepared 0
    @camCommitted _camera
    ;=== 22:44:34
    _camera camPrepareTarget [-28700.42,98670.84,-221.01]
    _camera camPreparePos [4066.50,4191.67,1.24]
    _camera camPrepareFOV 0.700
    _camera camCommitPrepared 8
    @camCommitted _camera
    player cameraEffect ["terminate","back"];
    enableradio true;
    camDestroy _camera

  5. Its needs to be scripted - this part only gives you the icon the rest im not really clear about because you need to detect air units within the radar/trigger using Thislist and relaying that to the script itself..

    the loop should be something like (Sorry SQS oldie)

    "radar" setMarkerText format ["%1", GetPosASL radar select 2]
    goto "loop"

  6. For displaying the ASL = "nameofmarker" setMarkerText format ["%1", GetPosASL this select 2]

    this will result in 67.098

    If you want the hight with out the .000's use this

    "nameofmarker" setMarkerText format ["%1", round (GetPosASL this select 2)]

    result is 67

    oh and it needs to be looped to update the text

  7. yes cause it makes perfect sense, making everyone the as a prisoner of your military makes perfect sense that is absolute perfect design! YA BALLZ! For a mil sim this thing has a real hard time simulating what everyone's military actually does most the time and thats walk around and not shoot everything that moves. PWNED, want some more?

    Your gonna have to sit back and think about your mission - having all those enemy civ's about is gonna make the soldiers act wierd - there are loads of ways to script this, you just need to work out what works best for your mission and test, test, test :)

    ---------- Post added at 08:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:16 AM ----------

    It's cause after the soldiers are gone a unarmed civ can still steal the money from inside the truck. A unarmed civ is still very dangerous, they can run over the soldiers break the kamaz's tires, plant bombs (IED's). Again if the green mode did what it actually says it does, then this wouldn't be a problem. But then again the ai isn't smart enough to realize this either and under captive they would not return fire even as the civs run there friends over one by one, so whatever. Discussion over..

    this is how it works - the AI leader will change conditions depending on what situation he is in - so if you set him to not fire he wont fire until he detects the enemy and then and only then will he change his orders to attack the enemy and fire at will, after the fight the AI leader will revert back to his original settings and carry on with his duties..

    What u have to remember is AI has been researched a lot longer than BIS has been around so what BIS has achieved in 9 years for a game/sim is pretty impressive if you ask me :)

  8. Only since recently my ammo box's have been spilling, When you put back a weapon into the Ammo box it puts on the ground instead of back in the box.

    Magazines seem to go back in but Weapons dont, Anyone have a solution to this?

    (btw i did use search and didnt find anything) :rolleyes:

    not sure how many weapons you have in the box but try adding less weapons to the box..

  9. I would like to continue in this old thread, is there a way to get the upper limits, the max, in a script. Of course I can add support for several islands and try myself with "hint format ["%1", getpos player] but if i want to get that info.

    Second, what happens when you fly outside "0,0" ? will you get minus?!

    0,0 is always bottom left corner of the map - (the numbers on the side of the map are a clue)

    and yes you go beyond 0,0 it become minus.

  10. it is really stupid, if it says hold fire until fired upon then thats what it should do or its broken. IF this is a mil sim then you should be able to tell your units to obey the rules of engagment since that is what these commands are supposed to represent.

    So u would let an armed guy run towards you and shoot you point blank in the head because you officer gave you a do not fir unless fired upon order ?

    There are alot of tricks you can script and stuff to make the AI respond or not respond until certain conditions are applied.

    Personally i would remove the AI's ammo until the player is within a certain distance or like other posts said disableAI is there for a reason :)

  11. First of all great addon - love the loading of vehicles but needs to make sure player doesn't get hurt when he gets thrown out the vehicle.

    a few scripting errors

    Out of path-planning region for O 1-1-A:22 at 3318.8,3620.0, node type
    Error O 1-1-A:22: Invalid path from [3326.78, 19.02, 3612.59] to [3370.01, 24.58, 3632.68].

    Error in expression <_this Spawn IL76_BOOST>
     Error position: <_this Spawn IL76_BOOST>
     Error Type Script, expected Bool

    Error in expression <_this Spawn IL76_BRAKE>
     Error position: <_this Spawn IL76_BRAKE>
     Error Type Script, expected Bool

    hope this helps :)