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  1. Making fires using particle effects also has a cost. Which is more effective I don't know. This was just the simplest way for me to solve this particular problem at the time.

    I haven't done any stress testing on this, but I've had five or six of these fires going at once in a busy mission (using the spawn and replace technique)--and with many other scripts, triggers, and waypoints running--with no noticeable performance issue.

    Whether this technique scales or not, I couldn't say.

    I can say that some particle fires don't look as good sometimes, especially at night, unless you also add light sources to the fires.

    the script i was referring to is the BIS script for the burning vehicles.

  2. try skiptime or setdate.

    Setdate is the better option

    setDate [Year, Month, day, hour, min]

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">


    setDate [1986, 10, 10, 10, 0]


    goto "loop"

  3. Is there a way to ban them with the ids that we have, without them being online on the server?

    1) Close the ArmA server.

    2) Edit the file "ban.txt" and add the ID numbers to it.

    3) Start the ArmA server again.

    You dont have to close the server to add to the ban list, all u have to do is add the ID, next time they try to connect they DONT smile_o.gif

  4. I've turned on "verifySignatures" on my server, but the problem is, that very often players (including me) are kicked because of "Signature check timed out", when they start the game at the first time and loading up other resources.

    Is it possible to somehow increase this timeout time? This is very annoying drawback!

    If it is possible, I want an answer from BIS on this issue, please (do you know about this and will you change anything in future versions?).

    its still broke ATM, fixed in 1.09 patch coming soon

  5. why do people think evolution is the only game that is keeping ArmA alive..?

    Ok yes its a popular mission but it doesnt mean that its keeping ArmA alive, Our server plays alot of Evolution but the members do like to play alot of other Co-Ops too, mainly the no respawn type.

    i have always been a co-op fan since OFP days but you dont see me rant on about how rubbish PvP is in the forums.

    TBH moaning on the forums is a waste of space and time, do something about it instead of forum whoring.


  6. Every game that has MP always has PvP but only 10% of those games have Co-Op, So im thinking that the arma community are those 90% of Co-Op freaks (Like Me) that like to team play against the AI.

    Just a note: With the amount of people complaining there isnt enough PvP servers about or people playing on them. The number on the forums would make a few good server full if ya got your act together and arranged a few games.

  7. Quote[/b] ]Avatar

    Relentless Teamkiller


    hahahah was meant to be admin but got lagged and locked a different player. Found a new way to kill everyone alive on the server. allflylow.sqs and press run about 5 times... LOL whole server = dead

    Something i read in the KFC forums, Seems they do intend to use there tools for Harming/Destroying hardware.

  8. When did they gain unauthorized access to any system?

    They are NOT HACKING in the sense that you think they are.

    I am part owner of our server, I have had my keyboard locked up by a cheater, Thats like me coming around your house and locking you out while i trash the place.

    Personal note: If ya paid money for a server and people started trashing it you would soon change your tone.