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  1. Alright guys it took me two days and two nights to finally get a script built up for this. For some reason the game was just skipping straight to the time or changing the AccTime for the Game Speed. Anyways, here is the script I have put together.

    while {true}

    do {

    timeIdx = time;

    endIdx = timeIdx+60;

    while { timeIdx < endIdx }


    timeIdx = time;


    skipTime .00333;



    you need a pause in the loop to slow it down...

  2. Tyson;1708925']I'm using the code above but its triggering when there are far more enemies in the area than I have stipulated.

    Last test I had about 12 left in the area when I had it set to 5.

    would enemy spawning in effect this at all?

    Do enemy flee then change their minds and then get all brave again?

    If not does anyone have any ideas what could be the cause?

    that condition is looking for AI that is running away, Not how many AI are in the trigger and AI do stop fleeing after awhile ;)

  3. open the chute automatically, and how do I implement them.

    off topic:

    In the OFP days when Halo first came out all the people/AI that didnt open in time we called the noob filter :P

    Now I just need to know how to get into free fall...

    on topic:

    this will get you to free fall...

    [this, 5000] exec "ca\air2\halo\data\Scripts\HALO_init.sqs"

  4. I think it's 5000 x 5000 so it should cover everything. There's no "leader" apart from the squad-leader and it isn't grouped to him. Do I have I have to group it to him for it to work?

    no not really - Its just another way of doing it :)

    My guess then is to delete the trigger that detects all players dead and try a fresh one but leave the condition box alone for now :), then test it..

    see if that works...

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    Just a quick edit :)

    Are you using anything like (Not(alive player)) at all ???

  5. I think you will find its properly behind a tint layer or faded slightly giving that dull effect.

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    uhm, guys? The image certainly isn't a square. It's 2048 x 1024. And yes, you better should use a paa. At least I've read about problems using jpgs time and again.

    the game will auto size the image no matter what size you use..

  6. I use 3 civi's in the front of a truck - players board that truck and the AI drive past all the enemy straight to the drop off point.

    no scripts

    the truck is seen as civilian not matter whats in its cargo but u have to make sure the civilians are moved into the truck before you add the player units and make sure the civi's don't jump out of the truck when they spot the enemy or the truck becomes enemy and you end up getting shot.. ;)

    Demo Mission