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  1. then how come i cant get it to atleast appear to touch the top, is there some weird problem with buildings that have a small lip around teh edge (is that why objects wont go below it?)

    some buildings have an invisible ramp near the edge so u can walk over the edge, maybe thats whats causing your prob.

  2. I am trying to set my custom radio message, but I got a problem.

    According to others, if I set more than 10 messages, then I should able to use 0-9-0(more) to switch between messages.

    But my 0-9-0 is another message, it means I can only use 10 messages.

    Is that a bug or I need to do some adjestment?

    maximum is 10 and no it isnt a bug.

    but having all that is a bit too much, you will lag out the server while you upload all your sounds to the other players.

    So if each sound it 90kb and there 20 people on the server that will be 900kb x 20 = 18 mb upload before you join the game.

  3. Its in the same place as the camera script so i guess it can be accessed.

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">;//Several variables are initialized.

    _object = ObjNull

    _isObject = (_this select 1)

    _intensity = (_this select 2)

    _density = (_this select 3)

    _mode = (_this select 4)

    _lifetime = (_this select 5)

  4. has anyone thought of setting up a teamspeak room to help

    beginers understand stuff huh.gif

    would it be of any use huh.gif

    cookj71 hit the nail on the head, I have seen alot of scripts released on these forums, even i cant understand what is going on.

    Dialog script with about 30 scripts in the folder, where to start..?

    How about a single simple dialog so people can understand what makes that dialog run.

    Repawn scripts, again loads of scripts in the folder, where to start and why only Blufor side only huh.gif

    People need to make a simple pack for the beginners so they can understand the basics of how to use them.

  5. Btw, in real life, is Javelin a one-shot system only, or can it actually be reloaded?

    i think Javelins are reloadable in RL but in arma only humans can reload them sad_o.gif

    Quote[/b] ]Rather than scripting, shouldn't this be fixed by updating the FSM files to include assigned vehicles and all other team mates, and call out "out of ammo" for Javelins?

    I think this only works with the Primary weapons only, if ya didnt have a primary it would work for the secondary which would be your Javelin.

    Quote[/b] ]When they're out of normal ammunition, they call out "out of ammo", and are told by the AI leader to rearm at a certain position. Dropped ammo works, but they just won't check vehicles and squadmates.

    They do check vehicles and as for squad mates they only check the dead ones

    trust me on this one a simple eventhandler is your answer, It just a simple line in the units init.